Index of all the Sandy Hook shooter’s posts to Shocked Beyond Belief

Smiggles posted 296 times to the ShockedBeyondBelief forum*. I’ve accounted for 289 of them. Here is everything he posted… if available. [Edit: the first attempt didn’t agree with wordpress, so I’ve embedded it as a Google spreadsheet, which works a bit better.]

Why isn’t everything there? Because, out of the 289 posts, the shooter subsequently erased 60 of them, by editing each post and replacing the text with “(Redacted.)”

Out of those 60 “redacted” posts, many can still be surmised by reading the quoted text from users later in the thread. Still, a total of 35 posts were deleted and never quoted, so those are probably gone for good. I’ve left entries for those with the appropriate URL, just to account for when and where in the forum each post was.

Many times, he just posted a link to a youtube video. I’ve labeled what each was, but again, only if the video is still available. A few aren’t. A few other posts have notes, where I thought useful.

The posts are in chronological order, which allows for a few observations:

  1. Smiggles wasn’t actually that active of a user; 300 posts may seem like a lot, but it was over the course of almost two years, and not spaced out regularly. There are bursts of activity, and then weeks or months of silence. In other words, this cannot possibly represent all of his online activity during that time. Few users of the forum probably even had an impression of him.
  2. Smiggles posted more than 296 times, though. There was at least one major purge of inactive forum threads between 2010 and 2013, and at least some of the threads that Smiggles participated in were involved. Smiggles himself created a thread observing this on January 14th, 2011, “Why did over half of all posts get deleted?” although this thread itself is one where his “redacted” posts do not survive. The Smiggles account was registered on December 30, 2009. The oldest post from him that I can find is from April 2, 2010. He must have posted at least once in that 3-month gap.
  3. Whenever and however he earned a reputation on the forum as a pedophile, that thread is apparently among those purged. Before collecting all the posts in one place, it seemed that reputation came from a 12/20/2011 post in the thread “Burn all the PS3, Wii, 360, Flatscreens, Smart phones, ipads”, in which he said “Literature is simply another coping mechanism for children who’ve been mindfucked by culturapists. They’re carried to other worlds in the stream of semen.” This did become something of an infamous post, but comments going back as early as November 2011 show he already had that reputation, such as a Nov 7th comment from another user “Holy shit, she’s 13. Smiggles, I found a girl for you.” Three days before that, Smiggles posted “I don’t think there should be any age of consent, but since no matter what I say everyone will accuse me of just wanting to justify some latent pedophilia I allegedly have…” which seems to be the earliest available indication of his reputation, already in place.
  4. He deleted posts in four waves. The deletions occured on 9/20/2010, 11/1/2010, 2/11/2011 and 5/28/2011.
  5. There doesn’t appear to be any logic to the deletions; the surviving “redacted” posts are no more damning than any of the un-redacted posts, and he continued to post, including his most personal entries, for a year after the last mass-deletion. From this, it appears that mass-deleting posts was done more on principle or out of habit than to hide any specific information, which jives with the official report’s interview with an unnamed friend, who said that the shooter liked to reformat his hard drive regularly as a way of “staying off the grid.”
  6. He requests a PM (private message) at one point, in “Topic for all Columbine-related movies/tv shows”. There’s no indication that anyone ever did, but it’s likely someone on the forum contacted him directly at some point. After all, the hard drive contents on the official report read: searchwarrant-smiggles …suggesting that “The Stranger” or “SixteenBitElder” were someone he met while under the moniker “Smiggles,” which he (apparently) only used on this forum (or, perhaps, one of those two usernames *was* “Smiggles,” but the conversation was at last saved in a directory associated with his activity in this forum.)

More to come. In the meantime, I’ll be open to any corrections. Just leave a comment and we can probably crowdsource it from here.

(* = the forum wasn’t actually located at, or known as ShockedBeyondBelief (SBB) at the time the shooter was posting there; it was located at and was referred to as the Super Columbine Massacre RPG forum, or SCMRPG; hence why SBB has the subtitle “THE NEW HOME OF SUPER COLUMBINE MASSACRE RPG DISCUSSION FORUM”. The data was later ported over to the new domain after the forum changed ownership. That being said, at this point, anyone looking for info on “Smiggles” is going to be looking for “Shocked Beyond Belief”, so I’m just going to leave it.)


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6 Responses to Index of all the Sandy Hook shooter’s posts to Shocked Beyond Belief

  1. wadesvideo says:

    Thank you for this. This Smiggles work is the key to understanding his mindset as he prepared for his shooting and I think those who have looked at this no exactly his “motive”. When I get a chance, I will review the work you did as Im sure i need to set aside an appropriate amount of time.. A few months back I downloaded everything I could find and saved it to my HD for future reference and have looked through it pretty closely. People need to understand Animal, as I’ve come to start calling, was a rainman of mass murder unlike any other we’ve had; moreover, his sickness and mindset is ONLY matched by the sickest of serial killers. Thanks for all you do Reed. It is a public good.

  2. Jake says:

    HI, I have read your blog for awhile now off and on. I’m really impressed with your work. I do have a couple of questions. One is in regard to an email by Nancy Lanza. She says that she is going to leave Adam alone for a few days when she goes to NH on Dec 10 as a little experiment. I thought I also read somewhere that she had been to NH for Thanksgiving, and made trips to London and some other places all without Adam. If this is true it seems contradictory. How can it be an experiment to leave him by himself if all these other trips already took place? Did she in fact never leave him before Dec 10? Maybe what I read about her not wanting her life to get held up and travelling a lot was wrong. I am also very curious as to why I have never read about any investigation by law enforcement regarding possible other chat accounts. It seems likely a kid that shut in and who always was online would have maybe used yahoo, Paltalk or any of the other major chat sites that were open at that time. They did have is IP address correct? Could they not have approached these companies with an IP address to see if it matched any IDS they had on file? It’s possible I don’t understand how that works. Is an IP address to get an account name not enough information? It just seems if it was possible they may have gotten some of his chats off those servers. Then again this kid didn’t use Facebook or Myspace either so maybe he didn’t sign up for other chat services.

    Those are just a couple thing I had been wondering about. Could you shed any light on them?



    • Reed Coleman says:

      I’ve wondered the same thing re: the “experiment” line and looked into it; the person who said that to police was actually the old friend (?) she met with in NH the day before the shooting; they hadn’t seen each other since the 1970s. So, Nancy probably bent the truth for the sake of brevity — rather than explain she had started travelling in 2011, she said it was the first time she left him alone, when really the “experiment” had been ongoing that year. It was probably a two-sentence exchange, where she said she has a son that still lives in home, and the person asked why she didn’t bring him with.

      As for the internet stuff… they did subpoena three gmail addresses, and maybe they figured that if he used any chat clients, it would show up there. The police can’t just contact a company and ask for records in case the suspect used their service (or maybe they *could* but it wouldn’t be standard procedure), they have to give a search warrant, which outlines their suspicions and includes probable cause. So apparently, the only leads they found were Google, Nexon/Combat Arms, and Blizzard Entertainment. They should have gotten Microsoft and Valve, as well, which I’ve covered in previous posts. Then again, there is a doc from the FBI re: Adam Lanza’s online activity, and it’s completely redacted. So maybe the feds covered those bases anyway. So in short, I don’t know, but they probably tried in some way.

  3. Joachim says:

    Earlier this year, I looked for additional posts in the Wayback Machine’s archive of the forum at the original host, but aside from his profile, it proved too difficult to turn anything up. As of July 2012, the website showed he had made 353 posts:

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