If you’re new to the blog, or the details of the Sandy Hook case, start here.

Top Posts

These are the longer and most significant stories posted to the blog, showing how much has been learned about the case that is not evident in the official reports.

Audio of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza’s call-in to a radio show – The post that broke the story of “Smiggles,” Lanza’s activity at, and the “Travis the Chimp” call.

Who really owned the guns in the Lanza home? – An analysis of the firearms used in the Sandy Hook shooting, when they were acquired, and who had access to them. An often misunderstood aspect of the case.

Kaynbred, Adam Lanza, and Wikipedia: Three Years in the Basement – Focuses on the first-known internet postings by the shooter, before the “Smiggles” account was discovered. (the title of this post is dated, since we now know the killer didn’t actually live in the basement of his house, but the content itself is still quite relevant to the case.)

Overlap between “Kaynbred” and “Smiggles” – proof that the user who posted as Kaynbred and the user who posted as Smiggles are, beyond any reasonable doubt, the same person.

The FBI’s interview with Ryan Lanza – One interview subject from the official report demonstrated an especially intimate knowledge of the Lanza family. Here, I explain why: he’s a member.

Investigators used incorrect GPS data in official Sandy Hook report – Police wondered why Adam Lanza was driving around at odd hours of the night. Even moreso, if he visited Sandy Hook Elementary the day before the shooting, why did he do it in the middle of the afternoon? Turns out, he didn’t. He went in the morning, to scout his target.

External Links

Some other sources that are indispensable if you want to have a full understanding of what happened at Sandy Hook, and how society has reacted.

The Official Report – Connecticut State Attorney Sedensky’s flawed, but still very detailed and voluminous investigation record.

Sandy Hook Facts – My blog focuses on events leading up to the shooting, and the background of the perpetrator. For info on everything that happened after the first shot was fired, go here. Wade does excellent work. (the “Deadliest Minute” video, in particular, is recommended)

Salon: Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory – Wasn’t the Sandy Hook shooting all a big government conspiracy/hoax? SPOILER ALERT: no. (There are many good sources for debunking Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, but I’m partial to this one. It’s from only a month after the event, but every conspiracy nut still peddles one or more of the ridiculous assertions that are defused here.)

For a more up-to-date and thorough list of Sandy Hook facts and misconceptions, see Sandy Hook Tragedy: Focus on Facts (facebook page)


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