Exhibit #630 from Lanza home: a New York Times article on Steve Kazmierczak

The inventory of items (via smoking gun) that police found while searching the Lanza home includes an article (either printed out or clipped, it doesn’t say) described as “One (1) New York Times article on 2/18/08 of a school shooting at Northern Illinois University”

Reviewing the NYT archives, the article in question must be: “First on the Scene, Again, Is the College Newspaper” as it is the only* viable article posted that day about that shooting (* = see note at bottom of this post).

This would be an interesting choice of article for Lanza to have around; as the title suggests, it has more to do with how the campus paper covered the shooting than the shooting itself.

One item of overlap between the Lanza and the NIU shooting: the NIU shooter also had a Sig Sauer and Glock semiautomatic pistols, the same as Lanza (though not the exact same models), backed up with a shotgun.

Digging deeper, NIU killer Steve Kazmierczak’s bio has a number of similarities to Lanza’s profile (standout student, shut-in, studied other shooters, played violent video games, regret over being unqualified for armed forces due to mental issues.) Of course, by now this sort of profile is so familiar in mass shootings as to be fairly unremarkable, but perhaps Lanza identified with him in particular. The official report on that shooting notes “When not occupied with schoolwork, Steven [Kazmierczak] amused himself by watching movies and playing video games. He was particularly fond of violent or gruesome horror movies and extremely violent video games.”)

I’ll be looking at the search warrants more in the coming days. A number of items jump out as worth another look, now that picture of Lanza’s life is becoming  a little more clear.

Note: There is one other article to reference the NIU shooting in the Times that day: this one, a single paragraph about a Meryl Streep film, “Dark Matter”. The article makes only a passing reference to the shooting. Seems unlikey to be the article in question (if it were, likely the description in the search warrant would be different)


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