Exclusive: Private Messages sent by the Sandy Hook shooter

Sandy Hook Lighthouse has come into possession of two private messages (PMs) sent by the Sandy Hook shooter in 2010, under his “Smiggles” moniker (see this article for a review the evidence establishing that this profile was in fact Adam Lanza.)

Copies of these messages were obtained through a source with direct access to former members of the original Columbine RPG Discussion forum. The recipients of these messages have made it clear that they did not, at any time, have any awareness that “Smiggles” was planning a crime of any sort, nor did they know of the real identity of that user until it became public knowledge in 2014.

Both messages are lengthy, and grant insight into the shooter’s beliefs and mental state at the time they were written (October and November of 2010, just over two years before the Sandy Hook shooting.)

The first PM discusses horror films, aversion to sunlight, and the shooter’s description of episodes of paranoia and hallucinations. The shooter makes reference to a scene from a film “Terror House” as a visual analogue for what he “sees” in his visions, which he calls simply “the images.” For reference, this snippet of the film can be viewed below (while this is a from a horror film and may be jarring, the content is not particularly graphic or violent. The “faces” start about 1/3rd of the way in):

A screen shot of the first private message is below. For readability, a transcript of the message will be repeated immediately after:


From: Smiggles

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:56am

I don’t have the persistent sense of fear that you described, but around once every couple months when I’ve gotten arbitrarily fatigued and it’s around 12:00-5:00 in the morning, I have images of distorted faces flashing through my mind. They’re sort of similar to the ones toward the end of the movie Terror House, at about 75:00. When I first saw the scene, I mentally flinched for a moment because of its similarity to what I have imagined in the past.

http://www.zshare.net/video/7072064402072186/ [NOTE: dead link]

On a tangent, this is probably among my favorite movies (although its ending was disappointing). I searched for it after reading an IMDB review, and I eventually found this link. The review said that it was similar to Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things and Don’t Look In The Basement, both of which have aspects which I enjoyed. I first knew from about 5:00 to 5:30 that I was going to love the movie for its style of atmosphere. I wouldn’t expect most people to enjoy this movie nearly as much as I do, but I’m surprised that it has received so little attention. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which I haven’t seen; I’m not interested in that sort of movie) has a similar plot scenario, but this one preceded it by a few years.

About the images- they’re not exactly like the ones in that movie, but that’s the best I can do to display an example of them. It’s not the normal screamer type of pop-up for me; the faces are fairly mundane, and they sporadically rapidly appear without any context and then disappear.

When it happens and I get slightly paranoid over them , I usually go straight to my bedroom and try to sleep; I don’t even bother to brush my teeth first because the bathroom’s window only has partial drapes and I don’t like being around exposed windows during it. It sounds pathetic, but when I get into my bedroom after it happens, I search it to determine that there’s no one in there with me, and then feel better knowing that the only route someone could take is through the closed door. I’ve occasionally felt uncomfortable about looking at the gap between the windows and their synthetic drapes.

On another tangent, what do you think about sunlight? Those drapes haven’t been opened in the last five years, and the drapes in the room I’m in right now have actually been taped shut (to block the gaps from allowing sunlight through) for the same amount of time. I absolutely hate sunlight, along with any artificial light which resembles it.

The few times I see an extremely bleak, dark, and dreary day outside during the morning or afternoon with thick gray clouds covering the entire sky, I get into a good mood and think about how wonderfully beautiful it is outside. Bright, sunny, “cheerful” days are depressing. Nearly every afternoon is miserable for me. Beyond just the normal animosity I have for sunlight, I get exhausted between noon and and sunset when I’m in a room which allows the slightest amount of afternoon light in.

I hate having my skin exposed to sunlight, so I always wear a hooded sweatshirt and full-length pants, even in the hottest weather. The sunglasses I wear are gigantic and almost completely prevent me from seeing any direct sunlight when I’m looking in any direction. I would also wear a full balaclava if it wouldn’t get me profiled as a criminal. They need to make a fashion come-back…

I check this website often:


I intend on eventually living in northwest Washington (probably Seattle.) It’s among the most consistently overcast regions in the mainland US ( http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/online/ccd/cldy.html ). I always get disappointed when I check the UV index for the day and see how low it is compared to my state’s level.

Getting back to the subject of paranoia- those images were the worst “hallucinations” I had experienced until a couple of weeks ago late one night when I was getting very tired. The incident was so surreal that I only a remember a small amount of the details. Basically, I began to “see” many different things. Although I knew that none of it was actually real, it came as close to being real as it could for me without it being physically tangible. I heard screaming around me, and I had an overwhelming sense that there was someone dead behind me. I kept seeing silhouettes of flickering people everywhere. I felt like I had to cry. The entire ordeal persisted for about fifteen minutes and sort of faded away. Prior to it happening, I had never had that sort of delusional hysteria before. It was possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced.

(end quoted text)

Notes about this message

1. The first link, which is no longer active, at one time led to a full copy of the film Terror House. This can be verified by performing a web search of the URL.

2. “Terror House” was released under several different names, including “The Folks at Red Wolf Inn”, which is what Smiggles listed the movie as in his “top 25 list” on the same form the following year.

3. Smiggles notes that he sought out “Terror House” after reading an IMDB review that “said that it was similar to Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things and Don’t Look In The Basement.” Presumably, this is the review he is referring to, from 2005:


Three of the four other movies mentioned in this review (“Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things,” “Don’t Look in the Basement,” and “the Baby”) appear on Smiggles’s 25 favorite films list:


4. “Smiggles” describes the room in which he was writing the message at the time:

Those drapes haven’t been opened in the last five years, and the drapes in the room I’m in right now have actually been taped shut (to block the gaps from allowing sunlight through) for the same amount of time.

This is at least worth noting because of the two rooms in question (one with drapes, one with tape) the one that appeared to be the shooter’s “computer room” was in fact the one with drapes on the windows, not tape:


The bedroom, with taped windows.

However, this message was sent two years before the shooting, and at any rate, the police noted the abundance of computer equipment in the bedroom closet, so at that time there may well have been a computer in each room, or some other setup:



Same room, opposite wall. Note the two stacked PC towers, and the Dell monitor nearby.

5. The shooter describes the sunglasses he wears, emphasizing how they “are gigantic and almost completely prevent me from seeing any direct sunlight when I’m looking in any direction.” 

A few witnesses at Sandy Hook Elementary School claim that the shooter was wearing sunglasses. However, more do not mention any sunglasses, and just as many witnesses falsely recall seeing the shooter wearing a mask as do recall sunglasses. The Medical Examiner’s description of the shooter’s body does not mention any sunglasses at all, and so the most likely conclusion is that he was in fact not wearing sunglasses during the shooting.

However, police did find a pair of sunglasses in the shooter’s car, parked out front:


“Cocoon” brand sunglasses are over-sized, with the intention that they are worn over a pair of normal prescription glasses. Wearing them by themselves would indeed make them “gigantic” sunglasses. The company’s marketing copy describes their design toward blocking out sunlight:


6. “Smiggles” describes the window in his bathroom as having “partial drapes” that do not sufficiently block out sunlight. This was the bathroom next to the Sandy Hook shooter’s bedroom, with drapes visible:


7. Lanza’s descriptions of “hallucinations” and “delusional hysteria” in this message are very significant, in that there has never been any record that he experienced any such hallucinations, despite wide speculation that he may have been schizophrenic or otherwise detached from reality. This private correspondence is, so far, the only known instance where he confirmed (or at least claimed) being delusional or seeing things that were not there.

Second message: the essay

The second private message sent by the Sandy Hook shooter is longer, and focuses entirely on the subject of pedophilia. At the conclusion of the message, the shooter states clearly “I’m pretty confused when it comes to my sexuality, but I’m certain that I’m not a pedophile.”

This message was sent on 12 November, 2010. The context, evident over the course of the message, is that Smiggles is referring to a post he had left almost two weeks earlier, in the thread “Do you vote?” where another user had mentioned Tyler Clementi. Clementi was a young man who had committed suicide after his roommate surreptitiously filmed him engaging in a sexual encounter with another man, and then posted the footage online. Smiggles’s comment at that time hinted at a larger post he had decided not to share:

I’ve been considering posting a topic sort of indirectly pertaining to the subject of gay bullying ever since Tyler Clementi killed himself, but I’ve been a bit hesitant because it will probably make me appear deranged.

Smiggles also makes reference to another topic on the forum (which he would later post a comment to,) that being from the thread “‘Pedophile’s Guide’ pulled from Amazon” which discussed this CNN news story about how an author’s controversial guide to luring children was pulled from the retailer amazon.com’s catalog. The story was posted on 12 Nov, 2010, the same day this message was sent.

The private message below, then, was intended as a forum post, and is thus clearly written for an audience, but was just never shared before (hence the writer’s references to fielding replies, and addressing a group.) It also appears that “Smiggles” is copying from, or perhaps paraphrasing, an essay that was found on the USB drive in Adam Lanza’s closet:


Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate, in their report on Sandy Hook last November, went into greater detail in describing this text:

Essay Regarding Pedophilia
At some point, AL crafted an undated and lengthy essay, which he identified as a college admission application text, outlining a position that pedophilia should not be considered abhorrent or illegal. His essay, academic in tone, references varying cultural norms across the span of time to support a premise that our modern day attitudes about pedophilia are arbitrarily constructed. Authors are careful to note that there are no other writings that speak to a preoccupation he may or may not have had with pedophilia. There are no records and there is no evidence that he had pedophiliac tendencies. Authors note that there is evidence that he was in possession of video pornography, but that the contents of the pornography was not pedophiliac in nature. It is possible that the essay he drafted constituted an academic exercise that was not submitted for review by any educational professional. As with the “Big Book of Granny”, it was obsessive in both length and tone, 34 pages long even though he stated that the “requirement” was 500 words.

-Report of the Office of the Child Advocate, pg 101

Given the difference in length, this piece of writing cannot possibly contain all of what was in that essay. However, the parallels in content and structure will be immediately obvious.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse is releasing this text unedited, not to grant a platform where the killer’s views can be spread, but with the same goal in mind that has been behind every article posted here: to provide the most detailed understanding of the killer’s psyche and the events leading up to the shooting, with the hope that similar events can be prevented someday. That the killer’s arguments will be heard is an unfortunate, but worthwhile consequence of working toward this goal, as this piece of writing is very revealing in regards to the shooter’s beliefs and mental development.

Once again, a full copy of the text will follow these saved images. The writing is not graphic, but simply given the subject matter and the writer, it may well be offensive or disturbing to some readers.



From: Smiggles

Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:25pm

Basically, I take the belief that everyone should have equal rights and apply it consistently. I’ve had these thoughts for years and haven’t spoken to anyone about them. I’d like to be able to discuss this in a topic, but it will probably be too offensive. I’m going to keep it to myself for now.

And now that I think about it, this might sound a bit satirical, but it’s not. Anyway, this is what I would have posted:

Ever since I was 14, the entire subject of gay rights which is so pervasive in this society has frustrated me. It’s not owing to any malice I have toward homosexuals, but instead is caused by the absurdity of the overwhelming fervor against the discrimination of homosexuals while there is another class of people who genuinely suffer from persecution for their lifestyle. While many people celebrate homosexual relationships, sexual relationships between adults and children are universally condemned and vilified. Every adult who is known to have been involved in one is automatically branded for life as a violent and dangerous rapist. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to be subjected to this societal corruption endures the effects of it for the rest of their lives: their personal information is widely divulged to their neighbors as if public castigation is encouraged; they are denied employment; their location must be reported to their oppressive government; whether or not an adult engages in a sexual relationship with a child, they must forever hide their mere sexuality or else be stigmatized infinitely beyond anything homosexuals endure. If any of this applied to homosexuals, the public would be appalled, yet no one cares when it applies to pedophiles.

It seemed as if the entire country was outraged when Tyler Clementi killed himself a couple months ago. From what I know, the catalyst for his suicide was the way that he had been mocked after being recorded by a hidden camera while he was engaging in sexual activity with another male. Yet To Catch A Predator, a television program which was based on the manipulation of hundreds of adults into being recorded by hidden cameras after desiring sexual activity with children, has never received anywhere near this level of outrage. The audience is supposed to find entertainment value in the humiliation of ephebophiles were afterward violently subdued by police and impounded, having the rest of their lives impacted significantly greater than anything Tyler Clementi had experienced. There was scarcely any criticism when one of the ephebophiles was forced into shooting himself in the head as police were surrounding him.

Watch this video objectively and imagine that they are speaking about homosexuals like Tyler Clementi:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISzUkjTqvTQ&fmt=18 [note: dead link]

There is an inordinate amount of innately fallacious arguments against pedophilia, most of which are also directed toward homosexuality. I’m not going to address any of them to begin with because I assume everyone here already understands that arguments such as “The DSM recognizes pedophilia as a mental illness” or “pedophilia is unnatural” are ludicrously invalid. For this first post, I’m only going to address arguments which are remotely coherent. If anyone invokes more ignorant ones, I will address them later in this topic. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to do this preemptively, though, because I don’t entirely understand the mindset of people who disparage pedophilia as a sexuality. From my perspective, it’s like trying to argue against someone who believes that females are inferior to males. It’s a patently absurd notion, and I find it to be sort of comical that I even have to make this argument.

To begin with, you must understand that pedophiles are not the only victims of this virulent persecution. The children who choose to engage in sexual relationships with adults are invariably severed from their loving relationships and are indoctrinated into believing that they have been abused, being labeled as “victims” and being subjected to the genuinely abusive will of psychiatrists (the most immoral profession I can imagine) who “treat” (coerce) them into believing that they can overcome their “abuse”. I don’t understand how this can be perceived as being fundamentally any different from the nature of the mental abuse which is used to indoctrinate political dissidents.

Children would not be “scarred” by their voluntary sexual experiences any more than adults in typical sexual relationships would be “scarred” unless their society shamed them into believing that they should feel guilty. The reason why a child would be mentally damaged after having consented to sexual activity is because they are socially conditioned into believing that what they did is in some ill-defined way deleterious. This is no different than submitting to oppressive religious beliefs that premarital sexual activity should be viewed negatively, and that anyone who engages in it should feel shame and remorse for having committed their sins. I assume everyone here understands that there is nothing innately pernicious about the nature of sexual relationships between adults, and that there is nothing innately immoral about sexuality in general, yet somehow sexual activity inexplicably becomes a pestilence once children engage in it. This argument is the equivalent of saying that the sexual activity of unmarried couples is harmful, yet the sexual activity of married couples is neutral, or even virtuous. It’s completely nonsensical. The morality of the sexuality of children should not be evaluated any differently than the morality of the sexuality of adults.

The specious propaganda which is primarily disseminated against the legitimacy of sexual relationships between adults and children is that a child is incapable of consenting to sexual activity, so any occurrence of it is inherently rape. This is an arbitrary assumption which oppresses children and is an indication of the abusive mentality which is inflicted upon them daily in this society, dehumanizing them and relegating them to the status of slaves.

Why is sexual activity considered to be incomprehensible to a child? What is so fundamentally challenging about the concept that there is not a single child who could possibly fathom it?

It’s absurd for to claim that sexuality is something which requires significant mental capabilities and thus must be violently controlled by governments, because there is no restriction against imbeciles being sexual. Children are innately incapable of comprehending it, yet once someone attains a certain age (which varies extremely depending on the time period and location, thus demonstrating that it’s absolutely meaningless), everyone is suddenly capable of it? If the nature of sexuality is fundamentally a concept to understand for all children, then it is not reasonable to assume that even a small minority of people are capable of comprehending its perplexity at 18. If an adult may engage in sexual activity because they are demonstratively capable of employing prudent rationality, then why may a child not enjoy the same right? Professing that a child is incapable of understanding the concept of consent because of the belief that adults are universally “more rational” than they are, and thus children do not deserve to control their bodies, is equivalent to claiming that females do not deserve to control their bodies because males are “more judicious in personal affairs” in relation to them, or some other such inane fatuity. It’s a senseless and morally reproachful position to hold.

There is the argument that the “power disparity” in the relationship between an adult and a child renders any sexuality between them to be inherently abusive. This notion can be applied against females, arguing that they cannot be in a sexual relationship because many of them explicitly desire one with a male who is in a higher position of societal “power”, thus none of them are capable of giving consent. No none believes that a pretentious “power disparity” argument applies to the legitimacy of sexual relationships between adults, yet it arbitrarily applies to children? It is also outright fallacious because the child has all of the control over the relationship. The adult would have to be extremely careful around the child because virtually everyone would accuse the adult of raping the child without consideration as to whether or not s/he gave consent.

Some of you may say that children would never consent to sexual activity, and that if they engage in it, an adult must have forced them into it. Apply this argument to females once again and it immediately evinces why this is a meaningless assertion. It is equivalent to asserting that violent persecution is justified toward any female and her associate who engages in premarital sexual activity because no females would ever desire it owing to some arbitrary criterion. It’s a presumptuous way to justify discriminatory coercion and is not based on any logical argument. Personally, I don’t understand why children in general would want to be sexual, but I also don’t understand why adults in this society are so sexual. If I was ever going to engage in any sexual activity, I would be certain that it would be meaningful, but adults everywhere engage in it as if it doesn’t matter. Adults seem to invariably claim that it is “making love” or some other haphazard justification of their licentious behavior. In that case, how can you define what is and is not a legitimate expression of love? If you believe that adults “making love” can be described as positively as I constantly hear it is, then the sexual activity of children is equally positive.

Why is this society so adamantly opposed to pedophilia? Children deserve all of the rights and respects that an adult should receive, yet this is not the case to any extent. The inexorable battery of children (“spanking”) is fully legal in the United States. Children’s free will is suppressed and annihilated in every conceivable manner within families. Beyond having their associations, location, and every action subject to their parents’ wills, they are denied their own thoughts, opinions, values, and religion, and instead are coerced into adopting their parents’. Within the rest of society, children are denied property (their parents instantly legally siphon it from their children’s domain regardless of how the child obtained it), employment, and are denied the right to have even an token impact on the government which innately subjugates them through its very existence (although I’ll spare you from my anarchistic rhetoric in this post). Children are not even allowed to control their own bodies: if an adult wants to force any medical procedures or treatments onto a child, the child does not have any choice in the matter.

This is why children are forced into being ashamed of their sexuality and why adults are violently persecuted for loving children. If pedophilic relationships were condoned, then it would be a recognition that children have human rights, which this egregious society is not capable of accepting. Children deserve all of the rights and respects that adults should receive, yet they do not because this morally reprehensible society implicitly enjoys the abusive subjugation of them as sub-human property instead of as people who have their own legitimate thoughts and desires. If you support civil rights, such as through being a feminist or a LGBTQIA activist, you should oppose the violent persecution of pedophilic relationships and the subjugation of children. The right of children to have sexual relationships is a small step toward liberating them from the oppression of adults which they currently endure. 

I wasn’t intending on posting anything about this topic because I don’t think that anyone would consider an alternative perspective (about which I still have very little faith), but the recent removal of that book from Amazon has irritated me. I’ve barely read any information about the book or its removal, so I don’t know anything about its contents, but it was probably completely benign. It doesn’t matter either way, though, because it would have been removed under any circumstance merely because of the nature of its subject.

While it seems like nearly everyone wants the and anything like it to not be available through Amazon’s website, the motive of the very few people who oppose its removal is nothing other harrowing. According to them, it’s inappropriate for Amazon to not support the free speech of authors. These people use the same mentality and reasoning for the justification of the availability of material pertaining to nuisances such as racial supremacy, as if pedophilia is something that is equivalently morally repugnant; as if the existence of information pertaining to it should merely be grudgingly tolerated rather than supported as something which can be positive. I don’t have an moral opposition to a book which directs adults on how they can safely have a relationship with children: I condone its availability. Information like that needs to be available because any beauty which could potentially be present in such relationships is currently violently suppressed. I support anyone, child or adult, who believe that their love is important enough to be in a relationship together and risk the current consequences, because I believe that nothing is more important than love. Those who seek the application of violence to suppress these relationships are the depraved profligates, not the individuals who seek to express their love regardless of age.

I know that I will be accused of desiring sexual contact with children, and there might possibly be accusations that I have already had it, but neither case is true. I also have not seen any degree of child pornography (nor intentionally seen any adult pornography). All of the sexuality which is rampant in this society in general is as disgusting to me as pedophilia is, but that isn’t sufficient reason for me to desire the violent persecution of anyone over it because of personal perspective. I’m pretty confused when it comes to my sexuality, but I’m certain that I’m not a pedophile.

(end quotation)

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Brief review of the evidence against “Smiggles”

It’s been over a year since the story broke (here) of the online account “Smiggles” that was used by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter from 2010 to 2012. At that time, the available evidence supporting the case (that Smiggles = the shooter) was presented, generally consisting of similarities between the writer of the “Smiggles” posts found on the Shocked Beyond Belief Columbine forum and what was then known about Adam Lanza.

Since then, multiple relevant details have been revealed about both the profile and about the shooter, all of which fully support the conclusion that they are the same person, but Sandy Hook Lighthouse has never collected all of this evidence pertaining to the “Smiggles” profile in one place. That will be the goal of this article.

For those who closely follow the case, there will probably not be much new information here. However, that will change tomorrow when Sandy Hook Lighthouse will publish some previously-unseen writings associated with this account. In the meantime:

How We Know “Smiggles” was Adam Lanza:

1. Items that Smiggles claimed to have owned or demonstrated knowledge of were found when Lanza’s home was raided. Here are three examples.


In the “The Halloween thread” on 28 Oct 2010, a conversation in which users were exchanging lists of their favorite horror movies, Smiggles posted a link to a youtube clip. The link is now dead, but the web archive shows that it was in fact a clip from Killer Klowns from Outer Space.


The following photo is from the Connecticut State Police’s supplementary files to the Yogananda St. investigation, in the gallery “Sec_4_Primary_Scene” and is  of the computer room adjacent to the shooter’s bedroom. Note the bright blue VHS box on the floor:


It’s a copy of Killer Klowns from Outer Space:


A year later, Smiggles listed again listed Killer Klowns among his favorites of all time, in the thread “Favorite films”:


Note that another entry on this list is the 1972 film Crawlspace. 

This is a photo of the closet in Adam Lanza’s bedroom:


To the left of the PC tower, above the green book and beneath the blue one, is the 1971 book Crawlspace, upon which the film from Lanza’s favorite 25 list is based. It is difficult to make out, but that’s undeniably what it is:




the book’s cover art, for comparison:


On  11 Dec 2011 in the thread “What are you reading?” Smiggles claims that he is reading  In the Shadow of Man, a book by renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall:


In the same cluttered photo of Lanza’s bedroom closet where Crawlspace was visible:



It’s this:


2. The fact that Adam Lanza is confirmed by law enforcement to have frequented and posted to an unspecified “Columbine blog”:


3. The fact that “Smiggles” was found to be a username from a chat log on Adam Lanza’s USB drive, and that this username is declared to be “presumably the shooter” by the Connecticut State Police who have reviewed these logs:


4. Smiggles posted  to the “Super Columbine Massacre RPG! Discussion” forum a “Spreadsheet of Mass Murderers,” consistent with the notorious spreadsheet of the same data that was found on Adam Lanza’s USB drive.


Lanza’s spreadsheet has never been released to the public, but is described in police reports:


On the USB drive found in Adam Lanza’s closet, he had titled this file “colgam01″ – short for Columbine Game. This strongly indicates just which “Columbine blog” Lanza was posting to: the Columbine Massacre Role Playing Game discussion forum.

5. On 15 Oct 2009, a player named “Smiggles” participated in several online PC shooter game matches. The servers hosting these matches logged these games on their website, and recorded each username and corresponding IP address that connected (intended to be  used by players to track their stats):


This user’s IP address traces to Sandy Hook, Connecticut:


…and returns the following Charter Cable of Newtown connection information:


…which is consistent with the connection info logged by the website GunBroker when Nancy Lanza ordered firearms online:


It is possible that another player used this name; it’s even possible that another user in the same vicinity as Adam Lanza played with this username (as unlikely as that may be.) However, the same player (verified by IP address) also played under another username that appear on Adam Lanza’s USB drive,  that being “pedobear”:


Lanza also used an abbreviation of this “pedobear” name as the filename for his essay on pedophilia:


6. “Smiggles” had a very pronounced interest in chimp society and the discussion of the subject, to the point where he called a radio show to discuss chimpanzees in comparison to school shooters.




This same peculiar interest was noted by a personal friend of Adam Lanza’s, and was observed on his hard drive:



note that the “view of humans as glorified animals” is entirely consistent with the viewpoint expressed by “Greg” on the Anarchy Radio call

7. The voice of Smiggles (who claimed his name was “Greg”) was confirmed by the New York Daily News to have been that of Adam Lanza by a former Newtown High School classmate, Kyle Kromberg:

21-year-old Kyle Kromberg, who attended Latin class with Lanza from freshman to junior year at Newtown High School, recognized his voice instantly.

“It’s him,” said Kromberg. “I talked to him every day for about an hour each day from freshman to junior year, so I know his voice. He’s a very soft-spoken kid, but very articulate.”

Kromberg said he and another classmate often made a point of talking to the extremely introverted Lanza, who he recalled would dart out of the classroom as soon as the bell rang.

“As soon as he opened his mouth (in the audio clip), I knew it was him,” said Kromberg. “There’s no voice distinction.”

8. As previously noted, “Smiggles” provided a list of his “top 25″ favorite films of all time, in the thread “Favorite films.” All of the films on this list are very obscure – particularly for Adam Lanza’s age group – and all but one is a horror film (the lone exception being Stalking Laura, a “Lifetime” thriller about workplace shooter Richard Farley.) Adam Lanza discussed this same specific taste in films with a personal friend in early 2012, who told police about it after the shooting (but long before the “Smiggles” profile and its list of 25 films were made public):


9. When police raided the Lanza home, they discovered that all of the windows in Adam Lanza’s bedroom were taped shut with garbage bags. “Smiggles” notes a particular dislike of exposure to sunlight.



10. “Smiggles” claimed that he had a BMI (Body Mass Index) of just 14, in the thread “Are you a virgin?” on Sep 6, 2011. The message was in reply to another user, who was claiming that they were asexual:


A BMI of 14 is considered dangerously underweight, and suggestive of anorexia.

