blarvink : Adam Lanza’s second username revealed

Update 1/18/2014 – stumbled across a picture I forgot to add from the official report, essentially confirming that the gamefaqs user below is indeed the shooter (same obscure game that Blarvink added on gamefaqs was found on Lanza hard drive):



I’m not aware of anything significant about the gamefaqs account, it just reads like any teenager posting about video games, but this page is getting a lot of traffic for some reason so I thought I’d add this tidbit in case anyone was wondering if it was really him.

Original post:

According to the appendices search warrants attached to yesterday’s report, Lanza played “World of Warcraft” under the avatar name “blarvink”. Third-party WoW tracking sites still list some stats for the character. (update: removed link, since there are multiple WoW characters with that avatar name, and it’s not clear yet which would have been Lanza’s.)

Meanwhile, there did exist another glocktalk forum account under the name blarvink; in a now-familiar scenario, the account lists over a dozen posts, but they have all since been deleted:


Another account under that name is found at, the ubiquitous site for video game “frequently asked questions” that crowd-sources game data on many titles. His sole contribution was to create a page for a game called “Cowhunter”:


…which seems oddly random, but the publisher Xicat Interactive later went on to develop games with licenses from firearms publications Guns and Ammo and Jane’s, which is consistent with his interests. Also, Blarvink had been a member of the site since 2005, when Lanza would have been just 13.

Blarvink’s profile data from Gamefaqs:


I’ve found several forum posts by him there, but nothing of note so far.


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