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Anarcho-Primitivism at the Columbine RPG forum

The few known hints that Adam Lanza left behind about his motive in the Sandy Hook shooting are all rooted in anarcho-primitivist philosophy; he linked to John Zerzan’s essays in his last post (in which he linked mass violence with … Continue reading

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Adam Lanza/Smiggles story, first broken here, goes mainstream

Apparently it will be the cover story in this morning’s edition of the New York Daily News: I am mentioned midway through the story: Zerzan said he was stunned when he first learned from Connecticut-based blogger Reed Coleman that he … Continue reading

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audio of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza’s call-in to a radio show

(It doesn’t appear that the Connecticut State Attorney’s Office was aware of this recording’s existence when they wrapped up their official report last month. Or if they were, they left it out. Which is a shame, because the Sandy Hook … Continue reading

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