Update to Lanza’s educational history

Recently I was contacted by a source familiar with the FBI’s interviews with the Lanza family. Having reviewed my timeline of Adam Lanza’s educational history, they had one correction to offer: according to the interviews conducted, although Adam did go to after-hours sessions at Sandy Hook Elementary School, he was not home-schooled during this period. Adam attended all five years (1st thru 4th grade, and then a portion of 5th) at Sandy Hook Elementary School, attending normal classes with other students.

The “after-hours” arrangement with Nancy was in addition to normal class time at Sandy Hook Elementary, not a replacement for it.

The conflicting information reported about this period of time is due to a confusion of time periods being discussed in the original interview; upon being asked for information about Lanza’s educational history, family members would have answered that they knew Adam stayed after-hours at Sandy Hook, and was home-schooled at some point… this is accurate, but doesn’t describe the same time period. The “home school” stretch corresponds to Adam’s high school years.

I’ll be making the appropriate updates to the educational history post.



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