Adam Lanza’s wikipedia contributions

The Hartford Courant continues its excellent reporting on Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook shootings. Today, they posted a story detailing some of Lanza’s online activities.

It’s interesting to see such a blank-slate (until now, depicted as a total shut-in) interacting with others on the web. Although the Courant refrains from specifying his username in any of the descriptions of his online activity, it’s fairly simple to deduce given the info they provide. Lanza’s username on Wikipedia, for instance, was “kaynbred”.

Here’s a link to Lanza’s wikipedia contributions.

His activity on is somehow related to gaming, apparently a PC game called Combat Arms, where his clan posted to each other. However, it seems like this message board was just an element of a larger site.


Anyway, all we can really glean from this board is that he quit a gaming clan in March 2010, and he had some sort of affinity for “Rock Afire Explosion” which wikipedia describes as ” animatronic robot band that played in Showbiz Pizza Place from 1980 to 1990.” The link he posted is now dead, but presumably was something close to this:

But, based on this short interaction, it could be just something he thought was funny that day. 


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