The following is a quote from the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate report on the Sandy Hook shooter:

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner found that at death, AL was anorexic (six feet tall and 112 pounds), to the point of malnutrition and resultant brain damage. This finding raises questions regarding how he, living at home and spending the majority of his time on his own, physically presented to his mother. Authors cannot determine what, if any, concerns were raised by his family regarding his eating ability or habits, or his continued emaciation during this time. AL’s mother had consulted with his pediatrician years earlier about his weight, and by 2008, he was prescribed Miralax for ongoing constipation issues.

At 6’0 feet tall and 112 pounds, Adam Lanza had a BMI of 15.2 at his time of his death. This is considered dangerously underweight and suggestive of anorexia.

11. Topics covered by Smiggles correspond with wikipedia articles edited by Kaynbred, as does the information written by each user about these subjects:



Richard Farley:


The link labeled “ESL’s 11k” leads to the official report for the Richard Farley shooting (note: “11k” is Columbine slang for, roughly, “complete police investigation” files, after the Columbine shooting’s supposedly 11,000+ page official report.) The “ESL 11k” contains the following information:


…which Kaynbred had previously curated:


“Kaynbred” is known to have been another username belonging to Adam Lanza. Sandy Hook Lighthouse will review the evidence establishing that identity in a separate post soon.

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The Shooter Among Us (Conclusion)


The Shooter Among Us (Conclusion)

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains very graphic language and potentially disturbing content. Particularly for anyone with a personal connection to the tragedy at Sandy Hook, reader discretion is advised. I have not edited any of the below comments from the user in question, other than to remove account names of other users, to remove the name of a “gore” website, and to add emphasis in bold.

(NOTE: this is the second half of my analysis of Adam Lanza’s account on Youtube, “fuckcomments”. To start from the beginning, click here)

Warning Signs (con’td)

Gun Shopping

The user fuckcomments frequently posts on videos dedicated to firearms, or references certain firearms in their comments that they supposedly own. Over and over again, these firearms are strikingly similar to the ones that Lanza was shopping for as “kaynbred”, or ones that he eventually owned, via his mother.

New Gun and WalMart Ammo” features a Youtuber showing off his Glock 19 and some ammunition. The comment that the user leaves is unsettling.

fuckcomments 4 years ago: When is the massacre????

Lanza brought the next Glock model, a 10mm Glock-20, to Sandy Hook.

On another Glock video,  “Modified Glock 21 .45 one handed“, he chastises the other commenters that were discussing methods of turning a semiautomatic pistol into fully-automatic, as is shown in the video:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: You dumb fucks, you don’t buy new parts to make your semi auto handgun a full auto you just take it apart and sharpen the firing pin to a sharp sharp point, then you use a twist tie to tie back the slide release. Im not going into details or specifics, but you can do it in your own bedroom if you really wanted to. BRAAPPPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPA!!!

I don’t know how viable this supposed weapon modification would be, but will point out that the phrase “you can do it in your own bedroom” does not sound like the vocabulary of a person who has ever moved out of their childhood home.

Another video, showing another homemade method of obtaining fully-automatic fire with a semiautomatic weapon, is “full auto speed ruger mini-30 legal in all states #3“. His comment both claims ownership of a ruger mini-30, and threatens another user (the other user’s side of the conversation does not survive, but they had apparently asked a third user if what they had said was a “threat”):

fuckcomments 4 years ago:  Im going to shoot you in the head with my Ruger. That’s a threat.

fuckcomments 4 years ago: well i was just saying

There was no Ruger in the Lanza home on the morning of the Sandy Hook shooting… but only because Nancy had sold it on March 24th, 2011:


CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00160023. Notes from the ATF reflect that the date on the records initially read “3/24/2012″ and that the correct year was determined to be 2011.

Apparently, she didn’t include the manual in the sale:


Ruger mini-14 manual found in Nancy Lanza’s closet, logged in CSP Official Report Book 3, file 00025726

There was also a Ruger 10/22 in the home at some point, and it too was apparently sold, though the date of sale is not given in the official report:


There are other instances where the content of fuckcomments’s firearms-related discussions are reflected in the evidence found in Lanza’s home. In “Caught on Camera (Shooting)” he explains the action seen in the video:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser78: What you see is a 12 gauge shotgun with buckshot rounds, they are 9 little metal balls in the shotgun shell that fire out, they are sparking off the pavement and the ground..The guy running is dodging bullets.”

While I don’t suspect that this is the reason he cut them apart, we can know for certain that Lanza was aware of the contents of such a shell:


Disassembled 12-gauge buckshot shotgun shells found in the bottom drawer of Lanza’s computer desk

In other instances, it is simply that the models and manufacturers of firearms that fuckcomments visited videos of matches the guns he was shopping for as “Kaynbred.” He comments on “Kel-Tec PLR-16 (.223 Pistol)“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser87: I saw what you did there

The content of the comment is not significant, but Lanza had previously inquired about the legality of a Kel-Tec SU-16c on the firearms forum The High Road.


That was in 2009, two or so years before the Youtube comments. The model of Kel-Tec that Kaynbred inquires about is a rifle, not a pistol as fuckcomments is interested in, but this is actually 100% consistent with Lanza’s gun purchase history: the AR-15 was purchased in March 2010, and so his long-rifle was already chosen by the time fuckcomments watched this video. After the rifle and the shotgun were in place, Lanza continued shopping for pistols all the way up until the day of the Sandy Hook shooting, which covers the time “fuckcomments” time period:


CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00151485

Indeed, he shows affection for another Kel-tec weapon elsewhere on Youtube, and again it’s a pistol. On “Rapid fire with Kel-tec PMR30 pistol“:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: I am in love with this gun now.

Here we see another instance of something peculiar to the Sandy Hook shooter: he had a special affinity for pistols, despite having access to much “heavier” weaponry. He was in a “pistols only” clan (team) for the game Combat Arms, called mg14c.


CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00215670 (the “for instance” framing is only because this is a search warrant – mg14c was most definitely a “pistols only” clan.)

Lanza was still daydreaming about pistols just days before the Sandy Hook shooting, which he expressed in an email to an online acquaintance and fellow mass-murder enthusiast:

While granting that modus operandi really isn’t that important, I just can’t get into vehicular slaughterers. It seem too mediated, like using remote explosives (too hot). And knives stray too far from the whole “mass” aspect (too cold). The aesthetic of pistols tends to be just (sic) right.

-Office of the Child Advocate report, pg 105

Meanwhile, fuckcomments posted this to the video “A beautiful gun &“:


“I am in pistol heaven!”

Frequently, these firearms discussions derail into threats of violence when fuckcomments enters the fray. On “mikey fires a marlin 22 wmr lever action” he mocks and threatens another user, and eventually himself:

YoutubeUser53 5 years ago: man… why must every target on utube be of a paper human? it’s just more fuel for the anit’s… it just shows that guns are meant for one thing, killing people.

fuckcomments 4 years ago · in reply to YoutubeUser53: last time i fuckin checked thats all my guns are for ! KILL EM ALL!!!

YoutubeUser53 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: You dont have any guns, an no, the ones in ur video games dont count.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser53: YES I DO! KILL EM ALL!!

YoutubeUser534 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: kill who all? an ur daddies BB gun doesn’t count either.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser53: kill everyone, you, me, them.

YoutubeUser53 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments:  just kill yourself and leave everyone ese alone, I recommend drinking a gallon of bleach since you dont own any firearms, it works just as good but might tingle on the way down.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser53: nah i should kill you first, its the obvious logical choice here.

Heavy Metal

On a video for the song “Slayer – Angel of Death”, fuckcomments makes graphic threats of violence against the other listeners. His threat includes a claim of owning an AR-15. Also, the user confirms that his wardrobe does not look like the clothing stereotypically worn by fans of heavy metal music, much as Adam Lanza’s daily attire did not:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: arguing metal is so fucking gay. bet you wear wrist bands with spikes and think you are tough? haha, real men that listen to metal don’t dress like that faggot ass shit, we take this music along when we are firing our weapons, sharpening our knives, stabbing people we hate, crushing their skulls from behind with tire-irons, you fags are dancing around in nailpolish nudging eachother, so pathetic, a scene like that makes me want to toss some molotovs at you flamers and open up with my Ar-15.

YouTubeUser72 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments:  your the one who sounds like a tool. all that pseudo-metal attitude you twat, i bet you wouldnt have the guts to stab someone and look them in the eyes as they lives slip away.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YouTubeUser72: I tried, I couldnt get the door unlocked, and any noise that late at night would prompt a police response, I had to give in that night and wait for the next time.

YouTubeUser73  4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: your name dosent fit with you manly man”

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to ganGaZION: obviously you are way too fucking stupid to understand it’s true meaning. That’s ok, here’s a lit pipe bomb.      

The graphic threats of shootings are found on other metal videos as well, such as “Serial Messiah by Cryptopsy” where he wrote in reply to another user who had made an error in quoting song lyrics:

fuckcomments 5 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser73: its i kick ass for the lord you FAGGOT. FUCK OFF BEFORE WE SHOOT YOU IN THE MOTHER FUCKING FOREHEAD. This is no place for faggots go back to your new age fagmetal BITCH I mean or the gun can do the rest of the talking. sounds like a good night out to me.BANG

And again, this time on another Cryptopsy video, this one for “Pathological Frolic“:

fuckcomments 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser73: you must be a new age faggot then so shut your hole before we fire our guns into your temple watching your brains stain the concrete now that would be fucking brutal. :)

Moms and guns

The user also displays an interest in videos of guns being fired by women, especially ones labeled as “moms,” reminiscent of the same circumstances under which the shooter would have fired a weapon nearly every time in his life: at a gun-range, with his mother.

On “mom machine-gun shoot” he comments in response to another user who had made a sexist joke about the woman firing the gun:

YoutubeUser61 4 years ago: Must be some kind of NEW dishwashing technology.”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser71:  OFF******”

YoutubeUser61  4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments
what the fuck is that even supposed to mean? kill yourself, retard

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser71: Man don’t start with that pro-fag talk around here I will come down to your house and blow your head of with a shotgun. Fuckin fags.

Hot girl shoots M4 / AR-15” features a woman firing the same sort of rifle that Lanza owned. There he is set off again by a similar sexist joke:

YoutubeUser26 4 years ago: Strange looking kitchen…

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser26: yer gay as fuck

On “CUSTOM .32 PISTOL” the user expresses a sexual attraction to the woman shown firing a pistol, identifying her as a “milf”:



“Milfs with guns, nothin hotter.”

The .32 is the same caliber that Lanza, as Kaynbred, claimed to have a “fetish” for:


Adam Lanza’s post to firearms forum “The High Road” in 2009

The clip “Airsoft Grenade Dare” portrays two teenagers playing with paint “grenades.” Near the end of the clip, the boys’s mother makes an appearance.

fuckcomments 3 years ago: milf mommmyyyyyyyy

A curious comment on “Woman Gets 30 Years in Prison for Having Sex with Son She Found on Facebook” also sticks out:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: It is a common psychological “disorder” when families do not live together for a long time and meet and have sexual attractions. I forget the professional term but it is explainable and it is normal and has happened many times before. We are animals remember, disgusting filthy beings.


Adam Lanza was anorexic. There’s no indication that he accepted this fact or was diagnosed, but his body weight at the time of his death qualifies him for the diagnosis:

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner found that at death, AL was anorexic (six feet tall and 112 pounds), to the point of malnutrition and resultant brain damage.

-Office of the Child Advocate Report, pg 102

On youtube, fuckcomments never states that he is anorexic or really provides any physical description of himself at any time. However, he does comment on at least three videos from “Pro- Ana” (pro-anorexia) youtube personalities.

His comment on “ProAna Challenge” is eerily in agreement with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s conclusions about Adam Lanza:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: A woman’s weight has NOTHING to do with her beauty. Sorry that is something they don’t teach. If you are under 300 pounds, you are attractive to someone, if you are over 300 pounds you are attractive to someone out there, who is probably 300 pounds as well or maybe not even! So what. Just be healthy. There is someone out there for everybody no matter what they look like. Eating poorly makes someone feel like dying, regardless of their mental disorder. 

On “ProAna Subscribers and Messages“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: It is the human desire to belong to something in a world where there is nothing for most people to belong to. Any group will do for most, even anorexics.

Women and Selfishness

Not very much is known about Lanza’s views about women. The best hint of attitude toward women comes from this description of a document found on his hard drive:


CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00194691

That he would regard women as “selfish” would certainly be consistent with George Sodini’s writings, listed above the Word document. Sodini, recall, is the shooter that brought Kaynbred to wikipedia (covered here.) That wikipedia account also made changes to the article for the 1991 massacre at Luby’s Cafeteria, removing claims that the shooting was motivated by hatred of women. This is odd, because the Luby’s Cafeteria killer was most certainly motivated by a hatred of women, and made no secret of it.

fuckcomments specifically comments about women only a few times, but all are extremely hostile and entirely consistent with the view that women are inherently “selfish.”

On “Wii Sex“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser532: virgin alert virgin alert! sex is overrated moron, if you would give up playing video games to have sex for no reason you are a fucking moronic fool sub human. Sex is about reproduction retard. To use it as a “”game”” that replaces real “”games”” is fucking some whores delusion. WHat the fuck is wrong with you new age retards you all need a helmet and a lollipop

The use of the word “delusion” to describe aspects of modern culture occurred frequently in Lanza’s writings as “Smiggles.”


On “Brandon Hein (Life pt 1)“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser123: Haha, its funny how women always say something like: “Its such a shame, he is so hot he could of fucked my pussy all night.” Just shut the fuck up you new age whore society, that isnt a shame. Oh its a shame your pussy wont get jammed by some “hot guy” ohhhh what a shame ohhh fuckin new age society is slime and shit and whores. Fuckin women just use their pussy all day long, use it to get money, use it to get power, use it too think with “he woulda made some gorgeous children”

YoutubeUser123 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: lol sorry, didnt mean to offend fuckcomments and its bad self

YoutubeUser123 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: u prably listen to heavy metal and think about killing urself all day, and think about how women want to take over the world with pussy lol u should make a movie about it :)”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser123: you are right!!

The clip “Poor lonesome dick becomes the ladies’ favorite” is a safe-sex ad, showing an animated drawing of a penis travelling around a bathroom (graffiti) wall looking for a mate, and getting rejected. At the very end, it puts on a condom and is welcomed by several drawings of vaginas. fuckcomments forsees a different ending:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: in reality, the penis at the end would get a gun and go on a rampage. no seriously.

On “Actress Ashley Judd criticizes the McCain/Palin ticket“, which concerns the topic of abortion rights:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: I see mental illness forming in most women who get abortions, which is not so hard to imagine, you slay your own children, your only reason to be alive, it is gonna have mentally deranging effects.

Violence and Children

“fuckcomments” posted very frequently on the topics of war, violence and firearms. Often, the subject of children would conspicuously be brought up in this context, associating children with guns and/or death.

As previously noted, the views expressed by this user vary wildly on most subjects, and especially so on this topic, but the steady constant is his fixation on connecting children with destruction. Since it’s the only reason anyone has heard of him, it can be easy to forget that Adam Lanza’s status as a mass child-killer is extremely rare and aberrant, and is thus a very strong tool for identifying him in a crowd of anonymous users, making this trend in fuckcomments’s writings very significant.

Several videos concern news stories of other child killers. The video “Dad: God Has a Greater Calling for Shaniya” shows a father’s public statements after his 5-year-old daughter was found murdered:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: assassinate that mofo. I would bring a gun in court and blow that son of a fucks head off I don’t care, it would be completely uncontrollable.

The user apparently followed this specific case, commenting on another video about it, “Raw Video: Moment Searchers Found Girl’s Body“. This time, he is suddenly critical of those wishing harm upon the perpetrator:

YoutubeUser65 5 years ago: monster mdfkr hope dey rape him in jail

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser65:  You fools “I hope they rape him in jail.” Chances are, he has already been raped, and doesn’t care. Your societies “I hope he gets raped.” attitude is kind of deranged. Good luck!

Another case involves the attempted murder, by abandonment in a dumpster, of an infant by its mother. On “Alison Lesch taken from jail to court” the user is again coming to the defense of the perpetrator, and cites mental illness as a possible factor:

YoutubeUser114 3 years ago: how can those people even defend her, she nearly killed her baby!

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser114: It is because murderers have been wrongly accused in the past and they aren’t sure if she is actually the murderer, and her safety would be in danger from people that think she is guilty 100%.

YoutubeUser114 3 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: well didnt she admit to putting the baby in the trash?

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser114: Still doesn’t matter. People admit to crimes they never did sometimes. It has happened. Mainly from pressure during interrogation. That is why security is there to take bullets protecting the person because truly, you never really know what happened or why. Also, psychology has proven that people who do things like this are mentally sick and not thinking 100% properly. The law does not usually see them as bad people in most situations, depending on their attitude towards others.

On another video covering the same attempted child murderer, “Dumpster Baby Mom Appears in Court”, he was less respectful:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: PROM NIGHT DUMPSTER BABYYY!!

(Apparently, this is a reference to  a song from the TV show “Family Guy.”)

On “Ruger 10/22 .22LR Rifle Versus Muddy Crap” (the same model rifle that Nancy Lanza owned and eventually sold, see above) he leaves a disturbing comment in reply to another user:

 YoutubeUser32 4 years ago: Its been years since I’ve owned a 10/22… can you even see use the sights with the scope mount installed? A Vermont kid accidentally killed his friend yesterday with a .22 LR rifle, they are NOT toys. Anybody that thinks otherwise is a fool. Plenty of people and animals have been killed by .22 lr.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser32: haha gun and kid in the same sentence.

Other times, fuckcomments appears on videos showing children being taught to hunt or shoot guns, and makes an observation that seems to be about himself as much as the people shown. On “Mule Deer Hunting on the Peace River. Long Range Shooting” which shows young children (4 or 5 years) accompanying their father on a hunting trip :

fuckcomments 4 years ago: They will grow up to be true killers :) Psychology is fun!

Nearly the same sentiment appears on “11 YR.S FIRST MOOSE. ONE SHOT ONE KILL. 200 + YR.S“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: He will make a great killer one day ;)

Nancy Lanza, it should be noted, took her sons to target practice with rifles at a young age, when Adam would have been only five or six. These instances are likely what he was referring to as “20 years of killin practice” moreso than video games.


CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00196017

Other times, fuckcomments is discussing warfare when he remarks – suspiciously often and without any prompting – that the armies involved in a conflict had killed children.

On “US Navy Minivan Ad” Lanza seems to have been working through the lingering resentment from finding out that he would never be in the special forces or Navy SEAL; the video glorifies military action set to a thumping rock soundtrack, and a voiceover states “and to think, somewhere some poor guy is buying a minivan” – emasculating the civilian life that Lanza resented:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: Yea it must suck having a family that loves you so much, and such a big one that it needs a van, poor guy. He could be shooting children in Iraq instead :(

YoutubeUser76 3 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Seals have family’s to and if they did shoot children i am sure we would have found out buy now.

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser76: Haha boy are you living in a dream world. They dropped White Phosphorus gas on fallujah and melted children alive in their beds from the inside out. That gas weapon is horrifying. I have seen all the dead children in Iraq. Lots. They shoot them daily. When they are shooting at the “”taliban”” they are actually shooting some guy protecting his family and thus children are killed. Don’t you know this? Do you think there is an actual “”bad guy”” force? Haha.. That would be the USA.

The taboo appears again when fuckcomments returns to a favorite topic, the afterlife and religion. As he did in previously quoted religion-themed conversations, the user portrays God himself as a sort of ultimate child-murderer on “On “Testimony – After 13 hours at morgue, back to life! [PART 3 …“, and another user responds by witnessing to fuckcomments:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser002: haha, wasn’t god the one that flooded the earth killing everyone but Noah and some animals? Wasn’t god the one that murdered children in any house without lambs blood smeared on its doors? was god not the murderous tyrant that threatens to kill us all and torture us for eternity if we do not follow his bidding? Yes, god is a psychopathic murderer. I will not follow him. You fool! *smacks your head* WAKE UP. …don’t listen to those dumb humans. Listen to intelligent ones

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments:  real Christians are required to spread the good news to people just wanted to let you and others know that.”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: Telling people to join you or God will torture you for eternity is not a good thing, it is not “”good news””. God is evil in your religion, that is why people will not follow it. We are not amazed or awed by your Gods vicious brutal power to torture and kill. It does not make us want to love him either. He once flooded the entire planet killing all humans and sparing animals. He once spent the night killing children of parents with no lambs blood on their doors. He is evil………”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: And if burning in hell is my punishment for hating a being that has pure evil running through it, that slain my entire human race before me? yea right, He is a lunatic psycho. That is why nobody will follow your religion unless they have been brainwashed since they were children, like you. To everyone else that grew up without religion, your religion is ridiculous, and your god is a murderous power tripping psychopath who killed children and the entire human race once….fuck him.”

YoutubeUser777 5 years ago: Are you very sure there is no God. If you are 99% sure and 1% not sure, you are still damned and doomed to hell without God. You think because you cannot see God, therefore God does not exist. There are lot of things we cannot see, but they exist, just like love, oxygen, hydrogen, gas and hatred in people’s heart, etc.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser777: im 100% sure there is no fucking god. It is ridiculous…..plus you are all insulting God by saying that non believers will go to hell. Saying that implies that GOD has left it up to MAN to teach MAN that GOD is real and to believe in him……..are you telling me GOD is so STUPID that he uses MAN to send his messages of eternal damnation??? Fuck that, if there was a god he would know that humans are untrustworthy liars and that I can believe non of them. Grow the fuck up…..

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser777: If you should fear anything from being evil, it is that people do not forget evil, and although you think you have gotten away with evil, the people you wronged could be your hell, waiting for you. Humans are scarier and more powerful then god, they can sneak into your home, they can remove your skull with the click of a finger, they can chop you up and leave you in a hole. God cannot do any of those things, and when you die there is no afterlife. So live wisely. Live for YOU. Not “god”.

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: God only wants whats truly beneficial for us so living in a way that He teaches us and written in our hearts along with faith in Jesus. But what you are saying is false God did not destroy all humans once or ever will (except the destruction of our old flesh (our bodies and hearts/minds now) our souls will live on and be given a new body. He doesn’t want us to hate others because hate leads to many other sins (sins cause great problems for you and others) like violence and prejud..

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: …ice you also say that He murdered children…the Lord never kills off the innocent (wicked people do because of the demonic suppression of that person that makes them wicked. Those people He killed off were nations of rampant adultery, sexually immoral, suppressing of the weak and poor, and murderous (sacrificing of there own children!). God did not aimlessly destroy these wicked people it was the fact that they reached their mark of sin. They could have turned from evil ways but d”

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: …didn’t they kept on and God had to commit justice on them even though He is very merciful to allow them and even us time to turn from sin and embrace in Him, His Son, and His ways because it not only pleases Him but also it benefits us as one and a whole people! God wants you to believe in Him because if you don’t you are braking the 1st commandment (way of life), to love and give God all heart, mind, body, and soul which in turns through Jesus allows us to be reborn in Him to live

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: …a better way that not only pleases Him but benefits mankind in the long run and short term as well because they not only do good because the good in it but because its in their heart to do good (for when you do good things for wrong reasons you may turn from them as soon as that reason is satisfied or gone while if its in your heart you willing do it not just to get the benefits of it but to do it cause you know its good and just want to do good. Doing good deeds will not give you”

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: …a reward in Heaven although the life now may reward you but if these deeds are done in good intention not for the benefit of it for your self then you may be rewarded in life now but also be well rewarded in Heaven for your selfless good deeds). You must truly understand that God is love to really know who He is take the time to read the Word (bible) and see for your self what kind of God He is but don’t just look at something and say this is bad! No look at it truly in the context”

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: of why those things are as they are and understand that God always makes the perfect choice and gives free will to people (you, me, and anyone else) to choose a life of godliness and wisdom or a life of wickedness and foolishness. Hell is for DEMONS so if you act like a demon (living for your self and not God and living in sin, although we are not perfect) then we will be punished under the Justice of God for He gave mercy to the sinner to turn from their foolishness but wanted to liv

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: …live like a criminal (demon). Is not someone who is proven of a crime guilty (hard cold facts)? God will show us the wrong we done and the good and will judge us according to this some will be in Hell for your wickedness (crime). The Good News is that God gave His only begotten Son Jesus to fulfill the Law and to be the Perfect Everlasting Sacrifice for mankind all those who sin to be free from evil/sin and truly believe in Him (faith) and repent (walk in faith and turn from sin)”

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: God will allow you through His grace and mercy to let you know who He is if you want Him truly. If you want to ever give Gods love a try pray to Him with all your heart, be honest to Him “”And ask Him Lord let me know that you are really real and here for me in your Son Jesus name let me know how to live for you”” and admit all your wrongs even those you are not knowing or sure of He is mighty to save and loves so He will forgive and give Him self to you if you seek Him. God wants you”

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665:  …to choose your way or His (death or eternal life). He will not force you but He may call out to you like even now through me or others or anyway He may choose but if you don’t want to lissen it is your fault you were hard hearted to His love you gave up on Him simple maybe cause you don’t believe or for what the wickedness of others and Satan (and his demons) did to you in your life. God will allow us to move past past wrongs and mistakes and live life renewed and apart from this”

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: …wicked spiritually blind world as His own special child who He will give all that is need to them/you if you truly seek and follow Him in your life. Pray to Him if you want He is not evil being for He detest in evil and He is only truly Good and keep in mind Justice is apart of this TRUE Goodness that is God. But is through His mercy and grace you are given a chance from the punishment in Hell for you and ultimately your eternal destruction from all existence and memory for you cho”

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: … chose the evil broad path that allowed you to indulge in your sinful ways (sex, greed, lust, murder/hate, laziness, liar, ect.) remember you may not commit all the sins but even committing one sin makes you guilty of breaking God’s law. His law was made to benefit people for the greater good not so they could do as they will completely (mind you this includes rape and murder (the killing of the innocent) and stealing from the weak and poor) God’s law is perfect.”

