Updates to the timeline

I’ve update the Adam Lanza timeline to reflect the information released in the official Sandy Hook report, as well as the reveal of the “Smiggles” account and associated activity. Additions include:

  1. Dates for the purchase for all firearms involved in the event
  2. Psychiatric evaluations of Adam Lanza
  3. Registration of the Smiggles account, and a few select posts
  4. GPS data from Lanza’s car
  5. Text and email correspondence from Nancy’s iPhone
  6. Witness statements from the theater/DDR aquaintance
  7. note about the Hurricane Sandy detail where the shooter refused to leave the home
  8. Removed innacurate story about Lanza trying to purchase a gun days before the massacre (the news story was apparently based on a lead that has since been proven false)

One of the interesting details that becomes apparent when the info is arranged in a chronology is that Lanza did his mass-erasing of the “Kaynbred” moniker on December 17, 2009, and then registers the “Smiggles” account at ShockedBeyondBelief just a week and a half later, on December 30, 2009. It appears that’s when he decided to abandon one identity for the other.


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