Sabratha’s “Bullet Time”


I’ll be posting a detailed analysis of this film soon, but I wanted to get this bit out first: the Polish student film “Bullet Time,” which Adam Lanza recommended on multiple occasions on the Super Columbine Massacre RPG discussion forum, actually itself recommends the same forum as a place for budding school shooters to do their research.

This posting, by the forum user Sabratha who was involved in the making of this film, is particularly chilling in retrospect:


We can’t know exactly when Adam Lanza first saw “Bullet Time” – only that it was after August 2009, when this english-subtitled version was first posted, and before August 10th 2011, when he first mentions it as Smiggles. But, having seen the whole thing, there are some significant parallels between this film (which documents the preparation for a fictional school shooting) and what we know Adam Lanza was doing in preparation for his own.

More soon.

(The scene shown at the top is from Part 7, about 6 minutes in, and can be seen here. )


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