YoutubeUser665 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: But both of us my brothers and sisters know I can not convince you truly only you can truly do that for your selves. Please consider the Way of the Lord you may find it truly is the best way now go read a bible and truly educate yourself in the Word so you may find out for yourself what is true and not. Be open minded to God’s love for the sake of you and those you love. Its not God’s will that any shall perish but they must choose for them selves to live in God’s love for love forced is not love at all. God bless in Jesus name.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: It isn’t real. Remember NOAHS ARK when he flooded the earth killing “everyone, and sparing NOAH and his wife……oh and all the animals because I like animals….but hate everyone!” Well guess what, humans are fucked, violence usually occurs when something chaotic is happening and people are charged up or feel threatened, no matter how real or imagined that threat is. EVIL does not exist. Evil people become good, good people become evil. Nothing is the same. Everything changes.”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: People who kill have many reasons and motivations, they are motivated by perverse urges which overcome them. They are sick in the head that is for sure, but they are not evil. If they are studied you can follow a path that leads to their behavior usually, no matter how non threatening it seems, people have been killed over dungeons and dragons games, people are complex creatures with no godly design. evil is just a nice word to vaguely describe something without detail. 

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665: All the love you speak of seems to be non existent, I see no god, only death, war, hiding. Pretending its all normal and where we live is the best normal place ever while other countries are in a slaughter. There is nothing lovely about our race, or god. He is powerless, thus it is pointless to follow him. If he will use his powers to kill children and innocent people back in your bible days, why will he not help now, why is he so weak. The weakest god I have ever seen, do you look?

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser665:  Is he not intelligent enough to have a conversation with someone after they die to actually see who they are? or he just says you never believed the humans so now you are punished? I don’t get it. Sounds illogical my friend. Very illogical. Don’t believe everything everyone tells you. Some guy warned me that the store I was walking to was closed, when I walked in the store I was angry at his stupidity as it almost cost me walking 30 mins the other way, luckily, I don’t believe humans.

The West-Memphis Three

The case of the West Memphis Three — Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin, all convicted for the murder of three 8-year-old boys in 1993 and immortalized in the 1996 HBO documentary “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills” — was a significant case of interest for fuckcomments. The disputed guilt of the three convicted child-killers was the primary topic in comments such as those left on “FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE“:

YoutubeUser043 4 years ago: Jessie Misskelley’s “confession” is a textbook example of a coerced, false confession. Even though he recanted his “confession” within hours, it was a major factor in all three convictions. Jessie is mentally challenged with a low IQ of only 72. Knowing he was mentally disabled, the West Memphis police still interrogated Jessie for 12 hours without his parents or an attorney present. Only 46 minutes, a mere 6%, of this entire hostile interrogation was recorded or videotaped.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser043 I think we must have read a different confession? The one I read was not made by some fearful retard, it was made by a fully capable thinking young man. Oh that’s right, you haven’t even read the fucking transcripts…..if you did you wouldn’t be defending these scum bags because they fuckin did it and freaks like you keep supporting their sick fucking asses. I hope they get out and fucking beat you to death and cut yer dick off while they fuck you up the ass in bondage.

The hostility continues on “Little Rock Rally for the WM3“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago They are guilty, one of them confessed many times to the crime! Read Jessie Misskelley’s confessions before you even think of supporting such sick fucks. He confesses many times over the period of a year. He confesses so many times that to not believe him is to admit you are a retarded fuck. Damien Echols is a child raping killing sick fuck. And you people are supporting him? You people are fucked.

Once again, on “WEST MEMPHIS BLOOD MONEY WM3 pt4“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: Either it was the 3 boys (who admitted to the crime) or it was some person that escaped. If the police would have swabbed evidence from the boys….in fact, I do not see the reason that so much evidence is missing? The only reason I can see for that is that in 93 they weren’t as thorough in collecting DNA trace evidence like semen.

YoutubeUser420 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: HEY BUTT WIPE ..THEY WEREN’T RAPED..DUH ? WHAT DON’T YOU GET ??? Stop flappin those jaws and RESEARCH THE FACTS NOT HEARSAY AND LIES THAT WERE TOLD.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser420: How the fuck can you prove that? That cannot be proven 100%. Jessie miskelley states in his confession that: “”Jason was screwing him while Damian stuck his in his mouth, He was holding him down like, and Jason had his legs up in the air and that little boy was kicking, saying, ‘don’t, no’ like that, They beat them up so bad so they can’t hardly move, they had their hands tied down and he sit on them,”” The way Jessie opens up about the crime, it cannot be fake…he was there. read it!

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser420: If your argument is that no semen was found? Well who is to say either boy ejaculated during this attack? It is fully possible they did not. Plus there is no way to tell 100% you can’t just blurt out “HEY BUTT WIPE THEY WERENT RAPED” how the fuck do you know god? How could anyone know…Jessie isn’t lying. People like you are just insane, that’s why you are defending insane sickos. duh. You fail to even read the confession..which is not coerced and Jessie states that before he begins

Then, on “Blazak Mayhem Tour 33 – The Case of the West Memphis Three“:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: “clear…. were innocent.” Clear? I do not see any clarity in that assumption. I assume the black guy covered in blood is the “known pedophile”. It is possible. But Echols was known for licking bloody wounds in previous incarcerations and the same type of activity was mentioned in the attacks. He displays the psychology of someone desperate for anything to make himself feel a sense of power. I feel the right people are in jail. I feel the other 2 boys were “less involved” but participated. 

And finally, on “West Memphis Three“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: GUILTY

YoutubeUser312 3 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: These are innocents kids who were the victim of a modern witch-hunt and “”satan-hysteria”” by retarded uneducated backwater parochial Christian hicks…. of which you probably are one.

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser312: Shut the fuck up. They are guilty. Christian witchhunt? are you smoking fuckign crack, that is the dumbest shit I ever heard. They were released due to a lack of evidence, that is it. They did it. Jessie Misskelley admitted to it on more than one occasion, never changing his story, was he forced over and over for years? Oh wait, you didn’t even bother to look into it. I’ve studied this case, they are guilty. 100%. The lack of physical evidence has freed child killers.


Last November’s report from Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate revealed that Adam Lanza was displaying paranoid fears of contamination when examined in October of 2006:

“According to the report, AL displayed a variety of rigid, controlling, and avoidant behaviors including his refusal to open doors for himself because he did not like to touch the doorknobs, and his worries about contamination of grease, dirt, and dust.”

-Office of the Child Advocate report, pg 105

This anxiety over contamination by germs or dust can been seen frequently in fuckcomments’s posting history. Most often, this is evident when he comments upon other users’s videos who are reporting “gang stalking” or “directed energy weapons” being used against them by unseen forces — in short, these pages seem to become an ad-hoc support group for sufferers of mental illness who are in denial. His noticeable interest in these topics is, all by itself, significant.

On “Attacked by Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW)” a man (the host of the channel) is shown flinching and twitching from the neck up; the description of the video claims that he is”being shot in the nose with bursts of directed energy.”  fuckcomments writes to the host of the video directly in his post:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: are you on anti depressants? they cause this

YoutubeUser911 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: No, I am not on any medications.

fuckcomments 4 years ago: can you not research ways to block such energy? or test for it to verify, I bet there is a machine that could detect anything and verify your claims,if not you may have a nervous system disorder which could produce electric shock like pain and twitching.

YoutubeUser911 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: I have done quite a bit of research. A steel “fort” (enclosure with air entry/egress) helps, but it must be (1) thick enough b/c the energy is very penetrating, and (2) continuous (seamless). As for detection, that’s a great idea. I have used, and do use, ionizing-radiation-detecting badges, but these must be analyzed at a lab and the bad guys get to the badge/lab ppl. How do I know? I *purposely* exposed a badge to ionizing rad. (x-rays) & the lab report still came back negative!”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser911: it is possible that radioactive dust on the item could have fallen off or been so small of a trace that it could not be detected in the lab. OR incompetent lab workers… it is possible, not everyone is good at what they do. does it go away when you travel far away??? If so it may be related to a transformer nearby that is short circuiting, or maybe even a gas leak in the home, or a mold allergic reaction. I wouldn’t assume its electromagnetic energy yet..anything is possible.

On “Mental Homeless guy hates skaters“, a man (homeless, according to the video title) argues with a group of skateboarders outside of an office building. At one point, the homeless man grabs one of their skateboards, and indicates that the rough surface of the board’s top side had scraped his hand. He then gives the board back to the skateboarders.

fuckcomments 4 years ago: wash your hands man, dont touch bums they have aids and shit

fuckcomments 4 years ago: did your friend get hep C from touching him after falling and scratching his hands

Vertical Scrog – Casey Jones, Sour Grape, Purple Kush …” shows a thriving marijuana plant. The description from the video’s host notes that “The white spots on the leaves is Sulpur Powder…. it is there for the purpose of controlling the Powdery Mildew all the plants have. Bummer.” fuckcomments weighs in:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: sulphur??? enjoy the cancer!

YoutubeUser580 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: thanks for the well wishes. I wonder why they sell sulphur powder at nurserys made for edible plants… must be one of those conspiracies. Govt spreading cancer to help the medical industry. Do you beleive in the chemtrail conspiracy too?

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser580:  we are all doomed I say!

YoutubeUser581 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: retard. sulphur doesnt cause cancer. fungicides do. and cigarettes. and the sun.. but not sulphur.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser581: Sulphur is a carcinogen yes. Have fun! 

Crossing over into his predilection for firearms videos, fuckcomments expresses fear of lead on “Gamo Extreme“, a video showing  a high-powered air-rifle used to hunt game.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser630: and covered in lead? mmm cancer

YoutubeUser630 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: I spread lead on my toast

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply toYoutubeUser630: well if you hunt with lead bullets you are all getting cancer and your families that you feed the poison laced meat to. Use LEAD FREE BULLETS, hunters.. GOD DAMNIT! FOR GODS SAKE! That’s why they make them.

YoutubeUser630 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: People have hunted with lead bullets for hundreds of years. Many more have died from taking medicine than eating meat hunted with lead. Do me a favor and go read. Troll

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser630: oh really? is cancer not killing people like flies? Oh wait it is….can you tell me the main source of it all? Lead is a known carcinogen. If you put lead in your mouth everyday you are a retard that needs help with life. The End.

YoutubeUser630 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Lead is know to cause cancer in the state of california where you most likely live, then again so is water and soda…”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser630: no, warnings on everything lead state it will fuck up your reproductive organs and give you cancer. good luck!”

YoutubeUser630 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: You act as if lead is is some major epidemic. Lead has been around for thousands of years, and people have eaten animals hunted with it for almost as long. Im not suggesting you eat it as a snack but meat killed with a lead bullet is not deadly. If you have ever eaten a burger or steak from your local supermarket you have eaten a cow killed with a .22 made of lead. And yet here you are, living to make all these stupid comments and spread your bullshit all over the web.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser630: good luck!”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser630: Lead in cancerous. It leaves lead dust on everything it touches. Lead has caused many deaths over the years. It isn’t an epidemic because intelligent people do not put it in their mouth everyday, dumb people do, then they die. Good Luck.

A similar video, “GAMO SILENT CAT VERY ACCURACY OPEN SIGHTS”, receives similar comments:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: just a tip, lead pellets cause cancer, your friend keeps them in his mouth, this is a bad idea, always keep your lead pellets in the container and wash your hands before you spread any lead dust everywhere. But mainly dont put that fucking shit in your mouth . DOnt ya put it in your mouth. dont ya stuff it in your face, though it might look good to eat , no. wash hands, use hands. hands.

In “Targeted Individuals and MONARCH” a user claims to be under attack by radiation weapons. fuckcomments seems patronizing at first, but then appears sincere when he video’s host responds to him:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: just use tin foil and wrap your room in it, it will block the waves of electricity ;) no need to thank me. Dont tell them I told you!

YoutubeUser777 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: How WILL I know if you are one OF them or not?

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser777: you cant tell I guess. If you think electric weapons are attacking you, learn about electricity and energy waves, learn how to block them, create something to sit in that they cant shoot through. If you are east indian they may think you are just a terrorist.

Video Games

From the first hours after the Sandy Hook shooting, analysis of the shooter has been tied in with his supposed gaming history. The early search warrants reflect this in their mention of the “Call of Duty” franchise:


There is some confirmation that the user did indeed play Call of Duty. For instance, his comment on “My Top 5 Annoying Things about Call of Duty 4“:


Or on “TmarTn vs DrCoffeeMD” which is an instructional video on how to win online at the game “Call of Duty: Black Ops”:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: You are fucked.

fuckcomments 3 years ago: Id shoot someone with the single bullet who had more bullets.

The second comment addresses a hypothetical scenario that is presented in the second half of the video (starting at 4:21):

Narrator: I’m curious what your answer is to this scenario I’m about to unfold: you arrive at a facility and there are two rooms, labeled “A” and “B”. Now, if you choose room A you are required to stay there for 25 years and be constantly be monitored and watched by scientists, which you cannot see. Here you can have any items and food brought to you, however there are no electronics permitted whatsoever, and your only light source is the above-head fluorescent lighting, and you are in isolation from all human contact while you are in this room for the next 25 years. […] Across the hall, in Room B, there is just a revolver and a single bullet. You can imagine why these two items are there. No escape, either Room A or B. Which room do you pick, and why?

The scenario is oddly similar to Lanza’s life: a choice between an isolated existence or suicide. The likeness is compounded when we realize that “shooting someone who had more bullets” is roughly what he eventually chose to do, killing Nancy and then doing what he wanted with “her” guns before ending his own life.

The user comments on a clip of an arcade game “Chiller“, which is shown to be a primitively rendered – but extremely gruesome – shooting-gallery game, played in an arcade with dummy “light gun” rifles.


“did this game fuck you up as much as it did me?”

Another user remembers playing it as a child:

YoutubeUser432 5 years ago: I used to play this game at the arcade , its the only game that i found easy , i used to play it for hours with one quarter , mi trigger finger was so sore that i had to use a napkin on the trigger to pad it since the trigger was in metal , the max ammout of time i did with one quarter was 4and a half hour , i had to end the game because my hand was so sore . There was one guy who beat me at this game and he must have played for more hours because i was better than him in the bonus rounds .

fuckcomments 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser432: did this game fuck you up as much as it did me?”

The games that fuckcomments declares as his favorite, however, is  the “Hitman” series. On “Hitman 4 – Outtakes” he responds to another user’s comment:

YoutubeUser047 4 years ago: worst hitman ever XD

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser047: pfft I am addicted to hitman and play it every day number 4 is fucking amazing, oh god yes this game is so sexy.

YoutubeUser047 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: I didnt mean the game dude, In this video he shows what u do when u get bored. Hitman 4 is the best game ever made.”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser047: damn right!

The “Hitman” games rewards players for stealthily killing only a specific few targets, without being noticed by any of the innocent computer-controlled civilian characters that also populate a given game world, and especially without harming any innocent persons. However, since this is supposed to be a challenging goal to attain, it is possible to kill the innocent characters; fuckcomments boasts of intentionally doing so, and this being the “best” way to play the game. On “Blood Money – Mission 5 Silent Assassin Walkthru“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: I like to kill everyone, in every mission. Everybody, no witnesses. nothing. dead. except murder of the crows for obvious reasons, but the rest, I just kill everyone, and on professional difficulty, only n00bz play on any other difficulty then professional, don’t even talk about “playing this game” unless you are on the professional difficulty, otherwise you are just some n00b playing at a child’s level. I am a hitman master though, so don’t feel bad. Keep trying!

(“A Murder of Crows” is  a Hitman mission where “killing everyone” without notice is not feasible, since it takes place in a crowded Mardi Gras parade.)

This theme of turning precise, assassination-based games into wanton bloodbaths pops up again when the user comments on the game “JFK Reloaded” – a low-budget and very narrow “simulator” of the JFK assassination, played from the perspective of Lee Harvey Oswald. The entire game takes only about ninety seconds to complete, with the player trying to improve their accuracy (score) with every attempt. Like “Hitman”, this game allows the player to shoot innocent bystanders, if only so that the player can be penalized for doing so.

On “JFK Reloaded – Dal-Tex sniper hack, 702 score“the user is commenting on customized version of the game, which moved the sniper’s position to different building:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser167: Can you direct me to a virus free semi auto trainer?? :) I like this game I wish I could run around with a machine gun in it.

On “JFK Reloaded – 697/1000 (with replays from multiple angles)” he chides another user, responding to their comment which is no longer available:

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser963: History is gone, and is truly a disgusting past of horror and corruption.

Another First-Person Shooter (FPS) game that the user comments on is Postal 2, a controversial title that encourages indiscriminate violence in a modern-day setting. His comment on “POSTAL 2 Ultimate Gore and Blood Video!!!” is to endorse his favorite game, Hitman:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: if you like massacres get the game Hitman Blood Money, thats all the massacre yyou will ever need. :)

 In 2007, the game “Postal” was adapted into a film. In one scene, a gun battle erupts at a crowded festival, and several children are shot (this is presented as a comedic accident.) This exact clip was found by police on Lanza’s USB drive:


CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00194691

That film was made by an infamous German director, Uwe Boll. On the Columbine forum, Lanza displayed an appreciation for another of Boll’s films, Rampage, which portrayed two young men engaging in a mass shooting (the tagline of the film is “HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED IT?”)

Lanza provided a link to a scene from the film on December 14th, 2011 – one year before the Sandy Hook shooting – in the thread “You know what I’ve always wanted to do?”:


the first link leads to a scene from “Rampage” that has since been taken down for copyright violation. The second link is a scene from “Klass”

Uwe Boll rears his head again in another of fuckcomments’s Youtube stops, as he comments on “Amoklauf“, which is described by the uploader as “Uwe Bolls first and best movie.” The clip depicts a man in a park, firing a pistol indiscriminately at a crowd of people, eventually killing all of them. fuckcomments replies to another user:

YoutubeUser76: 6 years ago: wow that was sad. 5 stars.:)

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser76: sad? I thought it was fun!

World of Warcraft

We know that Adam Lanza played a great deal of the multiplayer RPG “World of Warcraft.” Search warrants shows that police sought and obtained records from Blizzard Entertainment (producers of World of Warcraft) for Lanza’s account, “Blarvink”:


CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00215694

On May 3rd 2011, writing as Blarvink on the website GameFAQs, Lanza posted a sort of review of World of Warcraft, noting the “hundreds of hours” he had spent playing it and interacting with other users:

Even though I sporadically played World of Warcraft for over five years, I never managed to reach level 60 on any of my characters because I was inordinately bored by the way it
was primarily meant to be played. However, I played it often because I greatly enjoyed the game’s atmosphere. In addition to its endearing graphics, I liked how you could go
anywhere you wanted to at any level, and you could appreciate the design of the environments in the way you wanted. I’m irritated by the types of games which have ostensibly
interesting environments, but lock you in them as if to say, “You’re going to ‘explore’ this and appreciate it, and then you can teleport to another constricted area and ‘explore’ that”.
World of Warcraft had an enormous contiguous world which you could explore without any explicit restrictions. The zones were all interestingly unique in their own ways and
weren’t homogeneous like the cities in the Grand Theft Autos games. Beyond only the intended areas, there were dozens of hidden places ranging from ones like this:

(Youtube clip of World of Warcraft)
to this,
(Youtube clip of World of Warcraft)
to this.
(Youtube clip of World of Warcraft)

A game like Minecraft might be recommended, but that feels unbearably and depressingly empty to me. The environment itself wasn’t the only aspect I enjoyed about World of
Warcraft’s atmosphere: I also liked how the world was filled with outposts, towns, and cities which had many non-playable characters you could talk to.

In addition to them, I enjoyed being able to interact with other players in-character. One of my favorite things to do was to roleplay, for which I had dozens of different characters.
One of my characters was played for over a couple hundred hours without ever even reaching Level 10 because I just roleplayed in Stormwind City.

Whenever fuckcomments posts to videos of World of Warcraft, he is hostile against the game, but his familiarity with it betrays that he has played it a great deal. On “WoW Server Crash with Style!” his criticisms are with the other players introducing “bots” (computer-controlled players) into the game:

fuckcomments 5 years ago: ok…I could maybe see the craze if there were 2 human controlled armies always battling eachother…but all human vs cpu? haha you guys pay money for this? HAHAHAHAHA

YoutubeUser487 5 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: its not all human vs cpu you fucktard there is also pvp = player versus player

fuckcomments 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser487 : haha you callin me a fucktard you little wow playing faggot? go play gay wow ALONE. haha. fuckin n00bz

Another clip, “WoW freakout skweef” shows four young men at a table, all playing World of Warcraft. One is angry about something that happened in the game, and the others find it amusing.

fuckcomments 5 years ago: dont trust these fags

The clip “WoW Meltdown” portrays the comically exaggerated response of a  teenager who supposedly had his World of Warcraft account/character erased by his parents. fuckcomments’s posts again show a distrust of the other players, an attitude that extends to the internet in general (and a theme that will become familiar):

fuckcomments 5 years ago: Ok my kids are never playing WOW. Diablo and diablo 2 are ok….but WOW…no..never, Warcraft 1 and 2 yes…WOW no. This is what happens to people when you take away realistic violence and give them kiddy sparkly mystical gay shit with a buncha fags yelling gay shit over the microphone to eachother. To be honest keep your kids off the internet altogether. you want your 10 year old son talking to 40 year old weirdos on a game? are you fucked? dumb parents, keep your kids offline, its x rated

fuckcomments 5 years ago: it will fuck up your kids big time. even youtube comments they are sometimes so disgusting and XXX rated you let your kids on youtube? maybe the videos are decent but the comments people leave SURE THE FUCK ARENT! Every vile created word can be read just in the unrated comments left here, you parents are so dumb it makes me sick. wake the fuck up.

Given the content of the comments that we’ve already reviewed from this user (not to mention the username) this may seem like a bizarrely hypocritical complaint. However it does serve to establish, all by itself, that this user’s views are inconsistent over time, and with his own professed values.

4chan and “pedobear”

One of the more puzzling aspects of fuckcomments’s activity is his seemingly inexplicable but very devout hatred for the notorious image-board forum “4chan.” On the song “Genesis 12a” by the band cKy, this hostility surfaces when he identifies another commenter as a possible 4chan user:

YoutubeUser325 5 years ago: p2p is for fucking assholes. Seriously, lets go fuck over bands,film makers, and software coders who actually have a job and can afford to buy thing

YoutubeUser325 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser052:
you fucked it up. it’s N3w/B/

fuckcomments 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser325:
/b/ is faggot territory. its n00b, newb, nub, noob, noobx0rz and nothing else. This shit is fucking 11 years old what are you bitching about? CKY is already fucking living comfortable. Stop hanging on Fagchan and shut the fuck up. We will download illegally and you can surf your pedophile/gay chan boards. shut the fuck up.

YoutubeUser325 5 years ago in reply to fuckcomments
@fuckcomments CKY isn’t living THAT comfortable. Deron has kids already, and I’m pretty sure he only has 500,000 to 1 mill. That’s not really that much to live off of for a lifetime. Chad probably spent most of his money on his studio. I’m not a /b/ tard btw, you fucking faggot.

fuckcomments 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser325
haha look how dumb you are you don’t even know these people or their lives you are assuming everything you just said. Haha and you say Deron has kids like that is a burden, yep you must be the faggot. you are. 500000 – 1 mill hahaha you are such a dumb little bitch go suck your dads dick again.

fuckcomments strikes a similar chord on “YouTube is blocking nearly all anti-Scientology content” but takes it much further. This video concerns protests by the group “Anonymous” against Scientology, and fuckcomments lumps Anonymous in with 4chan during his rant (I do not know if blurring the distinction between these groups is accurate or accepted by either one):

fuckcomments 4 years ago: haha you anon fags need to shut the fuck up, scientology is retarded and anonymous is even more retarded…all this energy in……saving….”lost fortunes, parents missing their adult children” blah blah you fuckin morons need to shut up. what a bunch of pussies, why dont you guys pick on fucking handicapped people next? What a waste. ohh the poor paranoid schizos..you fuckin retard. Take all that anon shit and go kill pedophiles that would HELP THE WORLD otherwise, fuck you all

YoutubeUser975 4 years ago: what kind of fucking “religion” charges people money as an official policy

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser975: what kind of religion slaughtered millions of humans oh yea, christian religion. all religions are fucking retarded for dumbfucks. Christianity is a million times more fucking stupid than scientology is, aliens creating us is more probable than some magical fucking nothing in the sky. they are both fucking retarded. FUCK! PUT ALL THIS ENERGY INTO HATING SOMETHING WORTHWHILE WHAT THE FUCK YOU IDIOTS

fuckcomments 4 years ago P.S. I hate all religions and anyone that singles out 1 religion to attack. ALL religions are shit. And you anon fucks from 4chan you people are no better than these people, I know that for fucking sure, you people are shit, I am shit, but you are shit for damn sure, and those people wanting to believe in scientology have every right to do so if you fuckin retarded christians looked at your own bloodthirsty killer god you would see scientology is better . fuckin sick fucks. stupid fucks.

fuckcomments 4 years ago and look at the websites you visit, the pictures you look at, you are worse than some scientology moron trying to find self worth in their life. YOU ARE WORSE. YOU ARE SHIT. STOP TRYING TO PROTEST THINGS THAT ARE BETTER THAN YOU….oh is studying scientology worse then studying 4chan? NO. HAHA only a fool would believe that, 4chan is the shithole of the retard world. You people are so deluded and fucked in the head that you think you deserve the right to protest something?

YoutubeUser332 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Everyone has the right to protest, you are a slave if you say otherwise.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser332: nobody from 4chan has the right to do anything except die horribly.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser332: have you been to 4chan its a kiddy porn fuckin gaylord hangout of queer fuckwads, who are they to protest anything? They should be protesting themselves, god the fools. You are all singling out 1 religion (when they are all retarded and wrong, and bad.) What are you people fucking borderline retarded? Oh look the Pedophile/Tranny/Kiddy porn watching fags are here with their signs. You guys are lucky you haven’t been shot, 4chan is evil shit, you guys be careful. how pathetic.

fuckcomments 4 years ago: to all scientologists, I urge you to go to 4chan and see who is protesting you, it may give you more aggression to smash those fucking kiddy porn watching faggots out the next time they try to protest you. I would. Just amass a group of people wearing anon masks then take 2×4 signs into the middle of their “”demonstration”” then fucking start using your 2×4 signs to smash them all then run away. Repeat. I have no sympathy for anyone who uses that site or supports it’s ways. Die all of you!

fuckcomments 4 years ago: and fuck scientology you are retarded to you fuck. fuck all relgions. fuck all organized groups. You are all fucking retards that need to die.”

fuckcomments 4 years ago: if anything a war on 4chan is needed. a war on many internet shitholes is needed. But you know, non of you actually care about anything you are just blind zombies protesting blind zombies….HA HA. what fools. go back to your pedophile pics you 4chan fucktards, you might as well shoot yourselves.

