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Lenny Pozner on Sandy Hook “hoaxers”

via The Courant. (Lenny is the father of Noah Pozner, who was murdered at Sandy Hook) A very reasoned and justified commentary. I just hope Lenny isn’t hoping to appeal to the conspiracy crowd’s sense of shame. Blood from a stone…

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Adam Lanza posted his “mass murderers” spreadsheet publicly

I’ve just started looking into archived versions of the forum (this is where the “Shocked Beyond Belief” forum was located originally, when the Sandy Hook shooter started using it.) The cache is very sparse, but I did find this … Continue reading

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Venezuela prank caller busted

An obscure thread in the Sandy Hook investigation has been tied up quite nicely. You’d have to have read practically the entire 3,000+ page official report to be familiar with the prank caller who was phoning the families of Sandy Hook … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Commission update The commission’s final report was planned for this month, but they haven’t had a meeting since February, so I’ve been waiting for them to announce this delay. Now it’s due to come out in June. More … Continue reading

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A couple notes on hard drives

Nothing major here, but worth noting for anyone who’s read up on the search of the Lanza home. When the draft of the official report came out last fall, and included an itemized list of hard drive contents, many were … Continue reading

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Index of all the Sandy Hook shooter’s posts to Shocked Beyond Belief

Smiggles posted 296 times to the ShockedBeyondBelief forum*. I’ve accounted for 289 of them. Here is everything he posted… if available. [Edit: the first attempt didn’t agree with wordpress, so I’ve embedded it as a Google spreadsheet, which works a … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook shooter’s death certificate released

via Lenny Pozner, father of Noah Pozner, whom the shooter murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School: (Link courtesy of Wade at Not much of note here for sane readers; he died by shooting himself in the head on December 14th, 2012, … Continue reading

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Investigators used incorrect GPS data in official Sandy Hook report

When police searched the Lanza home on the evening of December 14th, they recovered a Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS unit. They quickly determined that this unit was from the shooter’s car, and thus all recent data in it would reflect … Continue reading

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Courant picks up the Ryan Lanza/FBI Interview story This story was published last month. Mine was back in February, and apparently the Courant subsequently obtained a fuller (though still heavily redacted) summary from the FBI. There doesn’t appear to be … Continue reading

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Previously unreleased photo of the Sandy Hook shooter (probably) surfaces

Update 5/23/2014: There has not been any verification either way as to whether the photo that surfaced online was indeed the Sandy Hook shooter. I was hoping that the original poster would surface with more details (such as the Starcraft/Battlenet … Continue reading

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