Lanza’s “Real Life Pictures” contribution described in newly-released search warrants

***Update: the photo has since been released:


***Original post:

In the thread “real life pictures” from the now-defunct mg14c clan forum, Kaynbred/Lanza had posted a photo. The pic itself is lost now, but the reactions from two other users suggest it is a childhood photo, with some kind of surprising content included:

  • “LOL Kayn, so THATS how it all happened….”
  • “Wow o-o kayn. Uhhh. At least your pictures as a child were cute.”

It hasn’t been clear until now just what that photo was. However, inn the search warrants attached to the Sandy Hook Shooting report from Monday, there is an itemized list of computer files found on an external USB hard-drive. One of the noted files is a picture (the picture itself is not shown) described as ““Kayntdlr” – image presumably of the shooter (approx 4-6) years old holding a toy gun“:


Given the filename (“Kayntdlr” = “Kaynbred Toddler”) it is almost certain that this is the photo from that thread – he would not have used the Kaynbred moniker if it were not intended to be associated with his online persona, and the thread replies only make sense if the photo is of a child.

Perhaps there was more than one photo posted, such as one of the other photos of Lanza (as an adult/late-teen) posing with guns:


…however, we can be reasonably certain that at least the “Kayntdlr” photo was included in that post, now long-since deleted.


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3 Responses to Lanza’s “Real Life Pictures” contribution described in newly-released search warrants

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  2. Zephyr says:

    Curious if there’s another photo, or whether investigators weren’t that savvy about kids’ ages; the kid chewing the gun is about 1.5 – 2yrs old, imo.

    • bryan says:

      I want to see the ones with him and the guns. They should release it! There are photos of Sueng Hu Cho with weapons and Eric and Dylan. They probably wont with Adam because of the nature of his crime and the fact he killed children and not adults or teenagers…im still not content with the few ID photos that have been released. I want to see more adult photos of him. There are plenty of him as a child….

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