Sandy Hook Commission update

The commission’s final report was planned for this month, but they haven’t had a meeting since February, so I’ve been waiting for them to announce this delay. Now it’s due to come out in June. More info at the link.


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3 Responses to Sandy Hook Commission update

  1. bryan says:

    I wonder if they will share more information on Adam. Perhaps the emails he made to other people? Anything new!? I thought Peter Lanza was releasing Adam’s medical records. What happened to that??

  2. bryan says:

    Hmm, i specifically remember Peter stating in an article that he would release Adams medical records, or atleast some, to the publicin hopes people will learn from it so they can keep it from happening to them. He states numerous times that this could happen to anyone. I wonder if he will make good on that but most likely not. Still though id like to take a peek at the emails that Adam writes to people. Especially his mother.

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