YoutubeUser332 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: so you want to organize a group against 4chan

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser332: no FUCK EVERYONE HOW THE FUCK CAN THIS SHIT EVEN BE HAPPENING IT IS BEYOND ILLOGICAL!!! “

YoutubeUser332 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: you sure cuz it sounds like it. not calling you a hypocrate (cant spell sry) but your heading down that road

YoutubeUser975 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Everyone has the right to protest, everyone has the right to say whatever they want, it is what George Washington fought for: “It is not only the people’s right, but their duty”, And you do not realise how funny you are, this is what you do before going back to 4chan for your daily masturbation session and fapping furiously at the site of gore or scat.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser975: no, that is you. If there was a building in which 4chan originated from, I would blow it up with a bomb. /b/ is a bunch of faggots. I cannot even believe they open their mouths to protest anything. I do love gore sites, like [gore website], i love the killing, the violence, chaos. I do not however fap to it haha. I mean cmon, you see the irony here? A pedophilic site protesting a retarded religion? Are they playing a game of who is dumber? who is sicker? 4Chan wins by a long shot.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser975: and fuck george washington that slave driver 

YoutubeUser975 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Wow, you sick bastard, you admit you love killing, you admit you would blow a building with a bomb which makes you a killer, a terrorist, Here is a game of who is sicker: A terrorist or a pedophile? I do see the irony here, 4chan, an anarchist website protested against Scientology for censoring the internet and freedom of speech for that matter, and you, you love killing and murder and gore and you are against people who were protesting against censorship.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser975: :) Yea nothing seems more awesome than bullet sprays and bodies dropping, add some death metal music and fuck yea. So as you can tell I don’t really give a fuck, but I am just saying. 4chan and scientology are both retards and should both shut the fuck up or start fighting like men cause this is some fucked up shit that makes no sense. Yea if there was a building where the internet was all stored(i know there is no place where the entire nets stored) if there was, ID TAKE IT DOWN.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser975: There is no such thing as censorship..there is such thing as doing something wrong though, like putting pictures of naked children online(like at 4chan), where that’s all they do. A place like that deserves noo support, is it censorship to take out 4chan with C4? Probably not, its probably a sacrifice for the greater good though. My interest in gore and killing is irrelevant because I don’t kill people hah. I am just saying, people like that deserve to die.pedos = die = good.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser975: scientology = paying money to make yourself feel better because you have problems and normal religions and life don’t make you happy.cult like, but compared to other cults, a very innocent one. one based on money and greed. adults can do what they want man, 4chan is protesting adults who obviously have problems and have nothing to turn to but some goofy ass religion. Who cares. let them. 4chan is way worse, if i was a scientologist and 4chan protested me id fucking spray hot lead at them.

fuckcomments 4 years ago: or id toss a fuckin pipe bomb at them or some shit, get the fuck outta here you dumb shit pedo fag. Go back to 4chan and look at trannys, naked children, pedophile shit, pedo jokes, faggots, yea right if you were protesting me Id make a propane bomb and leave it in the middle of your fucking sick perverted group. you fucks need to look in the mirror at yourself before you fucking go outside to tell others what to do you fucks.

YoutubeUser975 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Humans are bad at choosing who deserves to die, like you for example, 4chan isn’t full of pedos, the reason pedos go there is because they think that they can abuse the anarchy to post whatever they want, but they can’t because posting child porn on 4ch gets you a perma-ban.

YoutubeUser975 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: The people who go to 4chan aren’t horrible people, everyone is a horrible person (see, you actually admitted it to me by saying you like gore, well done), it’s just on 4chan you can reveal true human nature without being punished, You might see it as censorship to blow up 4chan, which is somewhat understandable, but if Scientology tries to control the internet by bribing Google Ads and sending copyright notices to all their enemies (not necessarily 4chan) then that sucks.

YoutubeUser975 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Fuck, it’s pointless arguing with you, You are against things which are a mystery to you, you don’t know what Scientology is, you don’t know what 4chan is, hell, even I don’t know what Scientology is but at least I don’t hate it solely because it is a religion, in fact, I don’t really hate Scientology, they can do whatever they like as long as they don’t censor the internet, That’s all I’m going to say because I am tired of arguing with unintelligent people.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser975: Yea i have been to 4chan, yea I know what scientology is. Who cares. They are both cults of retarded people. A cult protesting a cult. and 4chan is WAYY worse than scientology, I know what they each are and I know 4chan is far worse and mentally dangerous than scientology. So fuck you 4chan and scientology, and I urge any scientologists to attack, maim, smash any demonstrators from 4chan to pieces. They deserve it. Scientology doesn’t post pics of naked children in its religion.

fuckcomments 4 years ago: and if you are a part of 4chan it means you support that sick fuckin shit and you deserve to die. A shot to the head would be good. I hope scientologists open fire with guns next time you pedofaggots try to “protest” I fucking seriously do, I hope they kill a whole group of you stupid fuckin pedophile gaylords. Now that would be killin for the future cause! Kill em all!

Meanwhile, it should be noted, this is the same person that played under the username “pedobear” in online games (covered here) and had a text document titled “pbear” on his hard drive:


CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00194691


CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00194691

“Pedobear” is an internet meme, essentially a joke that a cartoon bear is actually a pedophile (explained on wikipedia here.) The meme originated from a now-familiar website: 4chan.

However, fuckcomments’s alleged fantasies of shooting pedophiles transcends the topic of 4chan, showing up as it does in his firearms-video habits. On “Shot Gun In UltraSlo slow motion HQ” he replies to another user who is critical of gun control policies:

YoutubeUser012 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser320: idiotic. “stronger gun control”. Has it worked on cocaine, heroin, roofies? All ‘controlled substances’. This is human beings we’re talking about. wherever something is wanted, someone will sell it. Controls don’t stop it, only ‘control’ it. The more severe the penalty for being caught, the higher price the smuggler charges. And ‘bringing weapons into society’ is deliberately ambiguous. Should cops have weapons? why? get real.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser012: well when the revolution begins and all the people that hate society so much grab their guns and start killing rapist and pedophiles and drug dealers then the world will be a better place! I cant wait to get my kills! Ill make sure they are sickos dont worry ;) !

Seemingly wherever Adam Lanza goes to interact online, there is a trail of disturbed comments from other users indicating that he expressed pedophilic tendencies. With the contribution from Lanza almost always having been deleted shortly after it was posted, we are left only what happened afterward to indicate what was said. On the Columbine forum as Smiggles:



(presumably a sarcastic statement)

On the mg14c forum as Kaynbred (clan members usually shortened it to “Kayn”):


And now, on Youtube, on the video “why you need a Wii and Wii Fit“, a video showing a young woman playing an exercise-based video game, the uploader responds to a comment (or several, apparently) left by fuckcomments, but long gone:


At the same time, for all his homophobic bluster and calling others “fags” on hundreds of videos, there are signs that this is just a facade that fuckcomments puts on. On “When I Knew I was Gay/Coming Out etc.” (note: the cached page for this comment is already gone):

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser034: When a boy is gay towards straight people the mental effects are damaging for everyone.

And back on the video “Kimveer Gill- Documentary” he criticizes another commenter for using anti-gay slurs:

YoutubeUser222 4 years ago: 4:29 LOL faggot.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser222: Yea those comments really help in preventing these things from happening again. You are probably one of the fuckers that push people to do this shit by calling them faggots all day. 

 The Internet and Mental Illness

fuckcomments, in the above sections, declared that the internet in general is inappropriate and mentally damaging. He also proudly boasted of visiting gore websites. He expands on these topics in other videos, many of which are dedicated to the subject of mass shooters.

On ““Allahu Akbar” heard on Video Inside Trolley Square” he provides an inaccurate – but very telling – explanation of the shooter’s motives in a 2007 Salt Lake City mall shooting:

fuckcomments 5 years ago: allah ackbar is commonly shouted in the majority of videos that exist online that show ACTUAL MURDER. These massacre killers watch a lot of REAL GORE. In the videos they have so obsessed over. This has nothing to do with terrorism this is one kids last sad effort to feel powerful with suicide intended at the end. He watched to much mass murderer videos and research, he watched to much real gore and murder videos. He warped his own mind. HE WAS FUCKED. The End.

There is no indication at all that the Trolley Square,  Sulejman Talović, ever watched gore videos online. In fact, the Salt Lake City Police Department’s official summary of the investigation into the Trolley Square shooting specifically notes that “the Talovic family did not have a game system or computer in their home. (pg 10)” The assumption by fuckcomments that the internet had “warped” a shooter’s mind through gore videos obviously comes from somewhere else.

On the clip “The end of the Internet!“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: kids shouldn’t even be allowed to use the internet for 5 seconds. any other view than that is the view of a damn fool moron.

YoutubeUser003 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Everyone has the right to use the internet you anti freedom scum bag. You are anti freedom if you think this, so it makes you the fool.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser003: you are a damn noob, I’ve been using the internet for 15 years…. it is not for children. freedom? Children do not deserve to have the net in their face they will see fucked up shit without even searching for it….you must be new.

YoutubeUser003 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Are you seriously that fuckin moronic, i discovered porn when i was about 11 and i am the same person as i always will be. If you think porn makes a person bad you are a fucking idiot. It is natural that most young boys in this country discover adult material. like it or not they have to learn about these things sometime and you can’t stop a boys curiosity they will find it. So let them experiment, it’s important that they learn at an early age like i did.

fuckcomments 4 years ago: The internet is not a tool to replace encyclopedias or valid information written by professionals. It isn’t a “”hangout”” place for kids. It isn’t a replacement for buying a game console. It is a sloppy mess of information that is only slightly true half the time or completely wrong...it is porno, rude little shit heads, fuck heads, whores, sluts, violence, videos that demean humans, gore, beast——, vulgar animations, perverse content, what in the fuck are you talking about man?

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser003: no one even has “”the right”” to use the internet. it is a service and the people running that service can shut it off whenever they want, they won’t because it makes them money. Freeeeeedooommmm!! haha bullshit man, no one has the right. Children should not have use of the internet, it is rated ADULT XXX 18+ for sure. Go ahead though, let your children use the internet. See how FUCKED they become haha. ;)

The video “Fuck [gore website that SandyHookLighthouse prefers not to name]” features a man screaming into his webcam, angry at the users who visit a gore website. Fuckcomments identifies himself as one of those users:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: HAHa fuck you from [gore website]. Yea we are deranged, but you jerk off to gay rape porn. I think we are a bit more sane.

On “The Unseen Gulf War“, which is a video purporting to show “the never-seen Images from the Massacre of Iraqi Army and Civilians in 1991 during the Gulf War” he argues with another viewer:

YoutubeUser552 5 years ago: all i see r dead soldiers !!!!!!!!!! so where r the civillians ???? or r they civiliians going to a costume party and were killed by mistake ?? i dont get it or maybe u dont understand what war is”

fuckcomments 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser552: that highway is riddled with civilian corpses. The Iraqi army was using them as cover. Just because the only images that were taken were those of soldiers means they just neglected to film the dead civilians, which is what invaders do in a war, hide the truth. I dont think you understand what war is.

YoutubeUser552 5 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: listen kid i lived that war so stop talking shit and go watch cartoons cause these pics are too strong 4 u and by the way u think these r civillians go check ur sources kid cause half of the iraqi secret police was inside kuwait so stop talking shit and these bastards got what they were asking for so if u feel sad 4 them u should also feel sad for all those alqaida and taliban boys cause they were civillian cloths and stop acting like a general cause the only type of war you have seen is GI JOE

fuckcomments 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser552: nope ive seen real war. i know the score pal. peoples heads getting blown off and all. there is always civilian death in these situations, to outright deny it shows strongly that you are wrong.

On “Muammar Gaddafi Libyan leader Libya dead- 1 minute video” the user goes into more detail on this subject, and again returns to his fixation on children; this time, the other user’s comments are gone, but the context is clear:

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser056: War is war, of all the people shot and killed, many children were lost. Think of them if anything. To be honest, no country should fight a war just because they are unhappy with the current situation, are your kids dead? No. Is your family being killed? No. Then do not protest. Accept things as they are. Because if you do, you can start a war, and it will just be innocent kids being killed on a quest for some sad old man.. It is more worth it to endure the dictators bullshit than lose your kids.

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser056: Shut the fuck up no, I saw the crowds in the protests, they were completely unarmed. I have an account on [gore website]  forum so I see all the videos you don’t. Gaddafi opened fire on civilians in the streets with no weapons. Until eventually they stole enough weapons to start raiding, then I relayed them information on making certain bombs, and certain tactics to read up on. They are not al queda. I just hope they can create a stable government out of all of this. Gaddafi was bad.

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser056: No. The protesters were unarmed. Not until they were attacked did they begin attacking back, stealing guns. Gaddafi was killing his own army soldiers that were refusing to fire on civilians! He deserved to die in the end, it is sad, but true..”

fuckcomments 3 years ago: His mistake was panicking and attacking the protesting crowds using a mercenary battle force. What he should have done was show an outword show of love and appreciation regardless of their protesting, he was not, his pride as king was damaged and he chose to instead KILL them and show them he is leader and do not mess with him. In this world that does not work, people are not afraid like you think. Gaddafi was rightfully killed he made a bad decision that cost others their lives.

The user’s claim that they “relayed [the Libyan revolutionaries] information on making certain bombs, and certain tactics to read up on” is apparently a reference to his comment activity on Youtube, and is thus clearly delusional. These comments were left on other videos covering the Libyan revolution of 2011, and fuckcomments had been posting these comments in the weeks leading up to Gaddafi’s death, which the above video announces. For instance, on “[SAVE-LIBYA] Severely Injured Man Hired By Gaddafi“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to SaveLibya: Start getting your engineers together to create a bombing scheme. Use Ammonium nitrate fuel mixture type explosives covered in shrapnel, put these in cars and in the roads, buried. when tanks drive over the bomb, blow it up. Take guerilla war tactics from old wars. You must remember that any attack will warrant a call for air support, always attack from a good position with good cover, and remember to flee the area after because air strikes will be inbound.”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to SaveLibya: Get your men automatic firearms, RPGs, grenades, bombs. Use strategy and planning to destroy the enemy, remember, they are on the attack, so you can lure them into bombing traps, you can lure them into ambushes from above, you can lure them into minefields. Bombs bombs bombs, USE THEM. Blow those fuckers balls off. RPG the vehicles and fire at the infantry with automatic fire. Create smoke screen grenades that can block your position from the enemy above, use ammonium nitrate.

This is probably Lanza trying to validate all of the mental preparations he had wasted in preparing to be an elite military commando, or even a sign that he was constructing a reality in which he really was one, structured around the then-ongoing conflict in Libya (he commented on many more videos covering Libya and Gaddafi, with similar statements.)

There are at least two other instances where fuckcomments fantasizes about conducting warfare in real life, through his computer. On “Fast walking humanoid robot“, which shows an operational robot as described in the title:

fuckcomments 5 years ago: attach a machine gun and a camera I wanna play Iraq War 2015 online, “control a robot of your choice! Destroy the taliban from your home computer! Pwn those n00bz like never before!

and on “Battle of Khafji 1991” (note: here he is responding to the same user as he did on “The Unseen Gulf War”, so presumably he followed that user from one video to the other):

YoutubeUser552 5 years ago: war now is fought with technology and EW and iran dont have shit they go numbers but no technology and saudi arabia can totally rape iran

fuckcomments 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser552: no technologies!! haha shut up every country has technology. the only that don’t are poor countries. which are obviously easy to kill and invade. With a laptop and a satellite signal I could create a missile that I could control from my room with the laptop and fly it anywhere as far as the fuel would take me. IF you think a country with billions of dollars cannot achieve the same goal you are so dumb. Iran will kill many.”

Sympathy for Shooters

fuckcomments displays a viewpoint that is conspicuously sympathetic to mass shooters and other notorious killers. On “Virginia Tech Shooting – All 32 Victims Tribute“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: The loss here is immense and enormous. This is the effect of not bullying but of the isolation of a mentally disturbed individual, not only by circumstances but people in the end went out of their way to say they didnt want Cho in their class and to remove him from the class, which they did. If you look you can see the reason why Cho felt so alone and isolated, as for his mental illness, the cause is not known, he was most likely abused in some manner. mental illness, not bullying

On “Blazak Mayhem Tour 3 – Thurston High Shooting“, in which an uploader is shown visiting the site of Kip Kinkel’s school shooting (note: no cache available):

fuckcomments 3 years ago: I know what makes every school shooter tick ;)”

On “RABIN ASSASSINATION” which shows the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: Mental illness, justified murder for personal motives justified by deluded thinking.

On “Dave Cullen, author of COLUMBINE, on writing“, fuckcomments directly addresses the author of the book COLUMBINE. (note: this comment was erased at some point before the fuckcomments account itself was removed by Youtube last week):

fuckcomments 3 years ago: You are a good story teller but some things are incorrect in your book, which is ok but alarming in a way. The killers profile is incorrect but it is? understandable. Eric Harris the mastermind? Hah!

The clip “2011 01 25 10 31 05 100” is named as just a date stamp, but the video shows news coverage of a gun control debate, weeks after the mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona. The writings from fuckcomments in this instance are particularly noteworthy:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: Dylan, Eric, Seung Hui Cho, Kimveer Gill,……They all told their psychiatrists they had fantasies of using a gun to massacre people. They were all allowed to buy guns after. They weren’t “under the radar.” They should have been banned from buying guns after that visit to the doctor. 

This is a completely inaccurate description of each of the school shooters mentioned.  [EDIT 05/18/2015: I was wrong on this point; it turns out that Eric Harris had indicated on his intake form for a diversion program (after he was caught burglarizing a van) that he did have “homicidal thoughts.” He acquired all of his guns illegally, and so here Lanza is not incorrect, just irrelevant to the issue of firearms availability. Seung-Hui Cho, also, apparently did indicate to a mental health professional that he experienced homicidal thoughts. He was in 8th grade at the time, and was displaying an appreciation for the Columbine shootings that happened in April of the same year, and the result was that his therapist was notified of Cho having homicidal thoughts. He did legally purchase firearms, years after this. Dylan Klebold, as far as I can find, never told a mental health professional of experiencing homicidal ideation, but like Harris, he got his guns illegally anyway. Kimveer Gill legally obtained his guns, and never saw a therapist at all as far as I can tell.]

It’s possible that his perception of how much a murderer, himself included, tells their doctor about their plans had become distorted. If so, it’s telling that this defect is actually beneficial to Lanza’s view, in that shifts a significant portion of blame away from a given shooter and onto their doctor.

On “Going Back To Norris Hall (CBS News)”, Norris Hall being the site on the Virginia Tech campus where the majority of the 2007 shooting spree took place:

YoutubeUser004 5 years ago: why do people keep saying that? having someone not be nice to you doesnt warrant killing 32 people! People can be mean, but noone deserves to be murdered.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser004: this is the result of 23 years of neglect. Cho never had a close family life, and he had a disability. His family treated him distant because his disability made him quiet and distant. Over time he was pushed away from society and into his own little reality(in his own reality he was a killer who you shouldnt fuck with). Near the end all the pressure from people calling the police on him for trying to talk to girls and people sort of realizing he is fucked and avoiding him set him off.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser004: Mental Harassment leads to mental disorders, which leads to killing and lots of horrible things. So yes, being mean to people will cause murders. Have fun.

On “Aussie 9/11 “Port Arthur Massacre” by Andrew MacGregor – Part 1” which covers a mass killing that took place in Australia, committed by Martin Bryant:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: martin bryant did it. you know why? cause its fun.

On “Student Reaction to Davidson Shooting“:

YoutubeUser545 4 years ago: and everyone else who wants to be racist who the fuck r u we r all the same we r gods creation who the fuck r u to say something like that

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser545: Don’t use that childish “we are all gods creation” bullshit. We should be nice to each other just because it is safer for everyone. if you pick on people they will come find you again. They will come find YOU. Fuck GOD he isnt even real, you gotta stop trying to use his name to try and unite people, did you read the bible? God is a murderous psycho killer tyrant in that book what the fuck are you preaching god for? Someone should just NUKE this world and start over.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser545: obviously he came in to kill people and couldn’t go through with it. he went there to kill people. who knows why he chose not to. bottom line, he would have fucking blown your head off if he went through with it, so keep defending him.

On Pattern in Young School Shootings:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: Homicidal humans trying to fit in desperately with normal humans + Bullies = dead people.

On “BBC NEWS on Jokela High School Massacre“, fuckcomments presents an argument that is very reminiscent of the theories presented in the film Bullet Time before defending school shooters in general. Note that this school shooting, which occurred in Finland, took place during the production of Bullet Time, and news clips covering it are shown and discussed by the fictional shooters in the film:

YoutubeUser871 4 years ago: How is the US responsible for this?

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser871: Columbine is a crime that creates new crimes called the Copycat effect. So everyone blames the USA for that event which is causing new events that mimic it. Columbine seems to have a profound effect on the mentally ill.

YoutubeUser871 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Yeah I understand the copycat effect but in the end the person that commits the crime is the one that should be help responsible. You can those who originally commited a crime can be held responsible also but not the whole country

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser871: Haha, and thus is the reason school shooters exist. Society as a whole must accept the blame of creating “”monsters”” like this. The school shooter is made in some way by those around him. Bullying and isolation seem to drive the shooters mad. If Pekka and Eric Harris were never bullied, I seriously doubt they would be dead right now. Thus this allows people to blame your entire organization. These shooters are of great intelligence they operate with REVENGE on their minds

He returns to this theory on another another clip related to a school shooting overseas, “Amoklauf von Winnenden“,  and expands on the theory in a unique way:

fuckcomments 4 years ago. The internet allows American culture to infiltrate and poison your countries. Welcome to your school shooter age…just when I thought ours was ending it erupts in a firestorm of death, and there are more coming, so be prepared.

This sentiment matches Bullet Time‘s theme of mass shooters, as a phenomenon, migrating overseas. However the significance of posts such as this is not only that similarity, but that it’s also entirely consistent with Lanza’s theory of mass shooters from the Columbine forum, in which he invoked the “operation history” aspect from the film, but also argued that it would be necessary to look overseas to identify the statistical “peak” of mass shootings. This was in what we could call his “farewell” post to the Columbine forum, his final post before leaving forever in February of 2012, less than a year before the Sandy Hook shooting:


That is not an argument from Bullet Time. This is Adam Lanza’s own spin on this very specific information, and here we see it pop up in fuckcomments’ writing on the same subject.

Also on the Columbine forum, when he was ascribing mass-shooter traits to animals who went on rampages, Lanza commented about an elephant name “Tyke” that broke loose from a circus in Honolulu in 1994, and went on a rampage before being shot by police. The terminology that Lanza uses in this brief post is a reference to the Columbine killers declaring that they were going to “kick-start a revolution.”


fuckcomments left this comment on “Video from inside Jokela High School“, showing the aftermath of the school shooting:


Part III: Smokescreens

Writing as “fuckcomments”, the Sandy Hook shooter did take basic steps to conceal his real identity as a teenage recluse in Connecticut: on Youtube, he was a 23-year-old Canadian man, and generally stuck to this bit of role-playing. However effective this tactic was (or is), once one takes into account all of the user’s writings and activity, this fake identity quickly falls apart.

Canadian citizenship

When viewing the profile of fuckcomments, the user’s location is listed as “Canada.”



since this is a snapshot of the page at a specific time, the “latest activity” date does not reflect the actual final post from this user

However, this is just a option selected from a pull-down menu when the user sets up the account. They could have chosen any country they liked, and it would have no bearing on reality.

Note the creation date of “Dec 16 2009″ – this is about four months after the English-subtitled version of Bullet Time was posted to youtube, and just weeks before the “Smiggles” profile was registered at the Columbine forum (Dec 30 2009).

At the very beginning of this story (Part I) we looked at a scene from Bullet Time that Lanza had linked to on the Columbine forum, introduced into a conversation to show the perils of revealing one’s true identity when discussing school shootings. In a later scene, the duo returns to this subject, advising their audience how to conduct themselves online (this is from part 7 of the film, and can be seen here):

First of all… you are not yourselves. This is the Internet. Anonymity reigns, so log yourselves through a proxy, install a firewall, and create a new persona for yourselves.

If you’re, like us, from Poland, then starting today, your name is Ngama K’gulu…You’re from Mozambique. You’re… A good number would be 16 years and you’re a woman.

Rest assured, I do not mean for this to stand as carte blanche in this analysis, i.e. “everything that fits my case is real, and everything that doesn’t is fake.” Still, it’s important to point out, because this is a film that Lanza closely studied: it means that there is no realistic scenario in which Adam Lanza was going to accurately portray himself online. It’s always going to be either vague or misleading, and so a closer look is always necessary.

How convincing, then, is fuckcomments’s performance as a supposed Canadian?

Not at all. In fact he seems barely interested in propping up this identity. He does make several comments in which he mentions living in Canada, always drawing conspicuous attention to this detail whenever he brings it up. For instance, on the “Kimveer Gill- Documentary” clip cited previously, he adds this comment:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to ferdin12: haha.. in canada, assault rifles and large capacity clips have special laws, it isnt like the USA, the USA seems like a gun toting action movie where grandma is packing a .44 magnum…HAHA that concept is completely laughable in canada as only gun nuts like me own guns and normal everyday people dont even THINK of owning a gun usually. Sometimes. But it would be for hunting. Kimveer had 10-shot clips, he unloaded at least 2 of them and then shot himself in the head, the cops were fast.

No actual understanding of Canadian firearms laws is demonstrated here, only a weak toss-aside mention of unspecified “special laws” before immediately switching back to a USA-based viewpoint. Furthermore, it is not at all accurate to say that “normal everyday people dont even THINK of owning a gun usually” in Canada — gun violence is relatively rare in Canada, not guns themselves.

