did Lanza send private forum messages?

Sites like Northeastshooters.com and Glocktalk.com aren’t private; anyone can read the forums. You only need an account if you’re going to post a thread or reply to one. So, why would anyone (like Kaynbred in multiple cases) register accounts with all of these sites and then never post?

Well, registering a forum account does afford a few other benefits. Namely, it allows you to view the profiles of other users, and to send them private messages.

I don’t have any indication that Adam Lanza did send any messages to other users (probably the only people that would know would be the site admins and the users in question), but it’s certainly possible, especially given his admission that he “prefers to use a proxy whenever possible” when asking about firearms information.

Worth considering.


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5 Responses to did Lanza send private forum messages?

  1. Aletheia says:

    Sorry – should have put my first comment here, instead of on your “About me” page.

    One last question I had was why the username (so far, anyway) has been consistently ‘kaynbred,’ and not included any ‘kaynbred1’ (etc.) variations. I guess it is an odd name, so theoretically one could manage to register ‘kaynbred’ on multiple forums with no variation, but it raised a flag for me. Perhaps it was easier in 2009 with fewer people online. Still, it’s hard to find unique usernames

    • Yes, I think the lack of variants is a sign that the word is either gibberish, or a phonetic approximation of something else (a word in another language that he had heard, perhaps). There was plenty of people online in 2009 that would have stumbled across the same username, if it was a reference with that specific spelling

  2. Aletheia says:

    This page lists ‘Cainbred’ editing a Justin Timberlake article, lol, but in going to the article cited, I can’t find him. I’m not a Wiki afficionado, though:

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