Sandy Hook shooter’s death certificate released

via Lenny Pozner, father of Noah Pozner, whom the shooter murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School:


(Link courtesy of Wade at

Not much of note here for sane readers; he died by shooting himself in the head on December 14th, 2012, which we’ve known ever since. Ideally this would give pause to conspiracy theorists who claim the shooter died the day before, but:

  • they’re just going to declare this a fake
  • that “theory” never made any sense anyway, no matter how you look at it

Don’t bother them with facts, they’ve already made up their mind…


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10 Responses to Sandy Hook shooter’s death certificate released

  1. john says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Sandy hook conspiracy theorist are insane as Adam lanza himself? Seriously get help people I have a hard time believing people like you exist.

    • Reed Coleman says:

      That’s one of the sad ironies of the case. The families lose a child to a madman, then have to endure the ravings of similar lunatics who say it never happened.

      • Sickos Not Wanted says:

        It’s not just this case, Reed: as the everyday whack jobs have continued their descent into unconscionable depravity, survivors and the loved ones of victims of these tragedies are increasingly not wanting their names or the names of their deceased loved ones released because of blatant disrespect and harassment by conspiracy theory sickos. Perhaps the worst of the worst are those who prey on vulnerable survivors like we’ve seen here from slime balls like Ron Aigner and others using pseudonyms. Sickening.

  2. bobpad says:

    adam lanza is a made up fictional character made by the invisible alien lizard people from the planet Auxgur who have infiltrated all aspects of human society to silence all news of the icelandic revolution.

    Educate yourselves, fools!

  3. bryan says:

    I thought he died at like 9:40 or something likethat. When the police heard the suicide shot…??

    • Reed Coleman says:

      11:00am was just when he was pronounced dead. It’s not supposed to represent exactly when he actually died. Probably the paramedics pronounced all the victims first. Not in hurry to work on the guy who did it.

  4. Mogga says:

    There are Lanza’s all over the place. Look up the bizarre rantings of “truther” Susan Stanton, for example. They’re one psychotic moment away from some random violent deed.

  5. Zephyr says:

    Active shooter trainer/ex-cop Vincent Riccio has given a presentation down south, to fellow law enforcement, wherein he casually mentions that the shooter had bullet wounds in the chest and head. I found this startling, especially considering that it jives with the growing realization that the disavowed 9:46:54 shot was almost certainly fired by either Chapman or Smith, as they were (by their own statement) looking down the north hall. The sound is far too loud, imo, to have come from inside a room with a closed door, i.e. to have been a suicide shot. I think that the chest wound came at 9:46:54, courtesy of NPD–and did not kill the shooter, who was wearing a flak vest. Secondary incoming officers described the shooter as handcuffed, and in a fetal position. Also, there is zero officer reaction to the 9:46:54 shot–no yelling or sounds of distress as if they’d been fired at (the exchange of gunfire only moments earlier, distant-sounding and probably toward the back of the building or inside a room, resulted in plenty of yelling). This is a quiet, calculated shot, the shot of someone waiting around a corner in the lobby–as Cario said Smith and Chapman were doing–who then fires once at a perp who pops out of one of the rooms into the hall, as some officers indeed describe him doing. Regardless of who fired this shot, why does it take officers nearly 5 minutes to then announce shooter down?

  6. Zephyr says:

    There were only two ambulances available during the first hour of the response, and they were gone by 10:06 a.m., leaving zero for the next half hour. Dickinson Drive became swiftly, swiftly blocked by parent and state police vehicles; as a result, not one, single ambulance was able to access the school parking lot despite repeated requests from NPD, Newtown Fire, EMS Command, EMS Scene Command, state police officers, parents, and witnesses. This, and the post-9:40 shootout, are the double-edged sword of the Sandy Hook response, and I feel, the reason for the serious rift we see between NPD and CSP post-Sandy Hook, with each blaming the other for mistakes made. I don’t think making mistakes is a crime, and there isn’t a citizen in the nation who would likely blame police for whatever they did to the perp, nor for neglecting the egress route in their zeal to stop the shooting. But covering up those mistakes is a crime, and worse, it continues to endanger lives for reasons as simple as communities nationwide not realizing they absolutely must re-prioritize egress control.

  7. Elsa greenbaum says:

    Ron aigner is an idiot. He says everything is about butt rape. Every school shooter, according to him has been butt raped. He is such a conspiracy theorist its not even funny. This man is looking for fame and money. He is even calling himself a columbine victim.

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