On Steel Plate Body Armor & Plate Carrier:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: The real question is can a canadian pay for them?”

Again, this comment displays an ignorance of Canadian laws, rather than expertise. There is not a hint of genuine experience shown.

One of the recurring subjects of interest for fuckcomments is the animated television show “Undergrads.” He comments on several different Youtube videos concerning this show, but only on one, “HD Undergrads Voice Recordings” does he claim that he watched it in Canada:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: I used to sit on my computer all night with Teletoon on my TV, Undergrads would replay the same episode 3-4 times a night so I would literally sit there and glance over to see it playing all night long. Stuck in my head. Especially the music.

The television show “Undergrads” was indeed broadcast on the Canadian channel Teletoon. This fact is in the first paragraph of the wikipedia article for the show. However, it was produced by MTV/Viacom, originally broadcast in the United States, on MTV, and is thus was every bit as watchable in the United States as it was in Canada. Canada has its own television programming, of course, and clips from those shows are on Youtube. How many did fuckcomments post on? Zero.

On a video for a Nintendo game, “Astyanax (NES) Playthrough [1 of 3]“, the user complains about rates for shipping ebay purchases to Canada:

YoutubeUser315 3 years ago: Just bought this on EBay for $1.42, can’t wait to try it.

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser315: $1.42 + $30 shipping?

YoutubeUser315 3 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: No, lol. $2.99 shipping. I know what you are talking about though.

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser315: haha yea I live in Canada and the shipping is always something insane. If it says Free shipping it is usually just for the states, there is nothing good on ebay.ca….

At no point does fuckcomments ever mention a city in Canada, or even a province. But more than that, fuckcomments already explained elsewhere how he was playing NES games (not SNES or N64 games, which is covered later), and it did not involve any shipping costs at all. On the clip “Ninja Gaiden II (NES) – Act 1“:

YoutubeUser053 6 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser111: man I’m 21 one too, and everything you just said applies. I remember I could never get past the 2nd boss, so the 1st was always my favorite level. Thank god for the Wii shopping, cause I finally beat this monster of a game!!

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser053: @LtSarge or you could download all 700+ NES ROMs completely free from the internet. or you know, buy them all on some pretend virtual shop.

Here, fuckcomments is advocating online piracy, just as he did when ranting on the cKy video earlier (“We will download illegally and you can surf your pedophile/gay chan boards. shut the fuck up..”) The 700 “ROMs” refers to the the roughly 700 NES games released, downloaded in the form of Read-Only-Memory image files (essentially, digital versions of the information originally stored on a game cartridge.) However, these ROMs are only the games, and one still would need an Emulator to play them: a computer program that functions as a digital version of the game console the cartridges were built for.

One common NES emulator is “Nestopia.” This program was found on the USB drive in Adam Lanza’s closet:


CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00194691

Also, note that the Grand Theft Auto directory ending in “FULLRIP-KaOs” shows that it is indeed a pirated copy of the game (KaOs being a piracy group, and FULLRIP indicating that it is a “full rip” of the game disc.)

On another note, recall the comment posted to “Amoklauf von Winnenden” near the end of Part II, above:

fuckcomments 4 years ago. The internet allows American culture to infiltrate and poison your countries. Welcome to your school shooter age…just when I thought ours was ending it erupts in a firestorm of death, and there are more coming, so be prepared.

Perhaps we could be very generous and write off “American culture” as referring to the continent of North America, thus including Canada. But, it would not at all be accurate to claim that Canada’s “age of school shootings” had peaked in 2011, or ever came at all. Statistically speaking, Canada has never had anything that could called an “school shooter age.” That claim clearly corresponds to American — meaning United States — culture.

Finally, the mask completely slips off when fuckcomments posts about an event that occurred in March of 2010: the sinking of the a South Korean vessel, the ROKS Cheonan, after it was torpedoed by North Korean forces in the Yellow Sea. On “NORTH KOREA SINKS SHIP – WAR” fuckcomments is livid over the actions that were being taken by the United States against North Korea:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: WHO CARES! Get the fuck out of North Korean waters you assholes and they won’t shoot you. Stop shooting artillery at North Korea, because they will FIRE BACK! STOP FUCKING TRYING TO SCARE NORTH KOREA! They will be scared, and then fire back at you. Stop intimidating them, stop agitating them, work around their waters, don’t fire artillery in the direction of their country to “show them you are powerful” North Korea is being provoked. Can you not see it? Poor blind human…your children’s blood.


fuckcomments 4 years ago: North Korea is in such a shit state of affairs they don’t even have FUCKING ELECTRICITY and you won’t allow them to produce nuclear power, you are trying to force them into staying with old century technology and they are dying, that country is in such a shit state, everyone is poor and starving. jesus christ. You people can’t see a desperate group of humans? I can. Nuclear power could help them rebuild their economy and you are trying to force them to stay in a poor state. I can’t trust anyone

fuckcomments 4 years ago: I mean in some places they have nice places and electricity, but the majority of the country is so fucking poor. Stop provoking them, stop sailing close to them with WARSHIPS, stop shooting ARTILLERY at them, NO FUCKING WONDER THEY ARE FIRING AT YOU. You people are just idiots….you deserve to be blown to shit by north korea. Stop using weapons to provoke countries and people because you don’t like them, they will get scared and KILL YOU. WTF! YOU PEOPLE WANT WW3 OVER THIS SHIT? FUCK YOU.

New Age Imposter: the “90s”

Just as Lanza had followed Bullet Time‘s advice in changing his country of origin, he does so again in lying about his age. On Youtube he usually claimed to be 23 years old, such as on the clip “Redsector Megademo part 1 of 4″:

YoutubeUser531 7 years ago: omg i was 14 or 15 when i had this demo to my amiga 500. im 33 yrs old now. DAMN I WANT THE 80’s back again. Nice time.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser531: yea im 23 and feeling the same way about the 90s. :(

This comment being about 4 years old, a 23-year-old in April of 2011 would have been born in 1988, give or take a year depending on their birth date vs. the date of this post.

Adam Lanza was born in April of 1992. So, he is adding about 4 years to his age.

Right out of the gate, we can confirm that fuckcomments lies about his age, because he claims to be 23 in his comments, but lists his age as 30 on his profile:


23 is the age he went with otherwise, though. The key significance between Adam Lanza’s real age and the one fuckcomments claims is that these additional 4 years allows for this person to credibly claim to have experienced – and remembered – most of the 1990’s. This is key to fuckcomments’s profile, because one of fuckcomments’s most frequent topics of discussion – possibly the most frequent – is “the 90s.”

On dozens and dozens of retro-video game clips on Youtube, fuckcomments rails against anyone too young to remember the 1990s, terming them “new age faggots.” Those who come across 1990’s culture late are “new age imposters.” For fuckcomments, the 1990s were a pure and genuine era, before everything was ruined. Music was good, gender roles were clearly defined, and the PC game “DOOM” reigned supreme.

On “Vintage February 8-February 17, 1995 Television” (no cache available):

YoutubeUser470 5 years ago: Shit…15 years”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser470: amen to that brother…. its all over.. I remember it though! ALL OF IT!!!!!! THESE NEW AGE FREAKS THESE DAYS HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA HOW MUCH BETTER THE 90s WERE!!!

Sometimes, the topic comes up in relation to video games themselves, such as on “SNES – 100 Super Nintendo games in 10 minutes!“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: Oh no brothers! the 90s ended… Our conquest is over..The times of legends gone and passed. A time forgotten by many. But not by us. They will still laugh and wonder of our obsession with the 90s, how those fools did not cherish the 90s like we did. Those damn fools. I would hate to live in their new reality…if that’s what they call it. Give me the 90s damnit!

…but most often, it is video game music that draws fuckcomments out. For example, he commented on over a dozen videos containing music from or based on the DOOM soundtrack. On “Doom OST – E2M6 – Sinister” he recalls an idealized past of PC gaming:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: 1994 Dos Intel 486 C:>cd DOOM>DOOM

blow your 1994 brains away with this game cranked out of your speakers and hitting you in the face like a shit ton of violence, if only you were there….if only you had seen its glory. Now you can see it, but you can’t experience it, you are all new gen ruined, your options are endless, back then all you had was doom and wofenstein and very few others..the other DOS games were ok but not anything like DOOM’s quality. DOOM 1994.

True to form, the user offends and threatens other users on even the most innocuous topics. On “Doom Music – Darkness Dawning (The Dark Side of Phobos)”:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: lol, not bad I guess. I dont like it much I would rather listen to SOUNDBLASTER music all day then to hear this woman, she would do good in a Disney movie or something for sure, please leave DOOM, Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem, Blake Stone, Warcraft, BLOOD, Quake alone….they are childhood games for so many, not you new agers HAHA I meant real men that played these games when they were 4-5-6-7 years old back in the day. True warriors. Our blood lust has not been quenched since these games..

YoutubeUser523 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: um it’s just a soundtrack with fitting lyrics, and I’m one of those gamers, AND I also still like this, so leave this video alone.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser523 : its kind of funny how you are some faggot IRL i would cut your stomach wide open yank your intestines out. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

DOOM was indeed one of the games found by police in the Lanza home:


However, the games noted here were found in the “basement computer/gaming area.” This is the area of the home where the shooter’s brother lived until he moved out of the house, while the shooter is known to have been a recluse in his bedroom, two floors above. It’s very unlikely that he ever went into the basement on any sort of regular basis (the most recent known time he was there being the “LAN party” held in the basement in 2008.)

What video games are seen, then, in room where Adam Lanza spent most of his time?


On the far left of the photo, bottom shelf

Arranged neatly on the bottom shelf on the left, there is a row of Super Nintendo cartridges, and Nintendo 64 cartridges. There are no clear photos of exactly which titles are among them, and unlike the games in the basement, the official report contains no list of them. The only title visible is “Goldeneye”, which is lying face-up on the floor.

On “Goldeneye “Bunker” – Nifty Neat Club remix“, fuckcomments complained about the video’s remixed version of a tune from Goldeneye. While whatever he wrote has not survived, it’s not hard to guess what it said given what we know about fuckcomments’s feelings on updated video game music, and the video host’s surviving reply to him:

niftyneatclub 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: You’re all kinds of a downer aren’t you?

He also commented on “Goldeneye- Doom 2 Mod“, a video of a “mod” that incorporates elements of “Goldeneye” into “Doom.” This time, it’s the comment that he responds to that does not surive:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser832: doesnt everybody?

We can also see this affection for classic games, and rejection of newer ones, when Lanza posts a negative review of the 2011 game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” on the Columbine forum (under the thread “Reveal your inner nerd!”) just a month after that game was released:

Don’t bother. I barely play any video games, let alone any modern ones, but I bought it because it was being universally described as the most immersive virtual world to have ever existed. In actuality, every aspect of the game is designed solely around the facilitation of its mindless combat system. I was so disappointed that I got 6000 words into typing a review lambasting everything about it until I realized that my disappointment was my fault for being so foolish as to allow myself to be excited, especially over something that I should have known would be awful.

The “23 years old” ruse also fails partly because of the user’s overcompensation. He goes out of his way to identify with the age group he pretends to be a part of, or to express suspicion that others may be “new age imposters” rather than genuine “90s kids,” thus describing exactly what he is under his own terms. On “Star Tropics boss rush” (note: “save states” refers to a trick only possible through an emulator, like Nestopia, and not on a real console):

fuckcomments 4 years ago: im guessing you either played this religiously as a child or you have practiced on a PC with save states..or you are just really good at hard old games and don’t die on the boss battles which take a long time to learn how to defeat properly. 90s kid or new age imposter!

On “Amiga Longplay Barbarian 2“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser432: Technically, savestates are cheating.

YoutubeUser432 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Savestates do not alter the game-rules, its more a manipulation of luck.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser432: If you made a mistake, and were meant to have a Game Over and start from the beginning, but you did “”something”” to prevent that, then that is cheating. So yes it is cheating, it isn’t that big of a deal… but it is not the same as playing the game properly and never will be. I was just saying..

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser432: but still, good work on making all these amiga videos, it was the computer system I never had, I came in around the DOS days so it’s good to see what came just before.

YoutubeUser432 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: If you want to be pendantic, then you are right, however longplays are entertainment, no one wants to see a player fail 1000 times before he beats the game. Longplays are like movies, where the cutter removes all the bad takes, as no one would want to see a movie where all the failed takes are still in ;)

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser432: I demand you practice until you are so good you don’t need saves! Haha nah jk man I get it. Those games were hard as all hell. And we aren’t as sharp as we used to be at them back in the day. its true the fails suck.

Finally, on “Brainscan- Part 10″, he starts to chip away at even the exalted 1990s as being an ideal time, placing the stop date at just 1996 when, even as an alleged 23-year old in 2011, he would have been just eight. (note: this video is blocked for copyright violation, but the comments were saved by an automated youtube-mirror spam site, which can be found by searching the comment text inside quotes):

fuckcomments: @YoutubeUser0312: i wish man, lets make town called 90s town with a huge gate, nothing that is post 1996 is allowed inside. I would freakin lose my mind in there though, it would be freakin awesome. like the truman show only 90s. The end of the 90s wasnt so hot, so id cap it off at 96. ;)

In one comment, he reveals the likely reason why this supposedly blissful era of his life came to end, along with the 1990s, and it all ties back into his obsession with school shootings. On “Tribute to Columbine High School Victims”:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: This was the day the 90s officially died.

This statement is reminiscent of his previous quotes about the Columbine shooting, particularly his statement on the Jokela video, “Columbine seems to have a profound effect on the mentally ill.”

The Columbine shooting occurred on April 20th, 1999, just two days before Adam Lanza’s 7th birthday. He reiterates the significance of this time frame on a clip of the song “9 Teen 90 Nine“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: 1999 the end of the world.

Finally, it is worth noting that the age Lanza claims to be, corresponding with a birth year of 1988, is actually consistent with his older brother’s age. As is normal with an older/younger brother dynamic, presumably Adam did grow up with entertainment, such as Doom, that more closely matched his brother’s age at the time. His reminsces, then, could be genuine, and he thus chose this age to role-play as because he both longed for that era and because he felt he could pull it off.

(note: this may even remind one of the early reports of the Sandy Hook shooting, which mis-identified his brother as the killer, supposedly because Adam was carrying his brother’s identification when he was found dead. This could leading one to wonder if he actually role-played as his brother when plotting the shooting. However, the exact reasons why his brother was initially identified as the perpetrator remain murky; the “carrying his ID” explanation does not appear anywhere in the official report. Assumptions about this detail would be premature or just incorrect.)

A Fictional History

Sometimes, fuckcomments will claim certain job experiences that do not mesh with what we know of Adam Lanza. These claims can be easily dismissed, mostly because they contradict each other, but for the sake of completion I will list each of them.

On “The Bystander Effect” he is a trained lifeguard:

YoutubeUser421 5 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser531: You wouldn’t help someone being murdered because of LEGAL TROUBLE?! You are one sick piece of shit, fucking coward. I hope something horrible happens to you and your family, you sound like some that deserves it. Fucking piece of shit coward.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser421: People standing up to help get killed all the time. You watch a lot of BATMAN cartoons don’t you?”

YoutubeUser421 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Not a big fan of Batman actually. You need to try harder, troll.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser421 : I have some videos of real life stonings of people, there is no helping them or you will surely be attacked as well. You call people cowards but you have no idea. Usually the people you try to save in life threatening situations are panicking so badly that they end up killing or trying to kill their rescuers, not on purpose, but by using the rescuer as a flotation device or choking them to death by accident. Keep being a hero behind his computer LOLOLOLOLOLOL”

YoutubeUser421 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Troll harder dipshit.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser421:  Ha ha it sucks when reality comes into play doesn’t it mighty hero?

YoutubeUser4214 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: You just fail at trolling. I didn’t take one bit of what you said seriously, and I couldn’t care less what you think either.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser4214 : Everything I said wasn’t trolling it is based on fact. I was trained as a life guard when to know that you should ditch the person you are saving because they are panicking so badly that they do not care who dies as long as they live, if that means using your dead body as a flotation device, so be it. Mobs will also quickly group you with the person they are hurting if you wish to try and help him, then what? Who will save you? Nobody. You’ll die.

His lifeguard credentials are dubious given his comments on “Shark Attack Off Coast of Solana Beach Kills Man”:

YoutubeUser521 4 years ago: It’s not the shark’s fault. They’re acting off of primal instinct. That man KNEW the risk when he got into the water. Technically we are intruders in their home. Yes while it was tragic, he took that risk: unfortunately it ended fatally. They are looking for that shark, yet they don’t MENTION the 70 MILLION sharks a YEAR are killed by humans.. Hm doesn’t seem fair does it. And fyi it was either a great white due to the fact it is on the California coat OR a bull shark.. Things happen get over it

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser521: People laugh at me when I say I will never swim in the ocean, I bet that guy would of laughed his ass off at me as well. Natural Selection.

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser521: Humans are the dumbest creatures in the world. Natural Selection.

On “Kip Kinkel” he is a psychology major:

fuckcomments 5 years ago: killed his parents? yea he had some problems. dont feel sorry for him. he does not deserve it, no killer does.

YoutubeUser623 6 years ago: When my dad was a gradeschool age child 1940’s – for his 10th birthday he got a single shot .22 rifle for Christmas. Then proceeded to take that rifle to school for “”Show & Tell”” WITH AMUNITION. After show and tell the teacher had him put the rifle and Ammo in the coat closet. Then after school he went rabbit hunting on th way home. Why didn’t kids go to school and kill their teachers and classmates 30 to 100 years ago – but they “”DO NOW”” – IS IT REALLY A GUN ISSUE ?????

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser623: we all know what your dad initially intended to do >:) Its not our fault he chickened out…

YoutubeUser6234 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Go Fuck yourself Ass-Tard !!! Stay the fuck off youtube and go read a book you uneducatated piece of SHIT !!!

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser6234: HAHA “”uneducatated””, you really are a funny guy. I am a psychology major. So suck my dick you stupid inbred retard. I bet you think you are smart because your dumb mother told you so, well guess what? she was dumber than you are so think about that.

On “Crime Scene Clean-Up: Double Murder” he’s  a former cook:

YoutubeUser713 6 years ago: that landlord is a fucking dick.. like how can you even feel right making your maintanence man clean up such a bloody and gruesome crime scene? that should be illegal. if I was the maintanence guy I’d tell him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine”

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser713: Haha I always refused to clean shit or piss on any job…no job is worth cleaning up another humans shit and piss..that should cost a lot of money, not minimum wage, and I was just a fuckin cook!

On “Nostalgia (pictures I’ve drawn on Atari 800XL)” he’s a software developer:

fuckcomments 3 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser623: This is some insanely good artwork from those days, those were my favorite days of computer gaming 94-97. Epic. Do you still do pixel art? I used to live on my 386 computer playing DOS games in my room. This artwork is insanely good. I work on Iphone games, do you ever get the urge to make artwork like this nowadays? For games maybe?

On “Detroit Police: Attack Video Shows ‘Heroism'” he’s a formerly-aspiring police officer:

YoutubeUser523 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser632: Hey Jackass. I have family who are Police Officers in Detroit and around the country. I have a personal stake in this case because one of my cousins work at The 8th Precinct which is housed in the same station as the 6th. If you think Mr moore is a hero thats fine. But the next time you become a victim, remember the people you call. The Police. They are the real heros. Or in this case Detroits Finest!!!!!!

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser523: shut up moron nobody calls the fuckin cops unless they are being shot. and in that case the cops are fucking useless and too late. Stop acting like cops save the world all they do is track criminals. What the fuck are you talkin out your ass. I wanted to be a cop.

YoutubeUser223 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser523 : This one looks like it was at least

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser223: Was a classic suicide fantasy….nothing more to see. Fancy suicide. Move along.

That one actually may have some truth to it; many news stories record that Adam Lanza’s military aspirations were rooted in a desire to emulate his uncle who, after a stint in the Green Berets, became a police officer.

On Organized Gang Stalking At My Building 2A, a video in which the presenter confronts the source of  the noises in his building (two men doing construction) believing the noises to be an indicator of “gang stalking,” he is a former drywall installer:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: haha I used to install drywall. this is your classic stoner kid making a few extra dollars, and older construction worker installing some drywall for a quick buck. They simply don’t care that it is Sunday because it is a small job they are not a company, they are making money on the side. No one cares about you, no one is following you. What a waste of time and money that would be.

As is typical, the user displays no actual knowledge of this occupation, he just claims to have done it. However, this scenario does resonate with an event that took place in the Lanza home: in 2011 (the year this comment was posted) a friend of Nancy’s who was also a contractor “did extensive work inside the Lanza home” and claimed that he “frequently saw Adam Lanza going in and out of his upstairs bedroom.”

Earlier, sometime in 2007 or 2008, Nancy hired some landscapers to do some work in the yard. They were warned never to ring the doorbell, or to user noisy power-tools unless arranged ahead of time, lest the noise upset Adam.


It’s reasonable to assume that this state of affairs would not have improved three years later, and with work taking place inside the home rather than around it. Likely, Adam co-opted this experience for the above comment, and just switched his role in the scenario.

At any rate, none of these alleged experiences above (all taking place in the adult life of a supposed 23 year old) are credible as presented. Each of them are brought up only one single time, when it is opportune to support arguments that fuckcomments is anonymously making at the time, and none of them display any of the expertise claimed at all. Meanwhile, the traits we know about Lanza (obsessions with mass shootings, fear of anti-depressants, fixations on children) crop again and again. The real Adam Lanza is clearly visible behind this thin, lazy mask.

The Mice

Our last stop on this train is a peculiar one. It seems to point away from Adam Lanza at first, but upon close examination, it points right at him and no one else.

fuckcomments, on about a dozen different videos, claims to own several pet mice. The videos he leaves these comments on always feature mice: he never mentions mice ownership unless it is on a video specifically about mice ownership, unlike school shootings, which he seems to bring up no matter what the topic. However, this is not like his throw-away claims to be lifeguard or a cook: he presents elaborate and generally consistent stories about his mice, going beyond the level of half-hearted lying he displays elsewhere.

A few examples:

On “How Mice go Bad, First Version“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: oh you have a male and a female. the male is trying to maintain dominance over the wheel. If you remove the wheel, they will never fight again. I think maybe putting another wheel into the cage may solve the problem, as there will be no fighting over the wheel. My male and female do this when I put the wheel in the cage for too long and the male gets it to himself instead of sharing with her, he then tries to keep her out, she innocently wants to play. This is behavior i also witness.”

He recycles this same anecdote on “Friendly Wild Mouse“:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser735: I would say do not get the same gender, get a male deer mouse, and a female fancy mouse, they cant breed and they love each other, they only fight one time. It is when I put 1 running wheel in the cage with them, for some reason he gets angry at her when she uses it too long and bites her making her scream sometimes bleeding. So I wouldnt advise putting 1 wheel in with them for whatever reason. maybe 2 would be better in the cage for each as i think he feels left out.

With the home on Yogananda inhabited only by Adam and Nancy Lanza at the time these comments were written, perhaps we could read some metaphor into the scenario presented here, involving a male and female mouse battling for territory in their cage. It would be purely speculative.

While he generally stays on-topic in these discussions of mice, fuckcomments is nonetheless unable to restrain himself from introducing violent imagery or his willingness to commit murder into the conversation.

On “Special Mouse: Seizure” (no cache available):

fuckcomments 3 years ago: Brain injury. It is attempting to do this that are ordered but it cannot so it is forced to do that shit. It most likely wants to just walk around a bit and get food and water but it has to deal with that shit, good that you are keeping it alive and feeding it though, I have a house mouse I love her, I would kill a human over her. I would save her over a human any day.


fuckcomments 3 years ago: Reminds me of my little girl mouse. If someone did this purposefully to her I would fucking torture them all night long until the moment I killed them by smashing their balls with a hammer till they bled to death.

On “Stuart learns ‘Tunnel’ trick, cute little mouse” the user’s pronounced fear of toxins and contamination crops up again, this time with regard to mice running in and out of toilet paper tubes:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: Apparently the glue on toilet paper rolls makes them very toxic for the animal. Just a heads up.

YoutubeUser642 3 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: I have given my mice paper towel rolls for years and never had a problem. I have noticed that they do not like to chew on them. Mice have good instincts, maybe they know that the glue is not good for them………

On “Friendly Wild Mouse” fuckcomments is comparatively pacified, and describes a male mouse that is hesitant to allow his touch:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: i love my deer mouse, he seems so scared of me though? ive never hit him, ive always been nice, one day he just got scared and hasnt walked into my hand for a long time..i grabbed him today and was holding him, he was trying the dig deeper into my hand and hide himself, or jump out. I dont get it, i love the guy, what could it be? what do I do? he looks identical to yours. I also have a female fancy mouse and she acts the same way? she runs her ass off from my hand? i love them :(

YoutubeUser432 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: Hmmm…. I was going to suggest that it might be the way you’re picking them up, but then I noticed you mentioned letting them “walk into your hand,” which sounds about right. Maybe try treats as incentives and take things slowly… let them start associating your scent with good things. Good luck!

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser432:  No I have had them for 6 months, the girl mouse loves coming into my hand and walking up my arms and walking around me and stuff(shes a bred fancy mouse), the male mouse is a wild deer mouse I caught when he was so tiny and young, he used to crawl in my hand, we moved around a bit and after that he was kind of freaked out, now he runs away when I open the cage and hides. :(. i wish he would walk in my hand like her, he sees her doing it, he just is scared for some reason, shes not. 

This would seemingly present a problem, since Adam Lanza did not keep any mice in the home on Yogananda.

He also did not keep any hamsters.

