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A Brief Review of the Evidence Against “Kaynbred”

Awhile back I posted a review of the evidence that the Sandy Hook shooter was in fact the individual behind the profile named “Smiggles” that was active on a Columbine forum from early 2010 to February 2012. This is going … Continue reading

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Who really owned the guns in the Lanza home?

I detailed in a previous post how we know that the unnamed interview subject who told the FBI that Adam Lanza owned the Sandy Hook murder weapon was, in fact, his brother Ryan. This is the second part of that analysis. (quick … Continue reading

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Kaynbred character profile on Community Ban List

http://player.cbl.statdrive.net/Kaynbred.html (to clarify, the Community Ban List is supposed to be a list of ‘cheaters’ in the game Combat Arms. Lanza’s status as “clean” means that he is not believed to have been cheating.)

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Lanza’s Combat Arms clan: MG14c

Lanza’s Combat Arms clan: MG14c The profile for his (disbanded) gaming clan in Combat Arms. Probably he is not on the members list, having “unjoined” it in March 2010, but perhaps some cached data exists somewhere. 

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