GPS data indicates that arcade footage showed Sandy Hook shooter

I think most readers of this blog are probably familiar with the video clip that surfaced on facebook sometime after the Sandy Hook shooting (though it was uploaded six months before the event,) showing a person who is believed to be the Sandy Hook shooter playing Dance Dance Revolution at the Danbury AMC movie theater’s arcade. I haven’t really written about it before, mostly because I just didn’t have much to say, but recently I did notice something in the official report that is relevant, and supports the assertion that the person playing the game was indeed the shooter.

First, a quick review of the reasons this clip first became associated with the Sandy Hook case:

  1. The shooter was known to play long sessions of this game, at the same movie theater, around this time. The employees referred to him as “DDR boy.”
  2. A voice in the clip (presumably the person filming the video) can be heard saying the shooter’s actual name. (Sandy Hook Facts produced a short youtube video that isolates this part, it can be found here.)
  3. The person shown dancing fits the shooter’s description (height/build/clothing)
  4. After the Sandy Hook shooting, comments on the clip from facebook identified the person dancing as the shooter; in response, the person who uploaded it said “I know” (abbreviated as “ik”)

Here is the facebook post (usually I do not post photos of the shooter, but since the visual info is relevant to the point here, I’ll leave it):



…note that the video was originally posted on June 2nd, 2012. Now, it’s possible that the person who posted this video had recorded it on a previous date, but since it’s just a casual facebook video that a guy was sharing with his friends, I’ll assume it was uploaded very shortly after it was filmed. That brings us to a new detail to support that this is person was indeed the shooter: the shooter’s GPS unit was there at the same time.


CFS 1200704559 Book 3, file 00051670

The times above are from the official report, meaning that the times shown are five hours off because they haven’t been converted from Greenwich Mean Time to Eastern Standard (see my post about this from awhile back.) The report’s GPS supplement, meanwhile, again shows the correct times, and also has the route shown plotted in Google earth – this supplement is a bit hard to read, but the start time is shown in the top-left corner in large type:

ddr-GPS-correct times

CFS 1200704559 Book 2, file 00171468

So, the shooter left home at approximately 6:41pm that evening, arrived at the theater at approximately 7:00 pm, and was there for about an hour and a half before returning home to 36 Yogananda.

The original facebook post didn’t show a timestamp, just the date it was posted. However, the comment thread associated with the picture does list times, and none of the comments posted on June 2nd are from before 7:00 pm, so everything seems consistent between the facebook and GPS timelines. (Actually, the first comments were made while the shooter was still at the theater: 8:21pm.)

Whether or not this settles this issue, I suppose is up to the reader to decide. I’ll just note that I’m not aware of any information that indicates the video is not authentic.

While we’re on the topic of the GPS routes: There were actually several trips found in the Garmin unit that each start at 36 Yogananda street (the shooter’s address) and end at the Danbury movie theater, despite him making the drive multiple times every weekend for months; I’m guessing this was part of his obsessive need to reduce unpredictability in his life, which was by this point was so severe that he was completely isolating himself at home except for these trips and a handful of other stops. I did go through all of the different trips from the report, and most were going to either the Danbury Fair Mall or one of two Whole Foods locations. A few trips brought him to intersections in Hawleyville and in Monroe, where I don’t know what the heck he would have been doing.

I’ll have another update this week soon-ish, kind of along these same lines: various stuff I’ve noticed while trying to put the facts together over the past few months.


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10 Responses to GPS data indicates that arcade footage showed Sandy Hook shooter

  1. Reed, this is very enlightening and supportive information. Thanks so much for all of the great research that you conduct and share via your web site.

  2. greg says:

    I saw this video shortly after it was realized that this could be adam and i came to the same conclusion. You can hear them say adam fucking lanza. And hes wearing the same clothes he always wore along with the same black shoes he always wore. This evidence link just proves it. Thanks for your great research reed!!

  3. colgam01 says:

    pretty crazy to think these are probably the same sneakers worn during the massacre.
    thanks for this research Reed – I’ve been convinced since seeing this video that it is indeed authentic. on the other hand, nothing i’ve seen suggests that the 4chan stuff is authentic (the “warning” post, which was clearly photoshopped, and the “photo” of adam, especially considering the conspiratorial comments made by the OP). the only shooters i’m aware of that actually posted warnings on 4chan are Chris Harper Mercer (who probably was following in the foot steps of Lanza, possibly, although as I’ve pointed out this was a hoax) and Neil MacInnis.

  4. justwonderin says:

    What do you mean by “There were actually several trips found in the Garmin unit that each start at 36 Yogananda street (the shooter’s address) and end at the Danbury movie theater, despite him making the drive multiple times every weekend for months; “. Are those two at odds or it didn’t show up enough times?

    • Reed Coleman says:

      Second one. The employees and witnesses say he was there literally every weekend, but there’s only 5 or 6 trips in the GPS. The two aren’t at odds it’s just not what I expected.

  5. anon says:

    It’s been confirmed legally this video is legit by newsweek

  6. Mike says:

    Nice to see an update, always look forward to reading your blog. Since I first saw that video long ago I felt certain (albeit without any hard proof, just in feeling [not very scientific] that it was without a doubt him, for multiple reasons you’ve already covered. Anyway, it’s nice to see it confirmed as fact now with facts to back up the assertion. I gain satisfaction out of each and every aspect of this case when they are finally sorted out and beyond the point of mere speculation or one’s belief; no matter how big or small a part of the case it may be. Because of this, I’m glad this is now confirmed and can be filed away with the rest of such matters. I look forward to reading anything in the future you have to discuss, as well as (of course) your book, which I believe will be the single definitive written authority on the matter once completed. I hope you include as much as humanly possible, even if it takes some time, just so it’s perfect and all located in one source. I realize there is a lot to discuss from the facts, to discussing possibilities and theories, but I hope it will all be in there. I know I’ll read and reread it and I know I’m not the only one. I hope you realize how important your work on this case and future book are and will remain in the future to come and that there are many of us who realize and appreciate this very much, I know it’s a mountain of work in it’s entirety. Keep up the good work and I hope it never gets too discouraging or overwhelming. Feel free to contact me if ever you’d like to discuss any aspects of any of this if you ever have some free time. I’m not sure if I could assist you at all, although I know quite a bit on the subject and have certain resources close to the case I will not name in an open message on this board, but if interested I have no problem divulging such matters. At any rate, take care and keep fighting the good fight. Hope to hear from you. I’ll leave an email address to reach me at in the email designated box to fill out here in case you’ve forgotten it from when we last spoke, it was a little while ago, so I’d understand. Excuse the long winded message!

  7. Jake says:

    I believe the GPS routes in at least a handful of his trips also took him past some area schools, such as Newtown High, St Rose and others. I had matched up some of the streets awhile ago and not sure if you had noticed this in your research. I’m not even sure that it means a whole lot. He may have simply needed to drive these routes to get to where he was going, but I had wondered if he was fantasizing/scouting schools on some of these trips. I know in the official report they do mention the GPS shows routes took him past schools in the area.

  8. Interested says:

    When are we going to get an update? Looking forward to the book!

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