On the mg14c gaming clan forum, as Kaynbred, Adam Lanza expressed an interest in hamsters. Replies from other users suggest that he actually claimed to aspire to be be a hamster:


This odd preoccupation with hamsters bleeds over from the mg14c forum, into to the Columbine forum that he took up after abandoning his gaming clan in Spring of 2010. Several of his earliest posts on the Columbine forum, as Smiggles, regard hamsters. For example, his post on the thread “What is fun?” on April 20th, 2010:


In the Columbine forum thread “What kind of puppy do you want?”, Lanza/Smiggles responded, bizarrely, with simply a link to a picture of hamsters:


the link

This is the photo:


Challenged by another user, he doubled down on his affection for hamsters over his peers:


Adam Lanza’s only real-life friend during this period recalls that Adam had told him he raised hamsters:


CSP Official Report, Book 6, file 00109765

Again, Adam Lanza did not have any hamsters. Not during his adult or teenage years, at least. There were no cages in the Lanza home, no hamster food, no records of ever having kept hamsters. Adam Lanza, an emaciated & timid figure afraid to even touch a doorknob, sensitive to even faint odors, and unwilling to leave his room for months on end, was not about to be cleaning up any hamster droppings. Talking to his friend, he was bringing his fantasy (that previously seemed to exist only in his own mind and in those that he convinced on the internet) into real life.

In a comment on the video “hamster and mouse crossbreed“, the two versions of this fantasy seem to start blending together (and, suddenly the female mouse has been corrected to being male):

 fuckcomments 4 years ago: I am interested in getting a little female hamster because I bought 2 mice and 1 was supposed to be female, but it was a male, so I have 2 male mice, and feel the need for a female in their cage, I dont want to get a female mouse because they will get her pregnant, If I get 1 female hamster will they share her? fight over her? or should all 3 get along? I see you have experience with this, thanks.

So, Adam Lanza did not have hamsters or mice or voles or sugar gliders or any of the other small rodents he liked to talk about online.

What he did have was a copy of the short novel Ratman’s Notebooks:


This 1969 book, by Irish author Stephen Gilbert, is the fictional journal of an unnamed young adult man who is a social misfit, living alone with his mother in a large estate. One day he comes across a family of rats, and starts to train them to do his bidding. The rats become his only companions after his mother dies, and his mental state begins to spiral as he hatches a plot to train the rats to commit murder.

Some passages from this book, regarding the behavior of the rats, are reminiscent of the short anecdotes that fuckcomments had posted about his supposed mice:

“When I awoke in the morning I found [the rat] was on the bed under the quilt, pressed up close against me for warmth. Now he often comes right into bed with me. At first I was frightened that I might roll over on top of him. But he always manages to keep out of the way. On warm nights he sleeps on my pillow.”

-Ratman’s Notebooks pg. 71

Ratman’s Notebooks was also the basis for the film “Willard”. This film was among those on Smiggles’s list of “favorites” (from the thread “favorite films?”):


This is not the only time Smiggles cited this film on the Columbine forum. In the thread “i know people might not like reality shows” Lanza notes that he enjoys the show “Hoarders.” After naming his favorite episode, he comes back and changes his answer:



The link he provides in his “Willard” comment leads to episode 20, season 3 of “Hoarders.” This episode shows a California man who had to move out of his home after his pet rats had bred out of control, numbering over 2500 at the time the episode was filmed (an article on this episode can be found here.)

But, the name of the man in the Hoarder’s episode was not “Willard.” It was Glenn. Adam Lanza gave him the name Willard, based on the similarity of this real-life story to the film. Also, Glenn’s home, completely overrun with rats to the extent that he could not live there and required a reality show to rescue him, is seen by Lanza as a “utopia” (or, at least, that is what he wanted others to believe at that time.)

Lanza brings up Willard a third and final time on the Columbine forum on February 24th, 2012. This was one of his final posts, added to the thread “Topic for all Columbine-related movies/tv shows” just two days before he left the forum forever. In his lengthy and detailed list of TV and film references to mass shootings (ranging from an episode of The Gilmore Girls to the British comedy show The Inbetweeners) he compares a guinea pig from the film 1974 film Horror High to a rat from Willard, noting that it “has nothing to do with anything”:


After declaring “Everyone loves rodents!~” he provides links to two images. The first is the rat “Ben” from “Willard”:


and the second is “Mr. Mumps” from Horror High:


I do not know why fuckcomments created these rodent stories in his mind. Perhaps he lifted it from Ratman’s Notebooks and the films based on it; just as likely, interest in the book and the film adaptations were just manifestations of a interest he already had, otherwise detached from this story and the films based on it. Whatever the reason, engaging in a fantasy life in which rodents are kept is another extremely strange and rare trait that Adam Lanza had, and also one that is reflected in his persona as fuckcomments.


This has been a long and detailed analysis of the user fuckcomments’s account activity. In summary, any case being made that this is not Adam Lanza would be in the unfortunate position of arguing that not one, but two different people displayed all of these traits:

  1. owns a shotgun
  2. owns an Ar-15
  3. owns a Ruger rifle
  4. interested in shooting out safety glass
  5. familiar with contents of shotgun shells
  6. preoccupation with women’s posture
  7. views women as selfish
  8. overtly planning a school shooting
  9. fears connection between anti-depressants and violence
  10. prescribed Celexa, and only Celexa, a prescription they did not comply with
  11. interest in Anorexia
  12. preoccupation with connecting violence and children
  13. obsession with war (especially WW2 from a young age)
  14. obsessively plays classic video games
  15. is “addicted” to violent video games
  16. detailed knowledge of all school shooters
  17. viewed Asa Coon security camera footage
  18. listened to Kip Kinkel’s audio confession
  19. special interest in Robert Hawkins
  20. special interest in Steven Kazmierczak
  21. autistic or diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder
  22. rejected diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome
  23. hitting one’s head repeatedly in a seated position as a young age
  24. demonstrated awareness of “hang-firing” as a consequence of cheap aummuniton (on the same day)
  25. likes Legos, especially Lego-based video games
  26. illegally downloads video games
  27. uses an NES emulator
  28. plays “school shooting” video games
  29. was a registered user at Super Columbine Massacre RPG Discussion forum
  30. watched the “Nobody Thinks About Me” video (exact same URL)
  31. knows “virtuaman”
  32. finds smiling to be impossible to interpret
  33. has seen the school shooting films “DUCK: the Carbine High Massacre” and “Elephant”
  34. taste for obscure, violent horror movies
  35. downloaded real-life gore clips and/or photos from the internet
  36. has read the 11,000 page official report on Columbine
  37. “The Killing of America”
  38. “Bullet Time”
  39. interest in pedophilia and reputation as a pedophile
  40. obsession with religion (despite believing it to be “illogical”)
  41. connect mental illness with the specific phrase “has the devil in him/her”
  42. terming school shootings a “revolution”
  43. theorizes that the statistical “peak” of school shootings will be seen in Europe
  44. appreciation of Uwe Boll films
  45. fear of contamination by dust and physical touch
  46. frequently mentions or imagines owning or interacting with rodents
  47. played significant amounts of World of Warcraft
  48. ceases existing sometime in 2012

…and that these two distinct people could be found in a population sample of less than 200. If this were even a remote possibility, I would not be writing this analysis. I would be forwarding this information to Canadian authorities so that this person could be stopped before they hurt someone or took their own life. I’m not, because the person behind this account was Adam Lanza. It’s too late to stop him.

Part IV: Leakage

One of the most significant facts we can draw from this account used by Adam Lanza is that there are instances where he openly told other users, and anyone else reading the comments on a given video, that he intended to commit a mass shooting. In the field of studying mass violence, this is referred to as “leakage.”

The FBI’s 2000 report on school shootings, The School Shooter: A THREAT ASSESSMENT PERSPECTIVE, states that leakage occurs “when a student intentionally or unintentionally reveals clues to feelings, thoughts, fantasies, attitudes, or intentions that may signal an impending violent act.” It goes on to provide a detailed description of what content “leakage” may include, and all of the traits are evident in Adam Lanza’s comments on Youtube:

An example of leakage could be a student who shows a recurring preoccupation with themes of violence, hopelessness, despair, hatred, isolation, loneliness, nihilism, or an “end-of-the-world” philosophy. Those themes may be expressed in conversation or in jokes or in seemingly offhand comments to friends, teachers, other school employees, parents, or siblings. Statements may be subtle, or immediately minimized by comments such as, “I was just joking,” or “I didn’t really mean that.”

Another example of leakage could be recurrent themes of destruction or violence appearing in a student’s writing or artwork. The themes may involve hatred, prejudice, death, dismemberment, mutilation of self or others, bleeding, use of excessively destructive weapons, homicide, or suicide. Many adolescents are fascinated with violence and the macabre, and writings and drawings on these themes can be a reflection of a harmless but rich and 17 creative fantasy life. Some adolescents, however, seem so obsessed with these themes that they emerge no matter what the subject matter, the conversation, the assignment, or the joke. (pg 16)

Adam Lanza was not attending any school when he left these comments online, and so any detection of his “leakage” would have to have been through online monitoring or reporting of Youtube comments. One of two things happened: either the other users who read these comments did not find them significant enough to be reported (the most likely scenario IMO,) or they were reported, and nothing was done.

But should it be necessary for writings this alarming to be reported by the community? Could they be detected outside of a zero-incentive community reporting system? How would that system function? What constitutes suspicious behavior, in an online and anonymous environment?

It’s really not necessary to think about these issues hypothetically, or wonder if this specific user’s comments could have been noticed in time if appropriate data collection were in place.

An article entitled “Analysing the presence of school-shooting related communities at social media sites” was published in the International Journal of Multimedia Intelligence and Security in 2010 (vol 1, no 3). The abstract of this article describes its aims:

Surprisingly cruel mass murders and attacks have been witnessed in the educational institutions of the Western world since the 1970s. These are often referred to as ‘school shootings’. There have been over 300 known incidents around the world and the number is growing. Social network sites (SNSs) have enabled the perpetrators to express their views and intentions. Our result is that since about 2005, all major school shooters have had a presence in SNS and some have left traces that would have made possible to evaluate their intentions to carry out a rampage. A further hypothesis is that future school shooters will behave in a similar manner and would thus be traceable in the digital sphere. In this paper, we try to take advantage of this tendency and study the presence of school shooting related information in various SNS and its relation to past and perhaps future cases.

One of the sites that this paper suggests monitoring is Youtube, and one of the Youtube videos that the researchers use in constructing their profile of a potential mass-shooter on social media is “Kimveer Gill- Documentary” — the same URL that, were it checked up until April of 2015, would have shown these comments from Adam Lanza:

Ah yes, there are a few things in this video, Kimveer was not “attending the school” for one thing. And yea I also do not agree that his choice of lifestyle “gothic” had anything to do with the spree. I believe that Kimveer was isolated in high school because of his racial difference. Not so much on purpose, but that is just how it goes sometimes, around this time Columbine shootings occurred and I am sure he took notice. Since then he was harboring a massacre fantasy. lost control of it. He lost control because of a large variety of variables. His depression was worsening and he was drinking more alcohol to combat it. The help he tried to get for himself from doctors wasn’t helping him feel better and I think this was the final thing that showed him that nothing anyone ever does will ever make him feel better, hopeless and futureless, he put his long awaiting fantasy to life. To replicate Columbine. He even wanted to do his massacre on April 20 to match the date of Columbine. Yes obviously it is a reason to kill people if that’s what he did. I think its time to start saying “The way society treats each other will lead to people like Kimveer Gill.” not “We can do whatever we want and no one has a reason to kill me if I do whatever I want,” Yea well history tells a different story where his condition IS enough to be a reason to kill people. Denying it won’t do you any good. People will do this again one day for the same reasons. Its real…

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The Shooter Among Us


The Shooter Among Us

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains very graphic language and potentially disturbing content. Particularly for anyone with a personal connection to the tragedy at Sandy Hook, reader discretion is advised. I have not edited any of the below comments from the user in question, other than to remove account names of other users, and to add emphasis in bold.

The perpetrator of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting left an online footprint that has been well-publicized: as I’ve covered before, he edited wikipedia pages for mass shooters, posted on firearms forums looking for the most lethal weaponry he could legally acquire, and frequented a private forum dedicated to school shootings.

On that forum, he gave links to Youtube videos multiple times, so we know that he frequented the ubiquitous video content website, home to over one billion users according to Youtube press releases.

However there is one Youtube account that is special to the Sandy Hook shooting. The user’s comments touch upon nearly every moral, social, and political issue that we now associate with the event: school security, mental illness, bullying, psychiatric medication, firearms laws, and more. This account posted no video clips of their own, but is also noteworthy for the many threatening, graphic, and enraged comments it left on the videos posted by others, until the account suddenly ceased activity in 2012.

I was advised to look into this account earlier this month by Michał Wiśniewski, founder of the student filmmaking group SILKRAT.

Last fall, I wrote a detailed review of an obscure Polish film called Bullet Time, produced by SILKRAT in 2007. My only knowledge of the film was that the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, writing as “Smiggles,” had endorsed it on a forum that he frequented between early 2010 and February of 2012, “Super Columbine Massacre RPG Discussion.” (this forum is sometimes referred to as “Shocked Beyond Belief,” but was not called that until after the period when Lanza frequented it.)

The film itself chronicles the preparations made by two aspiring school shooters, and concludes with the shooting itself: tastefully brief, and off-camera.

Michał, having just learned of this tangential connection between his film and the Sandy Hook shooter, wrote to express both his grief at the news (SILKRAT has released a statement on the matter here), and also his concern over a particular Youtube user that had repeatedly commented on the pages for the English-subtitled version of Bullet Time, using the ironic account name “fuckcomments” to post his statements.


A comment posted on “Bullet Time”

The comments this user left on Bullet Time, while unpleasant, would not be particularly noteworthy by themselves. It’s only after looking deep into the user’s comment history, all across Youtube, that a portrait of the person at the keyboard becomes clear.

Having reviewed over 400 comments by this user, I can say that the founder of SILKRAT was right to be suspicious of fuckcomments: the person at the keyboard was Adam Lanza.

Part I – Evidence and Confluence

On August 10th 2011, Adam Lanza was participating in a conversation on the Columbine forum, under the subject “Reveal Yourself!”, in which other users were either posting photos of themselves or teasing doing so. Lanza’s contribution was to provide a link to a specific scene in Bullet Time, in which the “shooter” characters advise their viewers to use a fake identity on that same forum. In doing so, he was essentially calling the other users careless.

This reminds me of Bullet Time.


More of you really should see it. I think it’s a lot better than Zero Day.

Today, the Youtube page for part five (of 12) of Bullet Time, the very same URL that Adam Lanza linked to as “Smiggles” above, has a view count of 400. That he included a timestamp for exactly the line of dialogue that he meant to share proves that Adam watched the film and paid attention when doing so.


Even this quite low view count of 400 is inflated, because attention to it increased after the “Smiggles” story broke on this blog last year. Curious readers clicked on the link, knowing in retrospect that an infamous mass shooter provided it. Looking at other clips from the series, ones which Lanza did not link to and which thus didn’t gain the same level of attention, the view count is as low as 208.


In 2011, the number of views would have been even lower.

The point is, at least one of those 208 views was Adam Lanza. And in that very small population, Adam Lanza is a very peculiar person. He stands out.

The simplest way to know that fuckcomments is Adam Lanza is to look at which videos that user was interested in enough to comment on, and recognize the improbable ways in which fuckcomments’ activity corresponds with Adam Lanza’s unconventional life and preoccupations, as well as his activity as “Smiggles.” I will be outlining  a portion of these  connections here, and because it’s important to be certain that this account belongs to Lanza, it will be a large portion.

Three School Shooters, and  a “favorite”

The user fuckcomments engaged in a conversation with another user (apparently an acquaintance of Kip Kinkel) on the video “Kip Kinkel’s Confession 4“, which was actually an audio clip of school shooter Kip Kinkel confessing, set to a still photo. Note that the first comment below does not come from fuckcomments, but is replied-to by them:

YoutubeUser1 4 years ago @YoutubeUser2: undiagnosed and untreated, in all liklihood Kip would never have committed these horrible acts, for which he is more guilt-ridden and remorseful than most of us could ever imagine. I know what a kind and good person Kip is and nothing will change my view on that. 20.7.10  3:43 AM EDT

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser2: most school shooters and killers are “”nice guys””.  Funny,polite,calm,cool, talented, personable, easy to talk to.  It is no wonder you get along with Kip, I’m sure he fits the criteria. That doesn’t mean he won’t blow your head off when you come in the door.  The fact that someone is nice and realizes they’ve done wrong and feel the guilt associated with it, in no way determines if they will do it again.”

“YouTubeUser1 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: Nor does it make it that any  more likely that they will kill again. Does the police officer or soldier who kills (irrespective of the “”duty”” aspect) have to be considered as one who might likely kill again because he has killed before? I DON””T THINK SO.  So why should Kip be forever held in suspicion of killing again? U seem to have forgotten the mental disorder that Kip was suffering from, untreated. Antipsychotics can work marvels and with Kip they have. 20.7.10 8:29 AM”

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser1:  ….yea police officers dont wait in the bathroom for their family to come home only to obliterate them with a .22 rifle headshot and a .22 handgun spray with a finishing headshot execution style a minute later.  Then they don’t go into a public place full of children and shoot random kids killing them….your argument is not logical, I know you are his friend but he is comparable with the most dangerous killers to ever exist.  Never forget that.

YoutubeUser1 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: Well sir, you are welcome to your opinion and so am I. Your statement doesn’t really address my comment. Because you or I haven’t killed before is no assurance that we won’t do so in the future. I wish you luck in your future.  22.8.10 5:41 AM EDT

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser1: well then lets band together and become the next Eric and Dylan!!!! Haha”

fuckcomments also left two comments on the video “asa coon Cleveland Police Release School Shooting Video 1.” Asa Coon was 14-year-old student who went on a shooting rampage at SuccessTech alternative high school in Cleveland, Ohio in 2007. No one except Coon himself lost his life, and as a consequence this is a relatively obscure school shooting, as unfortunate as that concept is. (Note that two of the comments here are replies to another user, but the other side of the conversation is no longer there:)

fuckcomments 4 years ago: when mental illness reaches the final point, this happens.

fuckcomments 4 years ago: @otheruser1 oh he tried

fuckcomments 4 years ago: A teen punched Coon in the face for bumping into him. When the teen walked away Coon shot him in the abdomen. 17-year-old Darnell, suffered a graze gunshot wound to the elbow in the same hallway. a social studies teacher, was shot in the chest after Coon entered his classroom. A second teacher,, was shot in the back of his shoulder while in a hallway evacuating his students to safety.The shooting ended when Coon entered another room and fatally shot himself in the right side of his head.”

fuckcomments 4 years ago: @otheruser1 Asa wasn’t a killer, he didn’t want to die. He was so fucking angry with his life and the world around him that he decided to kill himself and take a few pieces of shit with him, Cho on the other hand had a plan to massacre as many as he could before he died, that wasn’t Asa’s plan, just to die and take some fucks with him and get revenge on his school. Maybe you will meet one of these shooters one day, at school. The place you think is “”safe”” haha….Hope he fails then?

In the official report on the Sandy Hook shooting, the Connecticut State Police describe some of the files found on the USB drive in Lanza’s bedroom closet.


CSP Report, Book 4, file 00194691

Both the Asa Coon video and the Kip Kinkel audio were found on Lanza’s USB drive.

Furthermore, one of the comments left by fuckcomments on the Asa Coon video provides another link to Lanza. The phrase “take a few pieces of shit with him” is borrowed from the suicide note of another mass shooter, Robert Hawkins (the surveillance video for this shooting, as shown above, was found in the same folder as the other two videos) :


“I just don’t want to be a burden on the ones that I care for my entire life I just want to take a few pieces of shit with me. ” – Robert Hawkins

Shortly after writing this note, Robert Hawkins went to the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska and murdered a number of people, then killed himself.

The event is commonly referred to as the Westroads Mall shooting, and the wikipedia page associated with this event is one Adam Lanza edited, under his moniker kaynbred.


On the Columbine forum, as Smiggles, Lanza stated that Robert Hawkins was one of his “favorite shooters.”


Lanza, arguing that the song “Pumped Up Kicks” is not about Robert Hawkins, despite a popular rumor

These are not the only instances where the videos commented on by this user correspond with evidence found in the Lanza home. On another video, “NIU Shooter – Planned Shooting for Weeks” covering a different school shooter, fuckcomments wrote two comments. The first is a reply to another user, and the second is in response to the title of the video:

“YoutubeUser03 6 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser04: Anything can be used to kill anyone … people kill people, not guns. You’re probably a liberal pussy whose never seen a gun or spent a day in rural Montana, Texas, Wyoming, Dakota’s, Utah … I’ve spent 10 years between Montana, Wyoming, and Texas. Stop at the diner to have breakfast there’s a dozen old timers with their 45 on their hip, causing NO problems. Hell, their wives carry a 38 Snub in their purse right next to their wallet! Do you ever hear of upstanding citizens killing people? No!”

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser03: Yea, that would be filed under accidental death.  There are TONS of them.  Ha ha as if humans have the intelligence to handle such weapons without accidents. As if.

fuckcomments 4 years ago weeks? You mean, YEARS.

On another video associated with this same shooting, “A Glimpse Inside the NIU Shooter’s Hotel Room“, the user commented again:

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to YoutubeUser05:
They go on the drugs in the first place because they are having thoughts about killing people like you and are depressed, the drugs do not cause these problems. The drugs were just postponing this event. He stopped taking the drugs and his thoughts and urges to kill came back, so strongly that he shot everyone and himself. Now is it the drug that cause this event? Or was this the reason he wanted to take the drugs in the first place, to try and stop this act from becoming real?

After the Sandy Hook shooting, police found a newspaper article about this shooting in the Lanza Home.


CSP Official Report, Book 2, file 00194623

This is the article:


CSP Assorted Files – “Meehan – suspect’s house evidence”

Legos and Gamefaqs

These instances of shared activity are not just found with the kaynbred and Smiggles personas that Lanza used to discuss mass shooters. On the  video “Faxanadu – Hidden Mode“, the user wrote:

fuckcomments 5 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser06: why piss and shit on our childhood games with these new age trash titles? i say make new ones and leave the old games where they are.

Under the user name “blarvink” on the gaming website gamefaqs.com, Lanza wrote the following on the thread “Bring Lego Island back!?”:


fuckcomments, meanwhile, also commented on several other videos features Lego-based video games :

Boom Headshot FPS Doug Lego Wolf3D Wolfenstein

LegoWolf3D mappers wanted! Plus first look at a female nazi

Lanza’s appreciation of Legos, and Lego-associated video games, is also evident in the lists of items found in his home and on his hard drive:



The Killing of America

Approximately four years ago, the user commented on a clip from the 1981 “mondo” documentary on gun violence, “The Killing of America.” The comment that appears on the Youtube clip “Killing of America Bobby Kennedy” is perhaps a recognition of the writer’s own similarities to Sirhan Sirhan (note: this is one of several comments that is currently not viewable on Youtube; see notice at the end of this article.)

fuckcomments 4 years ago: The writing tells ALL.  RFK MUST DIE is the first thing he wrote.  Classic deluded psycho sitting in a room fantasizing.  Not mind control. Just mental illness.

The Killing of America was mentioned at least twice by Lanza on the Columbine forum. Both times, it was brought up by Smiggles alone, without any prompting at all. This was clearly a film that Lanza thought about, and wrote about.


from the thread “Excellent mid/late-’90s mass murderer documentary”


The highlighted link would lead to Lanza’s “spreadsheet” of shooters, while the “Killing of America” reference is a the bottom. Neither thread was ever archived, just this index page showing their titles.

Nobody Thinks About Me

On February 24th 2012, in one of his final posts to the Columbine forum, Smiggles started a topic “I came across a Chris Helms YouTube comment.” His post links to a Youtube page for a song by Michale Graves entitled “Nobody Thinks About Me”: a song about school shootings, with lyrics from the perspective of a school shooter. Lanza is sharing with the forum that he believes one of the comments on the Youtube video is from on an actual school shooter, Chris Helms:

“I was looking through the comments on the “Michale Graves – Nobody Thinks About Me” video and did a double take when I thought I recognized someone.

even though their solution to being bullied wasnt the best of choices, i still feel worse for eric and dylan than anyone else in that school! their lives were so bad, they couldnt go a full day without being physically abused by jocks or made fun of by anyone else. their nicknames were the outcasts! but god, they kill 13 people and bullies still dont undertand the consequences of their actions! there have already been 5 school shootings in the US this year! one at harvard! people need to lay off

 BboyZero100 1 year ago (4 likes)

He was probably talking about Mitchell Heisman’s 9/18/2010 suicide, which means that he would’ve typed this very shortly before his 9/21/2010 school shooting.


When we click this link (cached above), we do indeed find the comment that Adam Lanza quoted. We also find a comment from another familiar user: fuckcomments. Here, he is responding to still  another user’s comment:

YoutubeUser007  5 years ago: I know it’s like people didn’t even learn their lesson. They don’t understand that the major assholes in school (preps, jocks, ex…) are the kids that started Columbine. There school was so bad and still is today. I don’t get it, why do they find it funny to make fun of kids that are different? It’s fucking stupid…

fuckcomments 3 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser007: Either two reasons, they feel better than everyone else because their parents put them up on a special platform above all else, or they are victims themselves of some sort of bullying and are venting it onto others…..or just for fun and to laugh because they are bored and are a human being.  Eric and Dylan were known to pick on kids as well.  They were just two homicidal guys that found each other in a situation where they both felt a common enemy they felt powerless against.

The comment he was replying to is today five years old, but fuckcomments’s reply is from only three years ago, consistent with when we know Adam Lanza (Smiggles) was watching this exact same comment page: February of 2012.

School Shooting games

The Columbine forum that Lanza visited as Smiggles was ostensibly dedicated to the homebrew video game Super Columbine Massacre RPG!, which was a controversial title for years after its release. One Youtube video, “Easily Accessible School Shooting Games”,  covers just these sorts of games, and even shows the same landing page that Lanza would have seen when he first found the Columbine forum.


On this same Youtube video, fuckcomments posted:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: virtuaman made 3 school shooting games! Those are brutal!

“virtuaman” is the online name of a person who, as this user states, made a school shooting game. In addition to this, virtuaman was an active member of the Columbine forum frequented by Adam Lanza at the same time. Their posts appear in the some of the same conversations, such as the topic “Jared Loughner(Tuscon Massacre) being compared to Columbine?” (a screenshot of this thread can be found here.)

