Media inquiries

I’m getting lots of them today. If I haven’t responded already, I probably won’t have time until Saturday at the earliest. In the meantime, I’ve updated the “about me” section here to provide some of the info I’ve been asked for so far.


About Reed Coleman

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2 Responses to Media inquiries

  1. Zephyr says:

    Well done, Reed – this is very, very interesting new information. For not the least of which reasons that it flies in the face of the alleged psychiatric analysis of Adam describing him as the victim of a “profound autism spectrum disorder with rigidity, isolation and a lack of comprehension of ordinary social interaction and communications.” The person calling into this show seems to be just a standard, highly intelligent, topically-focused geek.

  2. Zephyr says:

    P.S. Just read your bio. Want to add that I’m anonymous due to not wanting to be targeted *because* I’m (apparently) a conspiracy theorist. FWIW, I think that term is dangerous; it sets up the idea that there is some homogenous subset of the American public, forming a distinct class, which is inherently dangerous or likely to be. There is no homogenity among these alleged “theorists,” in my experience. It doesn’t make logical sense to lump all people who have questions about any particular news story into a category of “conspiracy theorists.” Was the judge who lambasted Sedensky a conspiracy theorist, because he doubted Sedensky’s motives? No offense intended, whatsoever, but “conspiracy theorist” doesn’t really describe any particular citizen. Not enough to justify using it as a term, anyway. I don’t mean to criticize too harshly; I’ve been guilty of using it myself.

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