Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate releases their official report

It’s here (top link on the right.)

I won’t have a chance to read the report until later, will post any thoughts I have on it tomorrow.


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3 Responses to Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate releases their official report

  1. GG says:

    I “skimmed” the report last night, and have a few observations:

    1. This is a very helpful and informative report. I found it helpful because its chronological format make it easy to place events in the context of the date and AL’s age and grade level, It is informative because it is the first report to actually put SERIOUS effort into documenting his mental state and history.

    2. This report revealed to me that he did indeed show outward signs of anger, something I had never seen confirmation of before (maybe this lends a little more weight to your door slam/head bump injury theory?).

    3. He was capable of some form of empathy/kindness towards his mother and “friend” at times.

    4. The report mentions that “pornographic videos” were found on his computer. This is the first I have heard of him EVER expressing sexual interest. I know he referred to thinking of himself as “asexual” (which he seems to blame on low body weight) up until age 15 or so.

    5. This report makes the “moving out of state” in 2012 scenario a MAIN part (trigger?) of the reason why the shooting took place. I’m not sure if I’m on board yet… I want to track down exactly where that info came from (i.e., which witness or email).

    6. AL visited the Sandy Hook website “numerous” times before the shooting, looking at layout and security polices for the school. This is the first I have heard of this evidence of planning, I knew the he visited Sandy Hook the previous day before the shootings. Too bad the report doesn’t say when these visits to the website occurred.

    7. I noticed (I think) a few small errors in the report. A couple typos…. Factually, the report states that AL began looking at mass murder/shooting websites in 2011. According to your fine research, he was looking up such sites as early as 2006-2008.

    8. This report really gives you a clearer picture of Adam Lanza the person than ever before. He cried…. a lot. I would feel sorry for him, if it weren’t for what happened. He could be defiant and annoying at times. I now can see his personality, which at first was totally blank.

    9. Neither the State Police report or this one mention anything about the content of his forum postings or his call to the radio show. Why is this? Those are important pieces of evidence.

    10. Nancy Lanza may not have had MS or any other illness like she claimed and freaked out about. It sounds like she had a LOT of her own mental issues.

    • Reed Coleman says:

      I just posted my reactions, and I touch on most of the same things you noticed, and explain my guess as to why the forum posts/radio call aren’t mentioned.

      I don’t think that the references to Adam walking to Sandy Hook with his dad were surveillance, they would have happened in 2009 or so.

      Also with the mention of there being pornography on his computer, the phrasing of that is so vague (“signs that he accessed pornography at some point” or something like that) that I don’t think it’s very significant. In fact there was one of the forum posts where he joked that he had found gay porn when looking for a foreign film about mass shootings, so they perhaps just found that. I remain skeptical that he had any sexual inclination at all.

      • GG says:

        I just read your post, good analysis… Thanks for the reply to my comment.

        I would like to now just throw out a thought re: his choice of target. My own best guess is that Sandy hook was chosen for several different reasons:

        1. Geographical Convenience – close enough to drive to.
        2. Familiarity – AL attended the school, walked there sometimes with his father as the report noted. I agree with you that this was not for surveillance… I think the WEB SITE visits and the physical visit the day before were for surveillance.
        3. Tactical advantage – I think this might be the most important reason for choosing Sandy Hook. Very unlikely to be overpowered by small children. (and obviously, he was frail enough to be overpowered by a teen or adult if the chance presented itself). I think he thought he could get the highest number of “kills” this way.
        4. Shock value – I think he felt like he would cause more pain, shock and sadness with small children, and probably draw more attention to his crime.

        Note: at one point, I did think that he may have thought he was “striking back” at places where enculturation was occurring (schools). Or even that he thought he was sparing the children of the “horror” of living in this modern world and culture.

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