Kimveer Gill and “hang fire”

In the course of that online conversation, which took place in February of 2011, the topic shifted away from Tucson, Arizona shooter Jared Loughner, and became a debate about Dawson College shooter Kimveer Gill. Lanza’s contribution to the thread introduced the theory that Kimveer Gill experienced “hang fire” during his rampage:

I haven’t looked into this much in the past couple of years, but I can think of a few reasons as to why he killed 1 and injured 19. I vaguely remember reading that most of the injuries were inflicted to limbs, which are rarely fatal. I also remember him complaining about this:

“When My Rifle Misfires And I Gotta Stand There For 60 Seconds Waiting For It To Fire, Or Not”.

He was describing this:


It’s uncommon for high-quality ammunition to hang fire. If he was using the same cheap cartridges for his massacre, then the bullets were likely full metal jacketed.

Beyond that, his 9mm Beretta Cx4 Storm innately wasn’t a particularly effective firearm. The difference in velocity between a 9mm rifle and 9mm pistol is usually 15% at best. The benefits which a 9mm rifle has for a novice are basically its reduced recoil and greater distance between the front and rear sights. It allows faster and more accurate shots, although that was inconsequential for Kimveer Gill if he was aiming as poorly as I assume he was.

That comment was posted to the Columbine forum on February 6th, 2011.

Meanwhile, on the youtube video “A good reason not to use surplus AMMO M-48 Mauser” which features a young man firing cheap ammunition (resulting 3 misfires out of 5 attempts) fuckcomments left this brief comment:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: I was scared of hang fires shooting you in the side.

This comment was posted to Youtube on February 6th, 2011: the same day that Smiggles posted about hang fires on the Columbine forum:


This text can currently be viewed by searching Google for the phrase “I was scared of hang fires” (quotes included) and then, on the results page, clicking the link labeled “”repeat the search with the omitted results included” and flipping to page 2 of the expanded results.

The topic of Dawson College shooter Kimveer Gill pops up several times in fuckcomments’s conversations. On “Kimveer Gill- Documentary” he posts multiple times:

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser08: Ah yes, there are a few things in this video, Kimveer was not “”attending the school”” for one thing. And yea I also do not agree that his choice of lifestyle “”gothic”” had anything to do with the spree.  I believe that Kimveer was isolated in high school because of his racial difference.  Not so much on purpose, but that is just how it goes sometimes, around this time Columbine shootings occurred and I am sure he took notice.  Since then he was harboring a massacre fantasy. lost control of it..

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: He lost control because of a large variety of variables.  His depression was worsening and he was drinking more alcohol to combat it.  The help he tried to get for himself from doctors wasn’t helping him feel better and I think this was the final thing that showed him that nothing anyone ever does will ever make him feel better, hopeless and futureless, he put his long awaiting fantasy to life.  To replicate Columbine.  He even wanted to do his massacre on April 20 to match the date of Columbine

fuckcomments 4 years ago in reply to to YoutubeUser10 : Yes obviously it is a reason to kill people if that’s what he did.  I think its time to start saying “”The way society treats each other will lead to people like Kimveer Gill.”” not “”We can do whatever we want and no one has a reason to kill me if I do whatever I want,”” Yea well history tells a different story where his condition IS enough to be a reason to kill people. Denying it won’t do you any good. People will do this again one day for the same reasons. Its real….

On another video dedicated to this shooting, “September 13th 2006 Dawson College shooting”, fuckcomments responded to another user who claimed to have witnessed it and escaped.

YoutubeUser11 5 years ago  ·yah i was kinda in this shooting and i almost saved a girl but the bullet hit her and what did i do run away i shuld of stopd the bullet but i couldnt it broke me down in tears i ran kinda wants me to kill myself i shuld of stopd dat bullet and put it in me den she be here but i wouldnt but my life is worthless so i shuld of stopd it and tooken the guy down also i really hate myself for dis day and forever its in my mind as i speak of it i cry and i really should of took him down to the ground..”

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser11: I am sorry you were a part of this shooting, I have been studying all the school shooters for many many years.  I can say that if you stopped to help the girl he would have most surely shot the both of you, statistically in school shootings anyone who is helping the wounded is shot by the shooter as well, and they make sure to do this.  I am not sure why but it happens.  You would most likely both be dead if you tried to do anything, the shooter is driven to kill everyone. take care

Lanza did indeed study all school shooters for many years. Like the Westroads Mall shooting, the wikipedia page for the Dawson College shooting was another that Lanza edited as kaynbred. There, he corrected a typo on the firearm that Kimveer Gill used, joking that the ammunition type was weak, but not that weak:


On another Dawson College-related video “Shooting at Dawson College – killer’s mom call”, fuckcomments was less sympathetic to the survivors, and seemed to have been set off by the video’s statement from the aunt of the student who was murdered, in which she stated that she had “no sympathy” for the shooter’s mother:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: Rude of the victims family to snarl at the mother like she had anything to do with it. If they knew anything about rampages they would realize that things like this happen every year! Yes every year, some guy, with nothing, goes on a rampage, and kills all you little shits that take everything you have for granted. And never once has it been the parents fault. Eric and Dylan from columbine said and I roughly quote. “Don’t blame our parents, they are the best parents anyone could ask for.”


One very peculiar comment from this user is found on the video “Bow legged female – no bowing of legs soon!

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser12: this is bullshit, no human should put their feet together and then look down and gauge if they have a problem.  Humans stand with their feet around should width apart, not side by side. This is just a ploy to scare all you people into getting your legs cut in half and twisted so they can make money ! Have fun..

Given fuckcomments’s other interests, this seems a bizarre and random topic to show such a strong opinion on. Yet, the same strange preoccupation with stances is noted in Adam Lanza, in the report from the Office of the Child Advocate. It reports that in late 2006, when being examined at Yale, “AL was reported to be placing limits on his mother’s behavior (e.g. by not allowing her to lean on things because it was improper).” (pg. 49)


Adam Lanza was diagnosed with Aspergers disorder in 2005, when he was thirteen years old. The record of this diagnosis was published in last year’s report from Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate (in which the shooter is consistently referred to as AL):

AL is a 13 year old boy who I have evaluated on 9/30/05, 10/18/05, and 11/15/05. He meets the DSM IV criteria for Asperger’s Disorder. AL presents with a significant social impairment including lack of peer relationships, avoidance of eye to eye gaze, lack of understanding of how to play or interact with peers. He avoids peer interaction and is very anxious around strangers. He lacks empathy and tends to employ a very rigid systematic thought process. He demonstrates intense emotional rage when his systematic world is threatened due to his extreme need for routine. He tends to take a very literal interpretation of written and verbal material. Concepts like metaphor, symbolism and intangible references are exceedingly difficult for him and can cause significant distress. He tends to have an overly precise quality of speech and tends to not comprehend emotional expression in others. He is phobic [of] physical contact, even with his own mother who has been his most constant and consistent individual in his life. -“Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School” Report of the Office of the Child Advocate, pg 41-42

However, the report also notes that Lanza “disagreed with his Asperger’s diagnosis.”

In a March 2014 interview with Andrew Solomon, published by The New Yorker, the shooter’s father Peter Lanza confirmed this:

“Adam was not open to therapy,” Peter told me. “He did not want to talk about problems and didn’t even admit he had Asperger’s.”

The user fuckcomments exhibits this same position on Aspergers on several videos, such as the interaction he has with another user on the LIVESTRONG.com hosted video ”Living With Asperger’s Syndrome”:

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser13: Some people are just different than others.I don’t think it means anything.  Some people are just different. I don’t think half the people with aspergers actually have it.  He names abilities to program video games, look kid I was programming video games when I was 7 in QBASIC it isn’t that impressive.  This just leads to anti social behavior because kids around you are not on your “”level.””  To think it is aspergers is ridiculous, its just anti social behaviors from seclusion.

YoutubeUser13 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments : I love how you non-professional, neurotypical armchair psychs are so quick to dismiss ASD.  Why?  Do you want to belittle us and not feel guilty about it?  To reduce your cognitive dissonance resulting from making fun of us by convincing yourself we’re “”faking it””?  Or are you just mad that we don’t fit in the narrow, tiny box you call your worldview?

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser13: No I score high as an “”aspie”” on all the “”tests.””  I am not an aspie though.  Many people who test as aspies and who think they are, are just normal people with uncommon interests.  Nothing different about them they are just behaviorally different, that isn’t a disease.

On another video, simply entitled “Aspergers?” and featuring a young child seated and hitting his head, fuckcomments indicates that he used to do the same thing:



The Office of the Child Advocate’s report confirms that Adam Lanza did indeed engage in this same behavior when he was four years old:


Office of the Child Advocate report, page 17

World War II

In the same interview with Andrew Solomon where he had discussed Aspergers, Peter Lanza recalled that his son developed an interest in World War II history, as early as his middle school years:

When Adam entered middle school, he proudly took Peter to see it. “And talk about talkative: man, that kid, you couldn’t shut him up!” Peter said. In the years that followed, they would talk about politics. Adam was a fan of Ron Paul, and liked to argue economic theory. He became fascinated with guns and with the Second World War, and showed an interest in joining the military.

The user fuckcomments displays these same interests – guns and World War II – in abundance (the guns will covered in the next section.) On the page for “U.S.A. Terrorism! Hiroshima – A.B.D. nin Hirosima Katliamı”, he argues with another commenter over the justification for using atomic weapons against Japan. Their back-and-forth quickly turns nasty:

fuckcomments 5 years ago: terrorism that will actually save millions of lives like in this case is needed.  The japanese would have dragged it on forever and so many more would die.  The usa does this today, The USA killed more innocent people in IRAQ in the current war than in these 2 nuclear attacks. These civilian deaths however are not to save the planet from destruction, they are needless, hiroshima and nagasaki had to be done. the end.

YoutubeUser14 5 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments:  No. A nuclear device being detonated inside of Earth’s atmosphere was never necessary and should never have been carried out. Even in our own self interest, it was and remains folly.  granted it probably saved Japan from becoming a divided nation like East and West Germany but this does not change the fact that nuclear armaments are weapons of mass murder, and mass murder is exactly what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

fuckcomments 5 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser14: it was either send an assault to japan wiping out the entire country in a suicidal death match with a crazy suicidal force with nothing to lose.  The atomic bombs were dropped to stop that from happening, yea it was a sacrifice for the greater good, to imagine the amount dead in a normal battle that lasted a few years compared to the amount that died at hiroshima and nagasaki, the same amount of innocents died there as in your iraq war. so wtf do you care. lives were saved with these bombs…

YoutubeUser14 5 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: So, you’re saying that it’s alright to sacrifice civilian lives to save military lives. There is something wrong with your logic. Also, the fact that you use the “”Greater good”” argument on the subject of exploding a nuclear device INSIDE of earth’s atmosphere only shows your ignorance of the true implications. Radiation. Fallout. Nuclear Winter. The fact that they even tested them on earth’s surface is an atrocity in of itself, their use in war does not need to be defended by anyone. it is

YoutubeUser14 5 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser14: completely inexcusable, and you don’t even have to be a goody-two-shoes-PC-obsessed-pinko-crybaby to think so.  I love America. I love the perpetuation of freedom and the war’s mission against fascism. But the deployment of nuclear weaponry will always be  a black mark on the history of every country who tested them and America in particular for the dastardly act of dropping not one but two of them on civilians.

fuckcomments 5 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser14:  you are so fucking dumb go read a book on world war 2 you fag ive followed that war since i was little. The atom bombs were 100% needed at that time, and yes our armies lives are more important than japanese civilians when Japan is vowing to never surrender.   shut your dumb hole. if people listened to you we would all be dead.  shut up go back to your anti-nuke bullshit when they test nukes all the time on earth.  Your USA Iraq war just slaughtered more civilians than the atom bombs hypocrite.”

 Evidence that Lanza studied World War II was also logged the Connecticut State Police as they searched the home after the Sandy Hook shooting. They found several books on the subject, apparently belonging to the shooter:


Caption: CSP Official Report files, book 7, file 00004051


The Sandy Hook shooter attended St. Rose of Lima, a private Catholic school, for a portion of his 7th grade year. However, he was not religious, which is cited in the Office of the Child Advocate report as the reason that he did not stay at the school. Yet, despite not believing in any religion, Adam was “obsessed” with religion:

A subsequent psychological evaluation conducted by the public school system indicated that AL became obsessed with religion while attending catholic school. The source for this information is not clear. The Yale Child Study Center psychiatrist’s report (see infra) in 2006 states that “AL disapproves of religion because it is ‘illogical’ . . . [which] proved the downfall of a brief placement at a small supportive Catholic parochial school.”

-Child Advocate report, citation 44

This same stance on religion comes through very clearly in fuckcomments’s comment history: he is not a believer, which he states plainly on the video “Rifqa Bary – “Christian Bitch Must Die””, and which leads to a brief and hostile exchange with another user:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: I converted from Religion to Intelligence.

“YoutubeUser15 4 years ago  ·  in reply to YoutubeUser16″ That gives me the more reason to believe Muslims are controlled by demons. Demons work in the flesh of lost people to KILL STEAL & DESTROY. Ur god is the god of HATRED and BLOOD shed, which is Satan himself in disguise to fool & trick u to think & believe that to kill is an honor to Allah, yet it was the father of lies who u’ve been serving all along. There is power in the Name of Jesus Yeshua who is thus the Son of the Living God, NO ONE is above Christ! Seek TRUTH & be not decieved”

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser15: HAHAHAHA “”Demons””  Only a fool with no education believes in demons…..  Study human psychology, criminal psychology….there are answers for the most disgusting crimes that have ever taken place, rational answers, logical answers.  There are no demons………just man, and his wide range of emotions.”

His mocking reaction to other users who believe in demons or the devil can be seen in several comments, including on “Woman Has Seizure During Jeff Probst Interview on Red Carpet”:

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser16:  It is the devil in them I say! Lucifers demons mind control! haha nah I am just kidding it is sad and a brain disorder.

This brief comment is itself reminiscent of a topic “Psychopathy?” started by Smiggles on the Columbine forum:


“Is there any distinction between the usage of “He had the devil in him” and the marginally more nuanced “He was afflicted by psychopathy”?”

fuckcomments’s obsessiveness over religion, grounded in his belief that all religions are falsehoods, is most evident in the comments under a video “Kreator – The Pestilence”.

What ensues is one the longest exchanges that fuckcomments ever engaged in, which involved a rotating cast of commenters all butting heads with him. Also, according to contemporaneous comments from other users, one of the comments from fuckcomments was at some point the “highest rated” comment on the page, which may have contributed to fuckcomments’s heightened attention to this page:

YoutubeUser18 4 years ago  · I’m christian and this is my favorite song now that i’ve listened to it. Strange huh?

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser18 –  not really, in the bible god floods the entire planet killing EVERYONE, then goes on multiple baby killing murder sprees, destroys entire towns and villages, kills masses of innocent people and orders men to kill innocent people, GOD fits into this hellish image more than SATAN ever did, satan and the 7 people he killed in the bible, who deserved to die VS God and the 2million+ humans he slaughters in the bible. Haha and we are supposed to believe SATAN is the evil one? lies..

YoutubeUser19 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: The only evil god is the god of Islam; allah.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser19: HAHA what? The christian god already flooded the planet killing everybody in the bible, slaughtered towns of people who did nothing wrong. HAHA God is the most evil creature ever, even your religion just scares you into following his rule. Making it seem like he is so evil that if you do anything to wrong him he will just slaughter you and torture you for eternity, haha some loving god. Don’t fucking try to bullshit me you subhuman pukes, drop your fairy tale beliefs and join reality.

YoutubeUser19 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: @fuckcomments Some people believe in god of order, not necessarily in the god of prayers.. Like why all things are in harmony with each other and stuff.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser19: harmony? In this world everything works like this. You have one thing, and you have another thing, and they mix together to create a reaction.  And at the end of the reaction there can be a new thing, or the same thing.  It isn’t all that complicated.  It just keeps going from there and evolving, creating new chemicals and species and behaviors etc etc etc etc etc etc  That isn’t order its just reactions between 2 different things creating a new thing which reacts with something else to create.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser19: Just like a computer is 1 and 0.  Yet look at your computer screen, it looks a hell of a lot more complicated then 1 and 0, but it isn’t, 1 and 0 can be used to create anything you want. On and Off, 1 and 0, x and y, they have unlimited combinations which all result in creating whatever you want them to.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments They have already created artificial viruses and life using computers and chemicals. From thin air.  There is no fucking god of anything. Just humans are the gods of brainwashing.

YoutubeUser20 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: Oh master of the universe, won’t you please tell us more about how you think you know everything?

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser20 : Yes I will, A magical god made everything, but don’t ask what made him because he just appeared from nothing! but it would be totally illogical for us to appear from nothing, but not god right? Only beings of ultimate power and magic can appear from nothing, us humans are far more complex then that and could never have just appeared. I don’t know everything but I sure as fuck can tell when some dumb fuck humans think some magical fairy made everything when there’s no such thing.

YoutubeUser21 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments The guy that can and did kill more than 2 million completely effortless just to get a kick out of it is the guy that gets to make the rules. Doesn’t really matter how much of a dick he is.”

YoutubeUser22 4 years ago  · in reply to fuckcomments: that’s cause you don’t get the full picture. it’s okay, you’re not the inly one with their head up their ass, the whole damn world gots their head in their ass now.”

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser22: HAHA…..yes…..it is everyone else that does not get the picture, but your tiny group that meets up every Sunday and who thinks they make up the entire worlds population is nothing but a little cult. There is no god never was, never was a satan or god or any of that non sense. Old tales from simple simple minds. Just like the simple minds that congregate on sunday, that is ok, some of them are nice, except their disgusting belief that everyone but them is going to hell. suck it.

YoutubeUser22  4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: single minded fucks liek yu don’t get it and never will. what you don’t see, i ain’t even gonna explain it to your dumb ass. everyone has to pay, and when we die, we will be judged, on way or another. you got your head in your ass you can’t even get it right. suffer in hell motherfucker, when you get there, you’ll be sorry. to accept god is so simple, yet iggnoant fusk liek you make it a big deal, all you have to do is do it.”

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser22: We will be dead. Without our brains, we cannot think, we cannot see, hear,  taste, touch or feel. We are nothing, like before we were born.  To die is to lose everything and have no other chance at thought. God? He is not even a part of my world or anything that exists. You couldn’t even imagine that thought.  You were brainwashed not me, it’s ok, brainwashing is proven scientifically so do not feel so bad about it. A magical god in the sky made you, but he didnt need a god to make him?”

YoutubeUser23 3 years ago  · in reply to fuckcomments: Personally for me, I believe in God and that’s about as far as it goes. I respect your beliefs as well but I think we can all come to an agreement that Religion is getting blown way out of proportion nowadays. They are making it seem like if you sin that you go to hell. Everybody sins but I think that setting a standard of living in a religion is completely idiotic. We are intended to live free. No matter what, Religion is a reason for people to shove beliefs down peoples throats”

fuckcomments 3 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser23: Well when I see him I will punch god in the face and tell him what a piece of shit he is before he sends me to hell for all eternity.

YoutubeUser24 3 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: A magical god in the sky made you, but he didnt need a god to make him?”” the way I see it, this is true. Before anything existed, some kind of higher level of a being we call “”god”” was there. He was never born, he was never dead, he was always there. Why wasn’t he ever created at a certain point in time? Because back before anything existed, time never existed either, so that means ‘God’ was never was born, he always was and is alive. U can believe me or not. That’s how I view it”

fuckcomments 3 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser24 : HAHA so wait a minute….rocks, metal, chemicals, and humans cannot appear from “”nothing”” but a super magical god with unlimited powers can? Your logic is so backwards? It is like you are using god to explain how we got here because you think we couldn’t just appear from nothing yet at the same time you accept that some ultimate being appeared from the same nothing. To be honest you believe in fairy tales as reality, it is ok I am jealous. I wish I could think so backwards.bliss”

It is worth noting that this user’s theory of the afterlife, “Without our brains, we cannot think, we cannot see, hear,  taste, touch or feel. We are nothing, like before we were born.  To die is to lose everything and have no other chance at thought”, is consistent with the one Lanza expressed as Smiggles, on the thread “Post-mortem disposal of bodily remains”:

It seems like an irrelevant question to be concerned about. No one can obtain knowledge about what happens after death, nor if anything is required to do for the deceased. If some
ritual was necessary, no one could know about it nor have any knowledge about the requirements of it. Perhaps there’s a magical platypus who requires that you burn a wooden effigy of a hamster so that the deceased can ride it to the gates of Valhalla.

From observing other people who have died, the only conclusion which can be reached is that nothing happens. Treating death as if it’s the end of everything would be the most prudent course of action because believing that something happens is contrary to the observable world of the life which you are certain about having, thus deluding you into behaving in a way which could negatively impact your life.


On the Columbine forum in February 2012, Lanza posted to the thread “You know what I hate!?!?” and expressed his frustration with “life apologists”:

“I hate how life-apologists say (or rather, the very few of them who do anything other than mock you),”Life isn’t all suffering. What about the simple pleasures, like eating ice cream?”

They always use that example. Even if I didn’t recognize the flaws in their assertion, when I think of ice cream, I can only see a repugnant lump of pus crushed out of cows’ bloody nipples, who spend their entire lives confined in filth, where they’re periodically raped so that they’re incessantly pregnant, after which their calves are seized from them, destined to live the life of veal, with their only relief being an early death. From there, I always ride the pessimism train down different tracks until it inevitably leads me to contemplating over 500 million years of animals cannibalizing each other. Excuse me for not being thrilled by the extra jimmies on my ice cream cone.”

A strikingly similar reaction is seen from fuckcomments on the page for “Hook soundtrack-Flight to Neverland by john Williams”, in response to another user’s optimistic comment:

YoutubeUser25 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser26: ahh, i try my personal best day to day, i  mean we all feel stress u know…but sometimes, if u can really put enuff energy into it…seems possible to see the good in almost anything =)

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser25: Shut up sheltered life boy you dumb fuck, can you not see you are just lucky, some people live a mental tormented hell you could not imagine.  They hear people spout that stupid shit to them all the time it only works if your life isn’t a fucking shithole piece of fuck.  So shut up cause you are bullshitting everyone.  Enjoy your lucky life and shut the fuck up with the “”there is good in everything”” cause there isn’t unless you live some sheltered life, so have fun and enjoy.”

Interpreting Smiles

One video, “Steve O. My neighbour is two-faced“, is of a man explaining why he is suspicious of his neighbor, whom he identifies as “Steve O.” fuckcomments addresses the star of the video directly in this comment:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: The reason you should be able to rationalize the fact that you have mental problems is: You say you understand what Steve’s actions were one day because of the certain way he smiled at you. That is impossible. Even you can agree. There is no way to tell what a person has done by the way they smile. also wonder why Steve is up at 3 am? Many people stay up all night, or cannot sleep. You wonder where Steve get’s money from? Could be welfare, or plumbing…You dont need a van to be a plumber.

Adam Lanza expressed a nearly identical sentiment to a Yale psychiatrist in 2006.

AL’s mother told the Yale psychiatrist that he used to look at people but did not anymore. AL then asked rhetorically, “Why should I have to.” When the doctor explained all of the information that a person could learn by looking at a facial expression, such as a smile, AL stated that people could interpret smiles differently: “Some primates smile when they are frightened.” 

-Child Advocate report, pg. 49

There are many, many more instances where fuckcomments’s viewing habits and writings overlap with Adam Lanza. We will revisit this process of conclusively identifying this commenter as the shooter in Part III; for now, I think I’ve made my point.

Part II: Warning Signs

The most alarming statements from Adam Lanza, writing as “fuckcomments”, are when he makes overt (though never specific) threats of violence, expresses concern for his own mental state, or especially when he displays an ongoing fixation that connects gun violence with children. Reading these comments, we see in retrospect missed opportunities to stop the Sandy Hook shooting. We see a mind that is clearly already on the path to mass murder and suicide.

It is important here to note that fuckcomments displays a tendency, on nearly every subject, to express wildly contradictory opinions. He will demonize something on one comment page, and then praise it on another, or mock other users who express sentiments that he agreed with in other instances. Whether this is due to wild mood swings, changing his mind over time, mental illness, or simply an intentional attempt to cover his tracks, I couldn’t say. It does seem appropriate, though, to keep this in mind before taking any single comment he says as truthful, unless it matches what we already know he did at Sandy Hook.

Threats of Violence

On the page for the video “School Shootings and the Internet”, fuckcomments boasts about his plans to shoot students at a school and then commit suicide. He then argues with other users over his ability to go through with it (also, note that his argument regarding “the peak” of school shootings is consistent with his final post on the Columbine forum from February 2012):

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser32: this is silly, how the fuck am I supposed to operate all this shit a camera and live web feeds when im trying to kill everyone?? no, too much baggage, plus if im going to kill myself and everyone with me, why would i care about you faggots witnessing it all happen? fuck you. Hopefully i get to shoot you. Fuck your realtime streaming fuck bullshit, I NEED ALL MY HANDS AND ALL MY WITS *BANG BANG BANG BANG*   Plus your “”prediction”” has and is already happening, we are near the peak! ;)

YoutubeUser324 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: i guess i should start carrying my gat to school.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser32: that would be a really good idea. it may be bad because with all the students running and hiding you will be singled out with your gun and all focus is on you, you would probably have a better chance running your ass off to be honest, but if you wanted to stand toe to toe with a complete psycho who is well armed and ready to kill everyone then by all means try your luck, you better score a head shot or a spinal shot or a heart shot because hes gonna keep shooting no matter what happens.

YoutubeUser32 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: you mean you are so frail you can’t carry a netbook with a dongle in a back pack and a webcam clipped to a gun???All mouth and no bang!!!!!

YoutubeUser32 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: actually there has already been a uni shooting stopped by students who went to their cars, got their guns and went back into the campus.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser32: please tell me where and when, thank you.

YoutubeUser32  4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: Appalachian School of Law shooting 16th Jan 2002 – Armed Students helped restrain the shooter.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser32: Thank you. I will have to study how to overcome these armed students >:)”

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser32:  haha a 43 year old man went to a school of law and was subdued by a US Marine and 2 off duty police officers, they were students though. Note to self: Do not shoot up a school of LAW.

