Adam Lanza supposedly “hacked into government computers”

Edit 1/21/2014: Matthew Lysiak, via Newsweek, is asserting that the hacking and subsequent FBI visit really did happen.

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One of the traits consistently cited by people who knew the Sandy Hook shooter was that he was good with computers. In some of the interview files from the recently released Sandy Hook report, this is taken to an extreme, as some recall him “hacking into a Government web site,” resulting in a visit to the Yogananda Street home by federal authorities. This is first mentioned in an interview with an unnamed man who had dated Nancy Lanza:


This is a story from 2004, when Adam Lanza would have been 11 or 12. Perhaps it could be dismissed as a confused memory by the witness, but the same story is reported in an interview with a different witness who knew Nancy at around the same time:


This doesn’t really pass the “smell test” in my opinion; I don’t doubt that Nancy told this story to people at the time, but it sounds like a tall tale, made up by a mom so that she’d have something to say about her son when people asked, given that there was probably very little comfortable truths to be said.

More compelling is the above witness’s statements about Adam’s character; the “hand poem” story is both sad and consistent with Peter Lanza’s claims that his son had an extremely low opinion of himself starting at around age 11. In addition, she claimed that she could see him committing the massacre “with a smile on his face,” a comment that the police investigators apparently felt was worth following up on in a second interview, where the “hacking” story is again mentioned:Image


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