A couple notes on hard drives

Nothing major here, but worth noting for anyone who’s read up on the search of the Lanza home.

When the draft of the official report came out last fall, and included an itemized list of hard drive contents, many were understandably confused about how they got that data. Were the authorities able to access the “destroyed” hard drive?  

Unfortunately, no they were not. As of December 2013, the FBI confirmed that they haven’t been able to get anything at all off of that drive. The “smashed hard drive” is/was a 500-gigabyte Seagate Barracuda, while the “hard drive contents” listed on the official report are actually from an external hard drive, a Transcend Storjet 160gb external USB hard drive


(really, it’s a Storejet. Apparently a typo.) 

Since then, I’ve wondered where exactly the drive was in the photos from the Yogananda Drive crime scene. The search warrant lists the location as “shelf in closet in southeast bedroom,” but that actually isn’t very specific once you see the closet:



See it? I didn’t. But it’s there.

See the cardboard box at the very top right? The hard drive is that rounded grey rectangle peeking out from the right side of it.

Given that it’s in that little cranny behind the door and shoved behind a box, there aren’t any great pictures of it, but you can see it best in this one:


Compare that sliver of orange at the top to this product image from Newegg:



…so, there you go.

Side note: while going through photos, I noticed another hard drive. This goes back to my post about the Xbox Live account tied to the Xbox 360 found in the basement. In that post, I said that the investigators could just eject the busted Xbox’s hard drive. Turns out, they can even skip that step:


…the removable hard drive is that grey thing next to the phone, on top of the roll of black tape. There’s no note about it in the official report, so maybe they didn’t recognize what it was. Hope they saved it!


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