Adam Lanza’s posts from the archived mg14c clan forum

This one had slipped through the cracks (hat-tip to Patro in the comments). Below are screenshots of all of Adam Lanza’s (Kaynbred’s) posts on his Combat Arms clan mg14c’s old website, That site no longer exists, but the web archive did grab some of it while it was up.

However, it appears that on December 19th, 2009, Lanza suddenly deleted all of his posts. Some of them can still be recovered, while the content of others we have to infer based on replies later in the threads.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but it does fill in a few gaps in his online activity. One thing I have noticed is that although Lanza apparently tried to delete all of his mg14c forum activity in December 2009, he subsequently made posts to the clan’s shoutbox (a forum applet) as late as February 2010; however much he wanted to erase his prior activity, it appears he changed his mind about it later.

This is also consistent with his erratic periods of interaction and silence online; all of his posts occur in bursts on one or two days, regardless of the forum, and then he seems to drop that avenue and register somewhere else.

I don’t want to read too much into these patterns, but feel they’re worth pointing out.

Side note: the official report on the Newtown Shooting has again been delayed, this time “until fall“. Hopefully there’s another leak in the meantime, or I predict Sedensky delays it again to come out just before the 1-year anniversary of the shooting.

Note: the main “Kaynbred” timeline post has also been updated with this info.



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