Research from SandyHookLighthouse now at

You can now find some improved versions of my research over at – this is a site maintained by Dr. Peter Langman, a leading researcher on school shootings and author of School Shooters: Understanding High School, College, and Adult Perpetrators and Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters. 

My contributions are here:

I’ve always felt that the information uncovered about the Sandy Hook shooter at this blog should be studied by mental health professionals, and it’s been my goal for a long time to make that happen. I’m very proud to have achieved that here.

As far as the actual content hosted there, it’s mostly the  same as you’ll find here, except:

  • The index of “Smiggles” posts includes the complete threads they were posted to, so you can see the context of the conversation. This has not really been possible since the Google archive of went offline last Summer, and I’ve been meaning to make my saved pages available ever since, so there they are (with a few exceptions, as I didn’t save every single page.)
  • The “Adam Lanza Timeline” document has some entries that I’ve been meaning to add (such as Lanza’s post about Anders Breivik, and his final post before leaving the forum) as well as a few other tweaks and corrections.  I’ll be making these same updates to the timeline here soon.
  • All the documents are in a vastly more readable format. I’ll admit I don’t run the most visually appealing blog out there.
  • There’s  also a transcript of the 2011 Anarchy Radio call, transcribed by a pro, Ilana Masad (I had posted my own transcription back in January, but I’m sure it wasn’t perfect.)

So, take a look if you’re interested in researching this case, or the subject in general. Much thanks to Peter and Josh Langman for hosting this information, and their patience in helping me to improve it over the past few weeks.


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One Response to Research from SandyHookLighthouse now at

  1. bryan says:

    Is it possible to request a release of some of the photos or text documents from the harddrive found in Adam’s house??

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