Three shooting ranges frequented by the Sandy Hook shooter

I’ve seen this be a matter of debate in some circles, along the lines of “nobody remembers seeing Adam Lanza at any firing range in Connecticut.” So I feel it’s worth documenting that this isn’t at all the case.

In the full Sandy Hook Shooting report files disclosed by the Connecticut State Police, Christian Hansen, identified as an “NRA Instructor” who taught firearms certification courses at Fairfield County Indoor Range/Arms and Munitions, in Monroe, Connecticut, provided a sworn statement that:

– both Adam and Nancy Lanza took a “basic [firearms] safety classes” from him 4 years before Sandy Hook
– both Adam and Nancy Lanza returned several times in the following year, and both “shot actively”


Included in the report’s evidence files are photos of Nancy’s NRA certification, showing Christian Hansen’s signature:

(the certificate is dated February 2010, well after the window of “about 4 years [before Dec 2012]” so this could be a re-issued certificate. Here it is also worth pointing out that taking an NRA course, or owning an “NRA Certification”, does not directly imply that one is an “NRA Member”. The NRA has consistently denied that any of the Lanzas were actual members of the association, and no evidence so far has suggested otherwise.)

Another witness interview identifies a second shooting range visited by Adam and Nancy: Wooster Mountain Shooting Range, in roughly 2010, where he witnessed Adam Lanza shooting the AR-15 Bushmaster as well as what he believed to be the Glock Model 19 (both of the weapons fired at Sandy Hook Elementary two years later). The unidentified witness also recalls teaching Adam Lanza how best to operate the AR-15:


A third shooting range is identified in files from October 2013, as investigators were wrapping up the report, as Shooter’s Indoor Pistol Range:



Included in the files is the actual sign-in sheet, showing Adam and Nancy’s sign-ins from February 18th, 2011:



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