YoutubeUser32 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: Keep in mind: Do cops, soldiers and ex-soldiers go to universities? Answer yes. When studying in north america I met several. Conditions that can exist at any campus Does this mean that members of the public won’t shoot back? They may just do…. So you will need to put in plenty of playstation time :-]

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser32: @shuntyardalchemy Haha i got 20+ years in killin practice

His “20+ years of killin practice” is apparently a confirmation that he regards playing video games as valid experience in preparing for committing actual murder.

On other videos, such as “Heckler & Koch Mp5K” he claims, again sounding to be at least partially in jest, that video games have trained him to kill. (NOTE: this is one instance where only a portion of the conversation is available; a user responds to something that fuckcomments wrote, but what that comment was is lost, though the context makes it clear that Lanza had said something about enjoying killing people in real life as well as in video games):

YoutubeUser33 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: not gunna lie you sound a little crazy, you shouldnt like killing people.  liking guns is ok i like them too, but not killing people.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser33: Well if you are gonna pretend to shoot people you must at least like it a little in your head.

YoutubeUser33 4 years ago in reply to fuckcomments: well i mean i like getting kills in a video game but not killing people,

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser33: well one day your mind will get warped from pretending to kill so much you must kill! KILL!! KILL!!!

On “How to make any girl falls in love with you by hypnosis!”, Lanza expresses interest in murdering his own mother.

YoutubeUser35 5 years ago: Hmmm. The title of the video led me to believe that I would receive some sort of lesson. In fact, that was a misconception experienced on my behalf, and I’m sure most would agree with me. That’s not to say I didn’t learn a lesson. I learned that there is no lesson to be gleaned from this particular video. I enthusiastically give this video two thumbs down.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser35 : haha aww are you going to have to keep not hypnotizing people to molest them? how sad.

YoutubeUser35 3 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments: Nah. I’ll just keep getting it from your mom. She really likes me, and I didn’t even have to hypnotize her. Just be myself is really all I had to do. Sorry it took so long to post this. I just now bothered to read your drivel.”

fuckcomments 3 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser35 : We will fuck her together! Then kill her and dispose of the corpse!

This would seem just an effort to elicit shock, except that within one year of this comment, Lanza would indeed claim his own mother has his first murder victim.

Returning to the subject of the NIU shooter, on “Northern Illinois University” fuckcomments gives an short but alarming response when another user tells him what his reaction would be if there were a shooting at his own school (Lanza was once a student at Sandy Hook Elementary):

YoutubeUser38 7 years ago: I can’t believe how insensitive you people can be,  It is very hurtfull to hear people speaking this way after we were just faced with a tragic event.  We need support, we don’t need rude inconsiderate people cutting down on us If you don’t have anyhting nice to say, don’t saY ANYTHING…….let us grieve our losses.  If it happened at your school you would be upset too

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to                         YoutubeUser38: Would I?

Anti-Depressants and Violence

In perhaps the most tragic revelation to come from these comments, on “Can Antidepressants Cause Violence?” Lanza expressed fear that taking the anti-depressant Celexa would cause him to go through with his fantasy of committing a mass shooting:

fuckcomments 4 years ago : I have fantasies of grabbing my guns and hunting down everyone that fucked my life over…The doctor prescribed Celexa to me after Ive been having these fantasies. I have not taken the medication because I am afraid I might lose my self control if I take the drug. What the fuck do I do?

We know, of course, that Adam Lanza did indeed “grab his guns” and go on a killing spree approximately two years after this comment was posted.

We also know that he was indeed prescribed Celexa, by a Registered Nurse  at Yale Child Studies Center Advanced Practice, in 2007.


Caption: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00017458

While there’s no indication that Lanza told the nurse he had violent fantasies or intentions, she did report (when interviewed by police after the Sandy Hook shooting) that Lanza had “asked questions about schizophrenia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but was unwilling to share if he was experiencing any of the symptoms of the disorders.”  The act of asking about schizophrenia, particularly from the perspective of someone actually suffering from the disorder, may be consistent with fuckcomments phrasing that he was given the prescription “after I’ve been having these fantasies.”

According to both the report from the Connecticut State Police (above) and the report from Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate, Nancy Lanza gave her son the medication for a very short period (or at least claims that she did, or perhaps Adam merely claimed that he actually took it) but then ceased giving him the medicine due to the supposed side effects:

Immediately after prescribing the medication, the clinician received a call from the mother reporting that AL was “unable to raise his arm.” Mrs. Lanza stated that AL was attributing this symptom to the medication. An email from Mrs. Lanza to the clinic indicated that AL took the medication for three days. Mrs. Lanza wrote an email that AL experienced immediate and diverse symptoms associated with the medication, including “decreased appetitive and nausea . . . dizziness . . . disorientation,” disjointed speech, and sweating. She stated that “he couldn’t think. He sat in his room, doing nothing.” – Child Advocate Report, pg 55

It should also be noted that Celexa is the only antidepressant that fuckcomments specifically claims to have been prescribed. It is also the only antidepressant that Adam Lanza is confirmed to have been prescribed.

We find these concerns about the physical side effects of antidepressants on other videos that fuckcomments posted to.  On “Kayla on Ativan 2”, he comments twice (he is replying to another user and apparently adding to what they wrote, but the other user’s comments have since been erased): :

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser41: and makes your eyes droopy and makes you knock over things, drop things, ativan is a serious drug what the hell are you talking about, you may be too far gone into the ativan land to even know its affecting you so much.

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser41: Haha nope.  I do not want to become a drug addict like yourself.  Not on Ativan at least… That shit fucks up your brain and thought patterns.  It also is extremely physically addictive and withdrawals are enough to make dumb humans stuck in a cycle thinking the withdrawal symptoms are the symptoms they are treating with the drug.  Therefore they continue the use of benzos like dummies.  Have fun.

He posts practically an identical comment to the first on a video “No Ativan!!! Lesson learned!”:

fuckcomments 4 years ago: That shit fucks you up for days. 1 pill.  Makes your eyes all droopy and makes you drop things, knock little things, accidents happen and you get so frustrated, FUCK ATIVAN AND FUCK DOCTORS hehe

Another antidepressant medication, Luvox, is cause of concern for fuckcomments, and he frequently ties it to the actions of Columbine killer Eric Harris. In this instance, another user posted a video reply to the above video where fuckcomments had confessed his violent fantasies and fear of taking Celexa. On “Re: Can Antidepressants Cause Violence?” Lanza continued on this same subject:

“fuckcomments 4 years ago: god damn woman you are on this shit far too long, Luvox? god damn, I feel sorry for you.  Luvox creates thoughts of killing and violence, it is what Eric Harris was on when he shot up columbine, reading his journal you can see that over time his fantasies of killing became more vivid and detailed. His anger grew out of control even though it was prescribed to lesson his anger.  I was prescribed Celexa recently and the bottle is sitting there but I am afraid to take it.”

The subject once again is brought up on “Columbine-Mark-Donna-Taylor-2008.mov”, where fuckcomments contradicts himself (shootings have “nothing to do” with prescription drugs, but he is “afraid to take them”) in between expressing concern for the mental well-being of a Columbine survivor, Mark Taylor:

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser44: it has nothing to do with prescription drugs. It has more to do with anger and being nice guys, they were nice guys, believe it or not, drugs do not cause this behavior, armies killed massively in the past on no drugs at all, people were tortured and maimed by humans on nothing at all. Just because you all can’t accept that does not mean it isnt reality. Humans KILL. Eric and Dylan probably never hurt anything in their life, they never felt the guilt, the remorse. maybe when they shot themselves

fuckcomments 4 years ago: WHAT THE FUCK IS MARK TAYLOR ON IN THAT LAST INTERVIEW!?…uhh mark? where are you man?

YoutubeUser44 4 years ago  in reply to fuckcomments:look at the studies, it does happen. prescription drugs has more to do with it then bullies. if they were bullied their whole lives then why didnt they kill earlier or lash out in some other way. it doesnt happen in all cases but trust me it does happen. i have a slight form of OCD i was prescribed celaxa. i was on 20mg then moved up to 60, after a few weeks on that i had obsessive thoughts of suicide. some ppl become suicidal or homicidal or both especially in teens

fuckcomments 4 years ago  in reply to YoutubeUser44:  yea the doctor tried to give me celexa and I just laughed.  Its sitting in my drawer beside all the other bullshit pills they gave me, im afraid to take them because i am one angry man haha. Im smart enough to have never taken one of the pills though, my depression is bad, but i only see these pills making it worse, especially since i already kind of obsess over suicidal thoughts. Never took any meds though, thats why i got the meds in the first place.

This is not the only time that fuckcomments directs his writings to Mark Taylor or his family. On “1 Columbine Conspiracy”, a video apparently hosted by the Taylor family, Lanza wrote several comments, demonstrating his knowledge of the Columbine case:

fuckcomments 3 years ago: Holy fuck get him on disability benefits for god sake.  The truth is that Columbine has nothing to do with walshbuttrape.txt That file was created by a civilian, not a police officer.  It was named by a civilian.  They were investigating the claim and they named the file that.  It is not authentic.  The drawing can be simply that of being arrested. Judging by journal entries, Dylan mentions suicide and mass shooting suicide in 1997, a year before their arrest.  The arrest just pissed them off –

fuckcomments 3 years ago: and made them feel just a bit more worthless, a bit more dehumanized, more like failures.  There is no evidence supporting this claim.  This is the only logical explanation the poor woman can attach herself to.  I believe it is wrong but not impossible, however, to latch onto it like she has shows she does not know what she is talking about.  I have researched Columbine for 10 years and I do not believe these claims are true.  “”Witch craft””? It was a suicide with no reason really.  

fuckcomments 3 years ago: Donna, the reason they shot your son, who also was not shot first, Rachel and Richard Castaldo were, was because Dylan Klebold wanted to kill himself in 1997 judging by his journal.  It would seem he came up with the suicide plan and Eric Harris was all to excited to join him because he too felt his life was not worth living.  Eric also blamed bullying from the PREVIOUS YEAR at Columbine for his actions.  Kids with guns, suicidal thoughts, and a bad idea.  Your son was just in the wrong place. 

fuckcomments 3 years ago: Also try to get your son on disability for depression and PTSD and anxiety as I am sure he is suffering from these things.  They should be able to find him a place to live.  If he wants to take the meds, then they will most likely pay for them for him.  I am sure something like this is in place for someone in his condition. Forget the massacre and WHY, it was not your sons fault, he was just unlucky to be there at that moment.  Teen suicide is common. Their motive was suicide.

Taunting Columbine Students

In contradiction to the empathy apparently shown to shooting survivors above, fuckcomments twice posts cruel and sadistic Columbine shooting references to videos hosted by more recents students at Columbine.

On “Columbine Highschool Musical 2011”, he posts:

“@YoutubeUser50 PEEKABOOOO!”

…”peekaboo” being a quote from one of the Columbine killers, uttered to a student hiding under a desk in the school’s library, just before shooting and killing them.

On “AHS Warriors Girls Lacrosse – vs. Columbine – 2011-03-19”, which consists of footage of a Lacrosse game played by Columbine’s girls team in 2011, Lanza writes:

“Everybody with a white hat STAND UP!”

…another quote from the Columbine killers, shouted in the library where they murdered most of their victims. “White hats” were supposedly an indicator of students involved in varsity sports at Columbine High School in 1999.

Shooting Through Glass

fuckcomments posted in the comments section of the video entitle “NIJ IIIA Bulletproof glass vs. 12 gauge Shotgun 00 Buckshot, 12 Gauge Slug, AR-15 .223, 9mm” (cache here). The title and the content of the video are by themselves noteworthy;  in the video, a sheet of “bullet-proof” glass is subjected to abuse from several different firearms, including a 12-gauge shotgun, and an AR-15, and a 9mm pistol (eventually, the glass fails.)

Lanza brought all three of these weapon types (plus a 10mm Glock) to Sandy Hook on December 14th, 2012.

This becomes more disturbing when we see the comment that Lanza posted to this video:

fuckcomments 4 years ago : If I was trying to kill you and you were behind the glass I would shoot it many times until it broke…

At Sandy Hook, Lanza indeed shot through glass in order to reach his targets. Perhaps, at the time he wrote this comment, he suspected the windows at Sandy Hook Elementary School might have been bullet-proof (they weren’t.)  If so, the weapons he brought to the school, in light of this video, reflect his intentions to break through the glass even if it were “bullet-proof.”


The conclusion of this four-part story will be posted sometime next week, and will cover fuckcomments’s interest in firearms, connecting violence and children, the effect of internet access on the mentally ill, World of Warcraft, and his preoccupation with “the nineties.” It will also specifically address some of Lanza’s efforts as fuckcomments to conceal his identity (such claiming to be from Canada, or to be older than he really was.)

In the meantime, I will have to address something that I did not intend to be part of this story, and which caused this story to be delayed as well as to be posted in two halves: the “fuckcomments” account was live and viewable to any user while I researched this story over the last week… right up until yesterday, April 29th, when it suddenly disappeared. As of today, If you attempt to view fuckcomments’ profile, Youtube will tell you that it does not exist:


…but a simple checking of the Web Archive will show that it was indeed a real account:


Since the account has been removed, all of its comments have also disappeared. Because of this, I had to – at the last minute – go through this post and change all of the links to cached versions of pages (when available) instead of the live pages; this half of the story represents how far I got in fixing the links with the time I have available at the moment.

I do not know exactly why Youtube erased this account or how it was brought to their attention; I did not contact them. It might be a coincidence, or an automated process triggered by my accessing so many of their comments in a brief period of time. Either way, the disappearance of the account doesn’t matter, since I have already saved and backed up all of the comments I located from this account.

No one needs to take my word for it that these comments are genuine, either. It can be easily verified that the comments I quoted were really on Youtube: simply enter a Google search for the first few words of a given comment, inside quotation marks, as well as “fuckcomments”, also in quotation marks:


On the resulting page, look for a green “down” arrow next to the URL. Click it, and if the option “cache” appears, click that. Then you will see the comments page as I viewed it while writing this story.

However, as with the Google cache of ShockedBeyondBelief, these cached pages will be gone for good soon enough, probably a matter of weeks. If Google is deleting this content manually (and I don’t know if they are or not) then it could be gone at any second. But it will be too late.

To be concluded.

Copyright Notice: © SandyHookLighthouse, 2015.  Anyone may re-publish this story, in whole or in excerpt, provided that full and clear credit is given to “SandyHookLighthouse” by name, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
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Home of the Sandy Hook shooter has been torn down


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News items, timeline updates

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, and with good reason: when I started this blog, and as information about the case leaked, followed soon by official reports, I maintained a “to do” list of leads to cross off. That list grew several times with each new break in the case. However, the “Blarvink” wikipedia account (posted here last month) represented the very last investigative lead I had in my backlog.

In other words, until some new information becomes available, there’s not much left to say. On that note:

When New Information Will Become Available

First, the Sandy Hook Advisory Committee has today provided the latest projected release window for their oft-delayed report: February 2015. While I’d be inclined to take this prediction with a grain of salt given the past delays, at this point there’s not really much left that they could possibly cite as a reason for delay (the Child Advocate report was one they were waiting on for a long time, then they agreed to stop waiting, then it came out, so the delay there is understandable.) The Courant has more here: Link

The other obvious avenues for new information to come out would be either of the two lawsuits filed in the past month.

The first lawsuit (explained here) was filed by at least ten of the families of Sandy Hook victims, alleging wrongful death against the manufacturer and dealer of the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle used in the shooting.

The second lawsuit (explained here) was filed by the families of two Sandy Hook victims, Noah Pozner and Jesse Lewis. The suit was filed against the town of Newtown and the Newtown School Board, alleging that the town was negligent in securing the entrance to the school, and failed to provide substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau with keys to lock her classroom door, or otherwise fulfill the obligations of the school’s lockdown procedure.

As either of these lawsuits progress, it’s likely that some previously-unreleased or redacted information will come to light (assuming that either case reaches that point.) When it does, I’ll be sure to cover it here.

Given my focus on just the facts of the case here, I don’t have any observations to share either way on the merits of either lawsuit.

Timeline Updates

I updated the Adam Lanza timeline to include information from the report of the Child Advocate’s office back in November. The timeline has also been updated to include information about the Blarvink wikipedia account.

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Blarvink: Adam Lanza’s first wikipedia account revealed

(thanks to a reader of the blog, Jonas, for supplying a full accounting of the available posts for this profile; I’d been aware of it for a year but was not convinced it was the shooter until now.)

The first known online activity associated with the Sandy Hook shooter was his activities on wikipedia (and several firearms forums) under the moniker “Kaynbred” starting in June 2009 (I’ve covered that account’s wikipedia activities in depth here.) This first-known account also represented the earliest significant online activity in his timeline.

As it turns out, Kaynbred was not Adam Lanza’s first wikipedia account. The user account Blarvink was created by Adam Lanza on February 4th, 2007, when Adam Lanza was 14 years old.

This point in time also marks just 3 days before Adam Lanza’s final meeting with Yale nurse Kathleen Koenig (they had a total of 4 meetings from Oct 2006 to Feb 7, 2007.) It is thus well documented that he was experiencing emotional paralysis and extreme anxiety at this time, and it was during these meetings that Lanza asked Koenig questions about schizophrenia as well as psychotic depression.

Although the account was created on February 7th, the earliest available activity associated with the account is not until two months later, on April 11th (click here to see all of the account’s contributions.)

The edits on that day include one to the page for the television show Blues Clues, wherein he redacts some obvious vandalism. This perhaps seems like an insignificant point, but it is worth noting the correlation in subject matter seen from Lanza’s other account Smiggles, 4 years later:

Oh, dear God. The school shooter in the episode of Homicide: Life on the Streets was the host of the children’s show Blues Clues. I guess going away to school didn’t turn out too well for him.

[link to a scene from said television show]

This tragedy could have been prevented. Steve showed all of the warning signs.

[link to a scene from Blues Clues]

A similar correlation can be seen in the subject matter of the other page that Lanza edits on that day, and his known fixations in real life. The edit shows that Lanza was active on the (now-erased) page for “Rant” – a page dedicated to defining and explaining the act of ranting.

Since the page itself was erased, we have no way of knowing what edits he made to it (only his edits to the page’s “talk” page survive.) However, being familiar with all of his other writings, I immediately suspected that this section came from the Sandy Hook shooter:

The scholarly foundation for a discussion of ranting begins with the observation that ranting is likely universal, probably evolutionarily conserved, and therefore putatively performs a vital function affecting reproductive success. It has been hypothesized that ranting is part of the behaviour pattern of male bonded, small group, coalitionary lethal violence directed against outsiders. If that hypothesis has merit then the ranting behaviour pattern may have biological roots extending to the epoch of the last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees. It would also follow that ranting may have a powerful non verbal, probably emotional, component.

Compare this with the reports from his Yale examinations included in the Child Advocate report, dated one month after the archiving of the wikipedia page:

The Yale psychiatrist’s initial report observed that AL presented as a “pale, gaunt, and awkward young adolescent standing rigidly with downcast gaze and declining to shake hands.”

AL’s mother told the Yale psychiatrist that he used to look at people but did not anymore. AL then asked rhetorically, “Why should I have to.” When the doctor explained all of the information that a person could learn by looking at a facial expression, such as a smile, AL stated that people could interpret smiles differently: “Some primates smile when they are frightened.

However, since the archive in question is from January 2007, and the “Blarvink” account was not registered until one month later, it can’t have come from that user account. Two likely scenarios then:

  1. That sentence is what led to Lanza’s attention to the article and subsequent edits, whatever they may have been.
  2. That edit did come from Adam Lanza, but either under a different user account or anonymously.

Since the page in question is gone, there’s no way to prove or disprove either scenario without access to Wikipedia’s admin records, so it will probably be left at that.

The most significant contribution in terms of cementing the shooter’s timeline, though, is Lanza’s edit to the page for Newtown High School, on August 28th, 2007. In it, he simply changes the number listed for the amount of students attending the school; it his his edit note (explaining to other Wikipedia users why he made the change he did) that is most revealing:

According to what the surrogate vice principal stated in the auditorioum to the 9th and 10th grades on 8/28, there are 1,737 students in Newtown High School this year. I Updated the page accordingly.

This can be taken as confirmation that Adam Lanza attended the “New Students” assembly at Newtown High School, the same day that he made this edit.

Note how this event falls in between the other events on the timeline from this period (the edit is bolded:)

August 26, 2007: Just before the start of 10th grade, “a communication from a psychiatrist stated that the doctor had reviewed [Adam’s] history with [Nancy] and that he was confident that Adam was prepared and ready to attend Newtown High School as a full time student that fall.” Source: Report from the Office of the Child Advocate, pg 62

August 28, 2007: Adam Lanza, as Blarvink, makes an edit to the wikipedia page for Newtown High School, updating the number of attending students. His note for this edit includes confirmation that he attended an assembly at Newtown High School (likely the “New Student Orientation” always held in August) that same day:

According to what the surrogate vice principal stated in the auditorioum to the 9th and 10th grades on 8/28, there are 1,737 students in Newtown High School this year. I Updated the page accordingly.

Pre-Fall 2007: Nancy write to a staff member at Newtown High School, just before the start of the school year, affirming that [Adam] “insists on walking through that front door,” and that he was “prepared.”

It is worth noting that Adam had actually already attended 9th grade at Newtown High School and was thus not a “new student,” but the above context makes the purpose of his attendance at the assembly obvious.

Finally, the account’s later attention to the page for the book Into the Wild is certainly consistent with Lanza’s developing worldview at the time; the edit itself is not significant, beyond also being consistent with Lanza’s obsession with exact details — in this case changing the amount of a person’s life savings, in the previous edit changing the number of students at the school, and in many later edits specifying the weapons and ammunition used by specific mass killers.

For those interested, here I’ll also include some of Jonas’s observations about Blarvink’s wikipedia etiquette and what it suggests to him (without comment from me as this is beyond my familiarity with the site):

Jonas Rand says…

User:Kaynbred only had 12 edits.to Wikipedia. By contrast, User:Blarvink, by contrast, made at least 20 edits, one of which is no longer visible (due to the deletion of the article, “Rant”, by an administrator, after the time the edit was made). The Blarvink account was created on February 4, 2007, but his first edits on record are on April 11, approximately 2 months later, reflecting a similar pattern to the account “Kaynbred” (created almost 2 months before its first edit):



Blarvink made a few edits here and there almost every month from April to September 2007, at the end of which he stopped editing, only to login to the account over 5 months later to make his final edit under that name, to the talk page of Barack Obama, where he wrote a sarcastic response to another user’s comment about the article’s content. After this, he seems to have abandoned the account altogether.

Regarding the edits themselves, they show interests that had not been linked with Adam Lanza before, and also show more ideological viewpoints, such as an opposition to liberalism and Barack Obama. While it isn’t fair to infer that his opinions had not changed between this point and the time he committed his massacre, or that this even tells us what viewpoint he had at this point (he could have been anything from a conservative, to a libertarian, to a Maoist to be opposed to liberalism and Obama), it does help to piece together his internet activities during his high school years. Something that everyone may not be familiar with is the terms used in his edit summaries: he has a familiarity with at least some Wikipedia policies but this could have easily been attained by simply lurking and reading the rules, and looking at other people’s contributions (there is a “Recent Changes” page in most wikis, including Wikipedia). POV stands for “Point of View” and is used in Wikipedia to mean something that is biased, i.e., in contravention to its Neutral Point of View (NPOV) policy. In his last two edits before his long break from Wikipedia, on 10 September 2007, we see Blarvink changing content that he is deeming “POV”. While this is a common term, he uses it to describe the title “Her Majesty” and removes that title from the page about “New Zealand” where it was used to describe Queen Elizabeth II. He was informed on his talk page that this was, in fact, a proper usage of the term, though he never responded to this comment.

It is worth noting that almost every edit made under this account comes with an edit summary, which it is considered proper etiquette to do on Wikipedia for all edits that are not minor, though it is not always done. Only one of these summaries is automatic (the result of an “undo” action that automatically reverts the last edit to the version immediately preceding it). Of his 19 edits as “Blarvink”, only three have no edit summaries, including his last edit under that account. His first edit said that he removed vandalism from the ‘Origin’ section of the article “Blues Clues”, but he actually made the edit he described in this post a minute after he said he had done it.

Another interesting feature of these edits is that they show more of a variety of interests than Lanza’s later postings online, particularly his edits as “Kaynbred”, which largely only deal with the subjects of guns and mass shootings. Here, we have Lanza visiting pages as diverse as the book “Into the Wild”, New Zealand, Blues Clues and the Gas constant. However, we do see an interest in war, reflected in 1) the comments by Lanza’s 7th grade teacher about his essays on the subject of battles, war, and destruction; and 2) the books from Lanza’s book collection which are revealed in the latest report from the Office of the Child Advocate. Blarvink edited the articles on Alvin York (a US Army Sergeant and WWI veteran) and the Fall of Saigon.

Perhaps he even had an earlier account, but I doubt it due to the nature of his first edit, announcing that he had deleted vandalism when 1) this is usually not announced and 2) he had not even done it yet. This seems like a newbie mistake. He may have had a third Wikipedia account, however: not only was he inactive there after 2010, but the period between the last edit from Blarvink’s account and the first edit by Kaynbred is over 17 months long.

P.S. – The page “Rant” was deleted in 2013, so his edit to it was not preserved; however, the article’s talk page was never deleted, so his comment there, from 2007, stays to this day.




Regarding his first Wikipedia contributions, it is possible that he contributed something to this section of the article at a later date as “Kaynbred”, and indeed according to this tool (which is used to list the various accounts that a single user has synthesized across multiple wikis run on Wikimedia Foundation servers – such as Wikiquote, Wiktionary, and foreign language versions of these sites)…


…User:Blarvink had 21 contributions, which would account for the edit to the “Rant” article that he discussed on the talk page, and one additional edit. His account currently shows only 19 contributions, so it isn’t beyond the imagination that his first contribution could have been to add content to the “Rant” page and his second contribution being the one he explained on the talk page. However, it is impossible for the section quoted above from the archived page to have been added by the Blarvink account (though it may have been added by Lanza using an IP address, or a different alias, it could have been anyone), for the simple reason that Blarvink wasn’t registered until February 2007, and that archived version was from January.

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