Governor Malloy calls for the Sandy Hook report


via CBS:

Kevin Kane, the Chief State’s Attorney, said Friday he still expects the report to be released in the fall and said it should be out mid-December.


Malloy is calling on Kane to set a firm date.


“If the report is done, release it, and if it’s not done set a date upon which it will be released,” he said.


Kane said the report will be released when it’s ready.


Governor Malloy is just the latest figure to publicly express frustration with the delays from the Attorney’s office. Scott Jackson, the mayor of Hamden, CT and head of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, has called off further meetings of the commission until the report drops:

First it was March, then it was fall, then it was October, and we’re coming to the end of October,” Jackson said in a meeting with the Register’s editorial board.


“It’s been herding cats,” he said. As a result, “I’m a little concerned about the timeliness of how we’re going to conclude our work.”


Meanwhile, the teardown of Sandy Hook Elementary began today.




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