child photo of Adam Lanza revealed


I covered this in a previous post, but the full report from earlier this week does include the actual photo that investigators logged as “image presumably of the shooter (approx 4-6) years old holding a toy gun“. This is the same photo that the shooter, Adam Lanza, posted in a forum as a “real life picture” of himself.


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3 Responses to child photo of Adam Lanza revealed

  1. Brianna says:

    Per chance, do you know which forum he posted that picture in? When I think about it, since he loved massacres, could he not have been lying to his forum friends? Claiming he was born and bred with guns and a military mindset from the get go? I mean, surely he wanted to be cool/fit in w/ other massacre fans. What better way to do it than lie and gloat?

    • Reed Coleman says:

      It was posted to the mg14c forum (the clan/team he played the PC game Combat Arms with). Not the same forum where he talked about massacres. There is no overlap in the users of the two forums, except Lanza, that I know of. He might have posted it to the Columbine forum as well, but I haven’t seen that either.

      • Brianna says:

        I see you’re on top of it, Mr. Coleman. I just google searched it, and I see you’re the only one to mention that forum. That’s pretty awesome. What you’re saying here, though, seems to coincide with my theory. What if he wanted to fit in with the kids he was playing the games w/ & claimed that that was a picture of him to seem cooler?

        I mean, examining Nancy’s personality based on quotes from her and her friends, she nor her husband seem like the type who’d dress Adam up like that & put a hand grenade in his lap.

        & did you know that the “photo” is actually just a printout? In the 10 Assorted Files folder from the official report, file heading Sec 4- Images of Items Seized, they have some distant pictures of the photo in question. It definitely looks like a printout…

        Maybe it was taken from the forum you’re talking about & b/c Lanza said it was him, that may explain why the police printed it off the web.

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