Sandy Hook Commission: Report Unlikely To Include Analysis of Gunman

via CTNewsJunkie.

Short version: Lanza’s mental state is only a piece of the puzzle, and they don’t want to keep delaying the whole report waiting for more information on him.

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A hole in the wall, and a theory


Reviewing the crime scene photos of 36 Yogananda street, where the Sandy Hook shooter lived with his mother Nancy for almost his entire life, you can’t help but notice the damage to various doors to the home from when the Connecticut State Police battered them down.

Here’s the front door, notice the dent:


…and the cracked doorjamb,from where engaged deadbolt busted out the back side:


Sometime after the initial entry, a detailed description of the scene was written up by a Detective. For each broken door, there is a corresponding note explaining that it was the police who busted it in.

(E.S.U. = Emergency Services Unit)

This is why the bottom half of one of the garage doors is hanging crooked in the scene photos:


They also rammed open the basement door:

SHL-doordamage11 SHL-doordamage08

This practice of noting the condition of each door in the walk-through is a normal procedure for scene reports, as it is important to note differences between what is portrayed in photos and what the scene would have looked like without police presence. It’s the same reason so much attention was paid to the shotgun shells dropped by police at the Sandy Hook Elementary School scene, for example.

So, when I saw the damage to the outside of the interior door on the second floor southeast bedroom, the one that opens into Adam Lanza’s bedroom, I initially assumed that this was just another instance where E.S.U. damaged the door on entry:



…but, that’s not the case.

The Bedroom Door

When the walk-through scene report reaches this point, there is a clear departure from the previously established pattern of language:

…rather than attributing the damaged door to E.S.U., this time the door was already damaged by “someone” before the arrival of police.

If the evidence for this assertion were limited to just this sentence, then it could reasonably be attributed to an error in the report. But, photos from the opposite angle, from inside the bedroom, show that it is not a mistake:



Note the paper-and-tape patch on the wall, right where the doorknob would strike the wall; not only was the door kicked with sufficient force for the inside doorknob to dent the bedroom wall, but it had happened long enough before the Sandy Hook shooting that there was time to patch over the hole.

In other words, there’s no way that the police would have done this. And, knowing what we do about the state of affairs in the Lanza home, only two people could conceivably have delivered the kick: Adam or Nancy.

A possible explanation

I think that most of us have kicked a door at some point in our lives. There’s really only two reasons for it: 1.) to gain access to a locked room, as the police were doing elsewhere in the Lanza home, and 2.) out of sheer anger.

We pretty much rule out the first explanation here, because there is no damage to the doorjamb (the spring-loaded latch thus wasn’t engaged.) This door was kicked when it was unlocked and cracked open.

For those who have not done this, the consequence of kicking an opened door is that it will hit the opposite wall, and swing back and hit you as you pass through the doorway. Right in the face. And since the door was already open, we can also eliminate (beyond any reasonable doubt) the possibility that Nancy did it; Adam kept her locked out of the room anyway, and so if she were kicking the door, it could only be because it was locked and she demanded entry.

So mostly likely, this patched hole in the bedroom wall is a evidence that the Sandy Hook shooter experiencing a fit of rage in his home at some point prior to the shooting, and that it manifested as physical violence.

It’s just speculation on my part, but this scenario could also explain the mysterious text from Nancy Lanza just hours before leaving for her trip to Maine two days before the Sandy Hook shooting, the last time she would leave the home alive:

I was off to a rough start. Poor Adam bumped his head (really bad) and we were dealing with blood at 5:30 in the morning :(

Perhaps (and again, this is just speculation, there’s no way to know) an argument broke out in the upstairs hallway as Nancy was getting ready to leave, Adam stormed back to his bedroom, kicked the door open on the way in, and the door bopped Adam on the nose as it bounced back from the wall.

Treating the bloody nose would also explain the nitrilte gloves found in the trash bin in the computer room:


And then, either Nancy taped some printer paper over the hole in the wall before she left, or Adam did it at some point over the next few days (when he wasn’t prepping his arsenal and scouting Sandy Hook Elementary).

…then again, a box of the same style of examination gloves was found in the kitchen:


(you can also see a discarded pair in the trash bin)

…so these could just be gloves that the shooter wore all the time to deal with his aversion to touching surfaces, worsening along with his mental state in these last days.

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SBB goes offline


Shockedbeyondbelief, the site whose cached version preserved Adam Lanza’s various posts obsessing over mass shootings, is now dead. Looks like the domain registration expired a couple weeks ago:

Registry Domain ID:
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2014-07-21T00:00:00Z
Creation Date: 2012-07-16T00:00:00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-07-16T00:00:00Z

(that is, unless the domain registrant renews it, but I don’t expect that she would given the status of the forum)

The site already wasn’t accessible before, but now that the content itself is going away, the google caches of each thread are going to degrade as well, and eventually will probably be impossible to access (I have backups.)


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Lenny Pozner on Sandy Hook “hoaxers”

via The Courant.

(Lenny is the father of Noah Pozner, who was murdered at Sandy Hook)

A very reasoned and justified commentary. I just hope Lenny isn’t hoping to appeal to the conspiracy crowd’s sense of shame. Blood from a stone…

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Adam Lanza posted his “mass murderers” spreadsheet publicly

I’ve just started looking into archived versions of the forum (this is where the “Shocked Beyond Belief” forum was located originally, when the Sandy Hook shooter started using it.) The cache is very sparse, but I did find this link to a thread started by “Smiggles” from March 2010, titled “Comprehensive list of mass murderers and their attributes”:


…unfortunately, like most of the Wayback Machine’s cache of the forum, the linked topic is missing. However, we can still deduce a few things based just on the title and timing of the thread:

1. He shared his “catalog of mass murderers” with others.

2. Thus, Smiggle’s later reference to it in this thread was a call-back, not a hint:


3. He was posting as early as March 2010 (the previous “oldest thread” found was from April). Although the date on the far-right is when the most recent reply was posted by another user, further down the page you can see that Smiggles started another thread, “Sam Brown? (The Killing of America)” (also a dead link) which shows no replies; so the timestamp “Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:49 am” was indeed when Smiggles started that thread.

Also, the Smiggles profile page at this version of the forum shows that he posted at least 353 times, as opposed to the 296 listed at ShockedBeyondBelief (thanks to reader Joachim for pointing this out):



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Venezuela prank caller busted

An obscure thread in the Sandy Hook investigation has been tied up quite nicely.

You’d have to have read practically the entire 3,000+ page official report to be familiar with the prank caller who was phoning the families of Sandy Hook victims in the days after the shooting, just to taunt them. There wasn’t much that U.S. authorities could do about it, since the calls were all traced to a number in Venezuela:


Well, it looks like the sicko who was doing this is named Cardenas Hoffman, and the good news is that he was arrested last week when he decided to swing through Miami on his way to Mexico. He’s facing up to five years in jail and $250,000 in fines.


Here’s hoping that more of these pieces of trash are picked up soon.

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Sandy Hook Commission update

The commission’s final report was planned for this month, but they haven’t had a meeting since February, so I’ve been waiting for them to announce this delay. Now it’s due to come out in June. More info at the link.

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