Strange messages from Nancy Lanza in the days leading up to her death

These have been quoted or hinted at before in news stories and the summary report, but yesterday’s release of the full Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting report includes what I believe are the first verbatim quotes of the texts from Nancy’s iPhone:


…given that all of the other evidence so far shows that Adam never left his room (or the house, depending on the source), it begs the question of how he could possibly have “bumped his head” to such a degree as to draw significant blood.

Earlier in the month, she had indicated other vague problems at the home where only she and Adam lived, in an email to a friend that relied on her to drive him to appointments after his driver’s license was suspended:


(these are from files 00051552 and 00111580, found in Book 3 of the full report)


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3 Responses to Strange messages from Nancy Lanza in the days leading up to her death

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  2. CW Wade says:

    Adam made two phone calls with his cell phone, one to his friend in May .. and on 12-4-12, the day before these emails. Nothing ground breaking, just pointing that out.

    • Reed Coleman says:

      I hadn’t noticed that, thanks! Regarding the “blood” mention from a week after, there are some reddish-brown stains on the floor of the shooter’s room near the wardrobe, which I’ve always thought looked like blood. but it’s not mentioned in the official report and I guess it could be anything (Sec 4 primary, img 198):

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